Naora’s “Bucket List” For Cataclysm

With the signs of the F&F alpha, I have been thinking more about what I want to achieve before Cata hits. I’ve definately got some decisions and things to do before then.

So far I need to:

  • Choose between druid (Naora) and mage (Aya) for my main
  • Level my paladin to 80 and max her professions
  • Level my hunter to 80 and ditto above
  • Amass over 100k gold
  • Decide if it’s worth spending another £30 on a mount via the RAF rocket, and thus who will it go to

I would like to do the following:

  • Gear my alts to at least 4pc t9
  • Re learn healing on my priest and maybe go disco for lulz
  • Tank something on my dk
  • Get some more titles on my alts e.g. Explorer
  • Finish levelling leatherworking and inscription (both 440)
  • Farm the Baron’s mount
  • Run through Kara with my priest for enchanting recipes
  • Do some PvP on characters and not have mental breakdown through being shanked 5 seconds after ressing
  • Get 200k gold
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