An Angry Druid Is A Dangerous Thing

Generally I am a calm person. I have a lot of patience (which is definitely needed with boyfriend and small baby) I rarely lose my temper or get riled over stupid stuff. Tonight was an exception because of the following stupid stuff in the 25 man raid;

  • GM has returned but refuses to deal directly with troublemakers
  • Despite GM return, other members of guild are acting like they are still in charge
  • 12 wipes on BQL is not a fun nor constructive use of my time
  • 7 wipes caused by people not being able to bite is ridiculous considering we have got her to 13% before
  • Instead of biting high dps, we are told to bite from a list which seems to include healers and idiots
  • Blaming UI addons is not the answer, as it has not been proved that they always cause problems with this fight
  • Unless you are a complete nub who cannot tell a night elf from a sheep, I fail to see how banning combat pets is helping. They are hardly big enough “to cause too much stuff on the screen”
  • Screaming “RUN TO THE MIDDLE” every time the red stringy thing happens makes people panic
  • Agreeing to let the warrior dps take the first bite and then the majority of players not slowing dps at start despite being told to is not helping
  • Getting into a state because you have been bitten due to the above is your own stupid fault

Also my hormones are going crazy which always makes me over sensitive.

/end rant 🙂

I like fun in my raids, I like getting along with everyone and making progress on our boss kills. I am hoping the expansion clears out some of these more annoying players otherwise I may have to re-evaluate what I do with my wow time and what guild I do it in.

On a more positive note:

Ooh shiny

Lucidique looks like some kind of fairy with wings and a sparkly flying pony ^^ I’m levelling her as prot, with a holy offspec. It’s taken some time to get a handle on, but I’m finding it fun to take groups of 6-7 mobs at once.

  1. I feel for you – it’s painful when you’re in a raid and wiping on stuff that should be “easy”. Wiping is never fun, but you want it to be for good reasons like.. ppl were too intent on biting the right target that the dps suffered and she enraged. I’d take that over.. Someone bit the wrong person or Someone doesn’t know not to run the flames through 5 other people.

    It’s so frustrating when you take time out of your day – life – to raid, and you end up suffering because of a few people who don’t seem to care enough to get the tactics right. Or care enough to do their best.

    I hope it works out for you. I definitely can relate to your frustrations!

    And I can imagine taking groups of 6-7 mobs at once on your paladin is awesome. They’re so deliciously overpowered when levelling 😛

  2. @Saga Thanks for the support, I’m a lot calmer now I’ve slept on it and stuff. No raids until Wednesday this week so I will see how that turns out 🙂

  3. BQL is a fun fight on 10 man, mostly because it isn’t too crowded. We had her on farm, even on hardmode, until our went on his summer break. Now, all of a sudden we couldn’t beat the enrage timer even on a near perfect run. Talk about the impact one class has on a raid. So much for “bring the player, not the class”.

  4. @ Banibaq The guild have got as far as LK on 10 man and I’ve killed her myself on 10 so I know how it should be done. It’s definitely within our grasp if people stop blaming each other lol.

    That must be frustrating with one person gone and everyone else still doing the same thing but it just not working!

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