Alty Things; In Which ST Is Done

Been swapping between the pally and hunter a lot the last few days, both are roughly the same level so it’s quite interesting to compare the experience on each side.

Lucidique has been through Hinterlands, ran to Felwood, realised could only get one quest and went back to Searing Gorge. Cleared SG very fast and then onto WPL for lots of undead slaying. Enjoying the ret spec and managing to aoe and live. Almost 51, 7 more levels then switching to tanking for Outlands.

Ysolde actually got to experience dungeons, but sadly was sunken temple. Managed to get a group fast, zoned in, 2 drop group, requeue. Repeat about 6-7 times through the instance, with only the tank and I remaining from the original group by the end. Managed to panic skin a few stacks of leather too \o/ Pet pulled entire ghost/prophet room too which was amusing and only a lock died.

Tuesday’s lack of raid meant I teamed up with my good friend Roc for heroics and a normal. Druid first, nice spider place (the one that’s not OK), DK tank but he was easy to heal despite a low HP. Few OH CRAP moments but no one died ^^

Shadow priest up next, totc hc with Roc’s dps shammy. Pretty smooth run, druid healer using some weird spell combos (no instant healing touch is bad :S ). Roc shammy died once from aggroes on p3 of black knight. New hat yay, although sad to lose neckbrace.

Final dungeon was normal totc with my baby lock and Roc’s pally tank. No one seemed to know what to do on the jousting, but no deaths on that part at least. Another lock in the group but with better gear. They never used a pet though which I found a bit strange. New pants yay, but argument with druid healer. He insisting he should have them as they “are healer pants” O_o

Unrelated: I am trying to sort pictures to jazz up my posts so they are more interesting and nicer to look at ^^

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