Slacking And Fear Of PvP

Been slack on the posting this week due to family commitments :S

Firstly, I was reminded that this weekend is the start of Children’s week, which brings me out in horrible cold sweats. I don’t enjoy pvp on my mage at all, I’m squishy and may as well be wearing robes with a bull’s eye painted on. I know I should have done the achievements last year but for some reason I put it off. It’s the last one I need for my proto drake too, so I forsee a lot of begging guildies for help. I’m even tempted to start pre mades myself.

Weekend was good for selling in auction house, made almost 3500g which was way over what I expected. I think it’s down to people being bored with raiding and turning to levelling instead.

Still no cloak for my mage, although today finally got gloves from VOA, so 4p T10 inc ^^ Guild has been managing to hold it together on 25’s, still no progress beyond Princes, but with the 15% buff we should be there soon.

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