The Cloak Is A Lie

Another reset, another set of raids. Weekly (Naxx), VOA (also Mage tier is a lie) and ICC 25 4/12.

Things of note:

  • The cloak(s) will never drop, and if it does it will go to anyone but me
  • Told off for demonstrating that Lil XT can kill trainsets before Saurfang
  • 3rd on dps at Saurfang! (was cheeky and didn’t kill beasts)
  • Shanked by a mind controlled rogue on Deathwhisper and died
  • Managed not to die on frost giant weekly quest \o/ think I understand what I’m meant to do now
  • No lag on lagship, this made it more boring however (35 fps O_o)
  • Mic fixed for vent but too afraid to speak
  • Told it’s ok for me to have sparkle pony because I’m a girl
  • New stabbing stick! Also it has ribbon round it
  • 1000 rep to exalted Ashen Verdict.  Haste gem in bag just in case
  1. I feel your pain. We have been killing the loot-Piñata that is Ship for months at a time and the Muradin’s Spyglass didn’t drop once…Until last night on hard mode. I was fortunate enough to roll the highest (51, how pathetic) and snatch the the first to come along, just to bang our heads against Saurfang Hardmode….that fight is so RNG based…Got him to <300.000k when one of our Marks died. Oh the pain

  2. Ironically I got the spyglass a while ago on 10 man normal lol. I’ve never seen the trinket from Rotface though and that’s way better for me.

    I’m just kinda embarrassed to be carting round gear that’s 3 tiers below the current (not enough frosties for the vendor one either, 43 or something)

  3. Yeah I know how that feels…I was wearing the 2pc T8 well into ICC until I got my 4pc, just because it was so very much better than anything else. And of course it was head and chest so I had to save up 190 frost badges…that was a pain. But yeah, Cloak and Belt were the first things I got from the vendor. They are pretty darn good

  1. May 19th, 2010

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