There’s Some Wedding In My Warcraft!

World of Weddingcraft?

After 4 years, 2 expansions (sort of), 7 raid tiers, killing Deathwing and having the mini druid, Celin and I are getting hitched.

This screenshot pretty much sums up everything about our relationship

We have actually been “engaged” for a long time. Celin is impulsive and a daft romantic so he proposed to me a week after we met, but we never really formalised it and I didn’t get a ring until after mini druid was born. I got fed up of waiting and last year booked our wedding for Halloween this year (we love Halloween!)

Since WoW bought us together, I have been trying to think of ways to incorporate it into the whole thing without confusing the heck out of our families (none of whom even know what WoW is let alone that we met on the game)

So far I have rejected the idea of WoW cake toppers (can’t find a good one) , WoW costumes (just a bad idea, even for Halloween), WoW font wedding invites (means nothing to anyone but us) I do have a massive box of TCG cards that Celin bought on a whim and a bunch of sticky back plastic so that will probably be placemats! I’m also thinking of making tiny hearthstones with stones from the local beaches and putting them as part of the table decorations. Some of the WoW music is great too so we might use it for the ceremony somehow.

I’ll be starting to make stuff soon so I will put some pictures up of my WIPs 😛


2 Million Gold – Goal Achieved

Ok, so I got this last year in fact but it’s been almost exactly a year since I started serious goldmaking!

To recap, last year I wrote about hitting 1 million and my journey to that milestone, from there I carried on, hitting 2 million on the 22 October. Today I sit at almost 2.4 million liquid gold having made some gold heavy purchases in the last 6 months.

First, a few details about my sales at the time (already written on The Consortium forums)

Main Sales:

  • Gems (Cata, wrath rare and epic)
  • Enchants (Cata, wrath and BOAs)
  • Pets (Vendor, cross faction, crafted)
  • Rare recipes (high end – 2k plus value)

Other Sales:

  • BOE flipping (still love doing this the most)
  • Bags
  • Choppers
  • Food mats and buff food

Dropped out of some of the more annoying markets with low turnover i.e cookies, keys (when they went BS only), engineering pets (gone down to 200g some days)

Contributing Factors:

  • Abscence of some major competitors (quit or took a break)
  • Hit slow spot around the 600k mark again as I bought some BOEs for alts and nice pets for main.
  • Moved house so was on limited net access for 10 days
  • Began to stockpile for 4.3
  • 3 transmute specced alchemists for easy managment of gem transmuting
  • Still only working the alliance side, some cross faction trading

My Big Purchases

X-51 Nether-rocket X-TREME (310k)

Reins Of The Crimson Deathcharger (220k)

2 complete Vial of the Sands, plus the sand components for 2 more (around 90k – although they were made rather than bought)

“Expensive” gifts for some of my good wow friends (including above mount parts, 10k pets, donations of choppers to the guild)

I’m also giving away 16k per month in a guild raffle (no entry fee and within the guild so it doesn’t count as gambling by Blizz rules)

Thoughts since hitting 2 million

My actual sold value is over 4 million! Which means I’ve spent almost 2 million, apart from my above purchases, on things such as training costs, mounts, flying (12 alts, 10 with epic flying = 60k ish), random stuff I like (pets for alts), stockpiling mats, vanity items and repair costs!

Wealth on one of my AH characters

Things are definately slowing down. Bot ban waves, people leaving for other games, lack of raid content after Dragon Soul; all these factors are impacting on sales. I will not say it’s all negative as even more of my competitors have left but this leaves the customer base growing smaller as people hit gear caps and stop upgrading.

Every so often I get a new competitor but they burn out really fast. They spam the trade channels buying lots of ore and advertising gems but it doesn’t last (yay!)

I like that I can afford to take a break every now and then when life is too hectic or I really want to do something else (archeology, my cruel mistress!)

Soon I will have to start preparing for MOP. Once the big announcements start happening it’s probably time to get rid of my overstocks whilst retaining enough for levelling proffessions (and keeping an eye out for people doing the same and get some bargains!)

My next goal is 3 million, although it’s going to take longer with no content patches between now and MOP.

AFKing In Style: Simple Rules For Making An Impact With Transmog

AKA not looking like you’ve gone back in time to Outland gear matching

I’m going to get a little psychological (and a bit girly) with this post today and talk about how you can make a good statement about your characters with transmog gear. I have recently gone back to uni (via online learning) for a course in visual merchandising for fashion and this made me think about ways you can apply some simple styling and visual rules to your transmogging.

