Alty Things; And Also Some Raidy Stuff

Plate knickers strikes again! (Now with legwarmers!)

Lucidique is now 66 and burning her way through Outlands fast. I’ve kinda abandoned my plan for tanking the BC instances as I don’t even have the time in the evenings currently (new bedtime routine for baby in an attempt to get her to bed before 11.30) Once I hit 68 and get some starting area gear, I’ll go back into dungeons for tanking. I do feel the same as I did when I started healing on Naora; that is nervous and full of fear of being called out as a useless tank. I felt bad enough when I gave people the wrong buffs in Underbog the other night and they all complained.

ORLY Firewing Defender?

Guild managed to scrape one raid so far this week, GM off on hols so plenty of people slacking/hiding/discovering love for PvP. It was the first raid in weeks that I haven’t enjoyed. We made decent progress for us, 6/12 and 2 tries on princes but the atmosphere was just weird. Our GM is excellent at controlling some of the more dramatic people in the guild, but without him it was chaotic. Endless discussions about DPS and blow by blow accounts of exactly what was happening to certain characters throughout the raid was enough to drive me slightly balmy O_o I hate to be ageist, but it was the group of 3-4 16 year old boys that all knew each other in RL that were the worst offenders.

Also no stupid cloak for the what seems like the 20th week. I’m really unsure as to whether to take the badge one, despite it’s lack of haste, or wait it out for another week (or hope we get valithra up)

I can’t even ask my mage class leader for advice since we don’t have one anymore (went from 7 mages to 2 in about a year and the CL just went social and horde : / )

  1. Grats on being nearly done with Outlands 🙂 I find it’s the quickest part of levelling by far these days. You’re 58.. enter Hellfire.. then suddenly you’re 68 and heading to Northrend!

    I recognise the GM being away attitude. I was leading a raid at one point while ours was gone, and I don’t know if it’s because I’m a girl or because I’m not as hmm.. I’d like to say “much of a yeller” but I think “as authorative” might be nicer 😛 In any case – 2 of the guys almost came to blows (over vent of course) over a wipe and one of them actually quit the raid and logged off. Like huh? That never happened when the GM was around.

    I hope everything will be back to normal with regards to raiding for you soon. And that you get your baby used to the new bedtime 🙂

  2. @Saga Just hit 70 today on paladin so I can agree that it’s fast! (although it might slow down now the XP has jumped)
    GM back now, however most of idiots missing from rais tonight, so no massive chewout 😦
    I hope she sleeps better soon, she used to sleep all night so maybe she will get into the habit again 🙂

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