Lonely On The Other Side

Today I factioned changed my poor NE to BE. Rather than let her rot, I wanted to see the horde side of my server and do some quests that may vanish forever after Cataclysm. I loaded her up with gold, bags and gems and paid my £20.

Aggramar has something like a 4:1 ratio for allys to horde, but I was still surprised at how quiet all of the cities were. The auction house had only 300 pages of auctions compared to the 15,000 I’m used to (no playing my selling games there it seems) Since I constantly get lost in most cities except Silvermoon, I needed a Dalaran portal. Moved to UC since I was pretty much the only person in SM anyway. Took 10 mins of /2 before I found a random mage who was happy to oblige me for 5g.

Having not seen the Sunreaver’s part of Dalaran, I was quite excited. I think the Silver Covenant have the nicer area, with no strange paths that lead nowhere.

It’s very strange to have an empty friends list (1 person on ignore list already for strange sweary /w) so I hope I don’t get too bored of having no one to tallk to.

Ysolde will remain unguilded for now, unless I meet some nice people on my travels.

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