Rule 1 – Think about what you want to say

In RL, we use a mix of signals to express to others what we want to say about ourselves (clothing, hair, spoken language, body language) but in WoW, this is down to the one visual medium – how your character looks. How many times have you stopped and inspected someone just because of the gear they are displaying? You can get a lot of information about someone from their gear; “I raid hardcore” “I love to pvp” “I have no idea what I’m doing” “I’m dancing naked for gold and attention!”

WIth transmog you can make those messages even more specific; “I raid hardcore but tier x was my favourite raid tier in the game” “I love to pvp but I don’t want people to know so here I am in level 20 greens” “I worked hard for this level 60 rated battleground gear” “I love this hat!”

Rule 2 – Choose one aspect and build on it

Whether it’s a single piece of armour or a weapon, or an entire set, this can be your foundation for transmogging. There’s lots of resources out there showing matching sets and complementing items.

Rule 3 – Less is more

So you found a great weapon, some awesome shoulders, the biggest hat in the game! Alone, they look perfect but together they create a myriad of colours and shapes. Anyone looking at you is instantly transported back to that dark period of levelling, spoken in whispers, as the outland style, where plate crop tops on male characters clashed with wide brimmed hats and tiny black hotpants. Shudder.

Awesome photoshop skills :3

Many players have slated Blizzard in the past for their uninspired tier designs but they certainly know that you can’t make every piece of armour stand out. Head pieces and shoulders are the most elaborate pieces with the rest complementing the look.

This goes back to Rule 2, if you have a beautiful weapon/head piece/shoulder piece, make that your focus and construct a simpler set that belongs with it. You can always rotate pieces around (transmog is relatively cheap I think) It is possible to go for a dramatic weapons and armour but it’s important to make sure that they don’t overshadow one another.

Rule 4 – Highlights, contrasts and filling in the blanks

Highlights can make an outfit stand out and most armour has more than one colour. Sometimes this doesn’t work so well, but on some pieces you can use this to complete the rest of the outfit. An example of this is the robe I have on my priest at the moment, which is light blue with silver. You could then find matching items that are silver/grey. Another example is using different shades of the same colour.

Contrasts are using a different colour to accentuate the focus of your outfit. They work best when they are of the same type (hot colours such as red, orange, yellow, cold colours such as blue, purple, dark green)

If you really can’t find anything to match you can always fall back on the basics: white and black. They are also good colours for shirts as they are not too strong.

Rule 5 – Don’t forget the accessories

As mentioned above you can use shirts, but there are tabards (they can also hide a part of the outfit you don’t like), ranged weapons (if you aren’t a hunter), footwear and even companion pets

Rule 6 – Thinking outside the Tier sets

I am sure the majority of players transmog to tier or specific sets but I think you can get excellent results from places you might not consider; starting area quest rewards and greens, low level AH buys, craftables and pvp gear (or pve if you are a pvpers)

My Characters Transmogged: Natsuko

I made a look for my priest using a blue and silver palette focusing on the weapon and chest piece. The only thing I’m not 100% happy with is the gloves. I’m seen a lot in this outfit as she spends so much time crafting or in the AH. What do you think of this outfit?

Head: White Bandit Mask (crafted by tailors)

Shoulders: Not transmogged (LFR Tier)

Cloak: Seer’s Cape

Chest: Shroud Of Spiritual Purity

Shirt: None

Wrist: Not transmogged

Hands: Twilight Gloves

Waist: Not transmogged

Legs: Not transmogged

Feet: Not transmogged (all Draenei feet is legwarmers >>)

Weapon: Exodar Life Staff

Ranged: Antenna Of Invigoration (sparkles!)

Companion Pet: Lil’ Tarecgosa (alternates: Elementium Geode, Baby Blizzard Bear)

A Hopeful Return To Blogging

It’s been 6 months and yes, I disappeared suddenly with no explanation! Nothing was really wrong with me, I had just burned out completely on life. I’ve not quit WoW, gold making or my alts, I felt I was at a point when I didn’t have the spare energy to express myself.

I’ll be taking some time to update my information here and write a few bits before posting to get back into the swing of things.

1 Million Gold – Goal Achieved!

It’s been almost 5 months since I started my quest to reach a million gold. I probably should have written more about my progress but things got in the way and the gold making progress is another time sink in my busy life!

I started with 90k back in March, of which 40k was from levelling alts through Cata zones. I was already buying cheap blues for resale so I had a small amount of income, perhaps 1-2k on a good week. The majority of my proffs were levelled to max (excluding BS) and the guild was already level 25 so I had the benefit of the perks.

I utilized my knowledge from WOTLK about gems – red, orange and purple are popular gems, major stats are generally more popular than secondary and mixed stats. I already had all the main red cuts (int, str, agi) and a few mixed and metas for Naora’s gear.

