Mission Complete: Stupid PvP

Been away all weekend due to the bank holiday here so no raids as no chance of being able to on the 2-3 FPS laptop. Blood Queen to 13% for guild though \o/

Bit the bullet and flung my mage into the battlegrounds needed for School Of Hard Knocks. AV first, as it’s the one I hate least, got lucky as some hordies wanted the same achievement so let them cap before retaking. WSG next, my most hated bg since I got stuck in there at level 12 on the mage and couldn’t figure out what the point was or how to get out. This was a lot harder; there was a premade horde team who made it more difficult. Finally got it on 3-4 attempt hiding in the alliance base. The went to AB, lots of bumrushing out the front gate to stables. Thought I had it but someone must have been faster 😦 Again, let a horde cap before retaking. A guildie stepped in and offered to heal me at EOTS, so it was quite easy, although I think I’ve only ever done EOTS once so wasn’t sure what to do with the flag when I picked it up. Then stayed in the bg, got ganked mercilessly by rogues/warriors/lock pets. We lost but at least I never have to step foot in there again.

I think I hated it so much as I knew that the achievement would have been easier on any other character other than the mage.

Just King Ymiron to go and I can enjoy my new mount. Now to choose between that and the sparkle pony…

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