Weekend Catch Up

Raids – Mage

Not enough guildies online Sunday for progression in ICC, so we attempted TOGC 25. Didn’t go amazing well, first bosses almost done, although I died in the fires 5-10 times, including ressed and dying again. I’m normally good at moving out of things but I think as I have the lowest HP out of the entire raid I die faster. I had awful IBS too so I wasn’t very focused.

My DPS still sucks, rating slightly above the MTs. I’m really hoping it’s my gear and not just that I’m useless. Average about 5.5-6k depending on deaths and random factors (damn you AM proc). Still rocking the fail cloak and pvp trinket, as we never go back to the older content where cloaks are obtainable or there’s a fight over the other caster trinkets.

There’s only 2 other raiding mages but I’m so far behind them on performance it’s sad. However, they are gnomes and everyone hates gnomes.

No raids last night either (14/25 signs does not a raid make) so it was alt hopping for badges and lewts.

Tonight is reset raid time so hopefully some weekly/VOA/ICC action!

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