I stumbled upon The Consortium forums, a place where goldmakers can share ideas and achievements (I think I got there from MMO thread) and from there everything really took off.

After hitting 100k I started investing more heavily in ores (both obsidium and elementium) whilst continuing to expand my jc through new patterns. I also began to stockpile mats for 4.2 (pyrite, volatiles, truegold) I carried on stockpiling to the point where I had over 16,000 ore waiting to be processed.

I started doing the “shuffle” (as detailed on the Consortium) which involves taking ore, prospecting it, cutting the rare gems, crafting the rings with the uncommons and disenchanting them for the materials. This provided what I needed to start moving into the enchanting market.

I have never touched the glyph, flask, volatile or crafted epic markets. Competition is even fiercer than the gem and enchant market here.

Jewelcrafting, enchanting, engineering pets, vendor recipes and pets, belt buckles, pvp relics and BOE “flipping”  plus using the addon Tradeskill Master, pushed me onwards to a million and my progress was thus:

100k – 30/03
200k – 17/04
300k – 04/05
400k – 13/05
500k – 25/05
600k – 13/06
700k – 26/06
800k – 30/06
900k – 04/07

1 million – 07/07

4.2 hit and I was making close to 50k per day in sales (this was the 28th June so just after I hit 700k and it took me 11 days from patch day to get the last 300k) I did not enter the pvp gear market (apart from some rings and relics to test) or the leg armor markets. This would have netted me more but I refused to spend all day in the AH.

It was great to hit that massive milestone in less time than I expected.

Top sales of items in gold with the average item sale price on the right

Total sales by volume, again with the average sale price per item on the right

So what now?

I have continued playing the AH, albeit on a slightly more relaxed scale. Sometimes I miss a posting session and don’t worry about it. I spoiled Celin with new weapons for his hunter and a chopper for his birthday. I donated 365 weapons and materials to my guild. I pimped my priest and DK with BOEs.

Today I sit at almost 1.4 million gold so 2 million is closing fast!

Afking In Style: Multi Coloured Bandit Dress

I’ve been spending a ridiculous amount of time on my little banker alt lately in my pursuit of more gold. I’m the type who likes to dress up so I like putting together little outfits for her.

This week I obtained a Blood Elf Bandit Mask for the wonderful price of 6g so I put together an outfit to go with it. I went for a red/green/gold theme with subtle brown accents. It makes me think of the Defias Wizards from Deadmines.

Head: Blood Elf Bandit Mask  Drop in Azuremyst Isle

Shoulders: Exquisite Sunseeker Mantle PvP Cloth Heirloom

Back: Linen Cloak Tailoring

Chest: Northshire Abbot’s Robe SW starting area quests (BOP)

Shirt: Squire’s Shirt Paladin starting area white quality item (it’s a red/purple colour – although the one I have linked to seems to be brown so I’m not 100% where this came from)

Wrist: Antique Silver Cufflinks Shattrath Fishing Daily bag

Hands: Outfitter Gloves SW starting area quests (BOP)

Waist: Northshire Abbot’s Cinch SW starting area quests (BOP)

Feet: Northshire Abbot’s Shoes SW starting area quests (BOP)

Weapon: Worn Mace with Lesser Elemental Slayer (red glow) and Red Rose (Priest & Shaman starting weapon, rose is from flower vendor)

Ranged: Long Lost Wand SW starting area quests (BOP)

Companion pet: Lil’ XT

Not shown on character:

Neck: Tarnished Silver Necklace Looted from the graves in Zul’Farrak

Legs: Innkeeper’s Longstockings SW starting area quests (BOP)

Finger: Gold Wedding Band, Flawless Diamond Solitaire Shattrath Fishing Daily bag and Exodar/STV JC vendor

Trinkets: None (all on my higher level alts)

What is your bank alt wearing today?

20 days of…; Day 8 – 10 Things You Don’t Know About Me

I’ve been fairly open about my life, guild, realm and characters on this blog but here are 10 things you might not know about me

1. Studied Japanese for a year, but gave it up as I started playing WoW (sigh)

2. I’m afraid of heights, tall buildings, spiders and footballs. If anyone is kicking a football near me I feel physically sick

3. I have 7 tattoos (down my back, both arms, stomach x2 and right leg)

4. I have published work as a fashion stylist in a music magazine

5. I have never watched The Matrix or Independance Day films

6. I love reading trashy novels by writers such as Jackie Collins and Jilly Cooper

7. My favourite shoe designer/brand is Irregular Choice and I have about 20 pairs (s0me unwearable)

8. My favourite meal is pizza (guilty pleasure is a take away one)

9. I have started making a few wow themed cuddly toys – they are not ready to show the world yet though

10. Finally, I got promoted to an officer in my guild few weeks ago 😀