Alty Things; I Can’t Believe Someone Let Me Heal Their 10 Man

No 25 mans last night sadly, undersigns again. End of expansion ennui I think, which we did experience towards the end of TBC. I personally find it infuriating as I love raiding and also I still need gear 😦

Spent 45 minutes bouncing around Dalaran on my druid, tried to get a 10 man going, followed by 15 minutes of confusion over who was starting a group. Full guild run which was nice as my pug experiences have been horrific of late and I don’t trust my luck not to taint the group.

Things of note:

  • 3 hunters, a mage and only 1 melee dps does not an easy Deathwhisper make (magic immunity adds O_o)
  • No rogue = many traps sprung followed by running for the raid entrance
  • Died on Marrowgar due to being spiked and in a fire before kill and left there as everyone looted boss 😦
  • Doomed to forever have better offspec feral gear than main spec resto gear
  • Accidently rebirthed the marked target on Saurfang, who ressed (I though they died normally and panic set in)

Friday night means auction house time, to catch the weekend alt players! Last weekend make roughly 2k so hoping to get around that much again. Can’t wait until the proper version of Auctioneer is up again so I don’t have to manually stick all the important ones up, in case they only list for 24 hours and not 48.

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