An Attempt To Be Positive; 5 WoW Related Things Cheering Me Up

1. My paladin is only 9 and half levels from 80

2. I spent 1000g on getting paladin BS up to speed (no more mining 390 and shame of only BS 275)

3. It looks like my original class leader for mages is coming back to raiding (the one before the one who defected to horde recently)

4. I remembered to opt in to the cata beta via battlenet \o/

5. Reset means cloak replacing possibilites (also one of the locks ragegquit so more loots for me)

No 3 is potentially very important to me. I still have made no decisions about what class to go for in the next expansion. Do I want the stress and the challenge of healing? The responsibility and leadership of a tank? Or do I just want to blow things up? My old cl was very good at mage and often beat the rest of us shameless on dps despite lower tiers of gear. He might inspire me to become more positive about a role I’m not sure I want to fulfill anymore.

  1. Those are all good things! Glad today is looking a little better 🙂

    I’m with you on not having decided on a class for the next expansion. It’s such a huge decision somehow, and while I hate the idea of leaving an old main “behind” I just don’t know if I wanna be the tank anymore. Sure, tanking is fun, but geesh my stress levels shoot through the roof *lol*

  2. @ Saga My main issue with not playing the mage is that she has all the mounts/pets/achievements. I guess it’s possible to just have her as the collector and another as my main raid character 🙂

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