Blogging Shame?

This blog still has no pictures. I know, it’ s awful as I promised myself I’d sort it soon. However, it’s turned into the Blizz version of “Soon” rather than the real world soon.

Part of the reason is my limited time; I get maybe 3 hours a few evenings a week to raid and I’m commited to that rather than sorting out my newly rebuilt PC. The other part is I need to reinstall Photoshop and for this I need my boyfriend’s help. The problem I have with this is explaining why I would want to install this program again. I can’t tell him about this blog.

He has no problem with WoW (being a player) or the time I spend on it, but he would want to follow what I’m writing and for me, it would be awkward. Since we had the baby, we have shared a ridiculous amount of things; time, space and a lot of intense emotions. He has seen things that I would never, ever have wanted to share with anyone. I need a bit of space and perhaps this blog lets me vent without talking it over with him.

Also we have shame. I spoke to someone this weekend who admitted that they wrote a D&D blog. They have no problem talking about the intricate rules, classes, conventions they’ve been to (and things I don’t understand) but when it comes to saying you go beyond that and write about it for the world to see, there’s a feeling it’s a stigma. Like it can be considered that extra bit nerdy O_o

I know my family would never understand. They hate WoW enough and would never get why I would want to spend time writing about it.

  1. I know where you’re coming from. I like to be a bit anonymous when it comes to blogging, maybe taking it a tad too far by not even listing the names of my characters *lol* I just don’t really want people to find me in game or check my armoury and go LULZ.

    Not that my chars suck or anything, or that I don’t know how to enchant/gear them. It’s just some strange feeling of wanting to keep some things private. For most chars I think people wouldn’t know even if I gave the name – since I haven’t given the server either. But I know I have a couple of names that aren’t very common and if you’d search them on armoury you’d be quite likely to find them if you knew the race and class.

    It’s also nice to be able to vent on your blog. Without fear of someone feeling targeted. I write about my guild sometimes, but I have to tone it down a bit because I know when I first started the blog I was so excited I told a couple of them about it. Hopefully by now they lost interest though, but I have to be careful what I write. I wish I didn’t.

    • @Saga;
      I can understand your feelings over not wanting people to find you in game! (I’ve had the odd stalker relating to the whole girl thing, so yeah, not nice to be harrassed) I’m not really worried myself about that kind of thing, people can laugh at my dk’s old spec or my shammy’s crappy gear and there’s always the ignore button for asshats.
      I’ve not told my guild because then it could possibly filter back to my boyfriend etc, and they are infact the only thing I haven’t named, but anyone could find out if they armouried my chars. My mage is the only char with that name ever lol.

  2. I guess it can be considered that extra bid nerdy to write about something you are passionate about. But only because it is a computer game. Anything else, they would say awesome. But because it is not something as widely accepted as say photography or world traveling or cooking, it is considered nerdy. It has taken me a while to finally disregard my anxiety behind and start writing for the public eye. And I think it is something to be proud of, rather than ashamed. It certainly requires some sort of courage to expose your own thoughts to be potentially scrutinized.

    On the note with your boyfriend: My girlfriend is opposed to me playing any sort of computer game. But she hates WoW with a passion, because on 3 nights of the week I would be raiding with my friends. But she still hasn’t pulled the plug, so I guess I’m still in the clear. But I pretty much told her the day I started blogging and she will giggle about it every now and then or tell me to stop blogging already when I’m just leaving a comment very much like this one, but it’s all in good fun.

    Long Story short: Go with what you feel comfortable with. More often than not, it’s the right thing to do 🙂

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