Alty Things; I’m Still Angry, But It’s Ok

I was originally going to write another ranty post about the fail abilities of members of the WoW community I have recently encountered, but I can’t make every post a whine about that. Plus I really need to let things go and not get angry over those which are said and done.

Had some spare time Monday and Tuesday night and have now decided that since I have 2o 0dd frost badges on Naora, she at least deserves an upgrade from the blue trinket. Monday night, headed to FOS, POS and OK HC with guild group. Tank was coming back to tanking after a break so it was hard to heal, more so because he wasn’t noticing the little things (mobs eating my face, falling into holes and wiping us etc) POS actually easier than FOS, although I did spend the whole run shouting at the screen as the tank blithely pulled pack after pack. I think I just learned to spam heal him after that and hope for the best.

Yesterday I went LFD straight after logging and zoned in COS. An easy run normally. Forgot about the insta port so ran all the way to catch group. Said Hey but no response. Saw they were all from the same server so figured they were probably all mates on vent or something. Run was going ok, no major problems. Group was spamming weird phrases in party but I was talking to my friend in private channel so not too worried. Came to gauntlet and tank pulled maybe half the mobs at once, which was fine but after he got so far ahead they aggroed back onto me. Managed to heal through and headed to corrupter with 8 mins left. Tank pulled corrupter and started kiting backwards, figured maybe he was taking it back to Arthas for some random reason, but he then activated Arthas and headed towards Mal Ganis. Was confused as no one had even mentioned that this was what they were planning. Tank not overly healed and I was low too as corrupter shadow bolting and stuff.

This was not the best of ideas

Mal Ganis one shots me almost straight away with mind blast. They manage to kill both mobs barely. Tank then resses his mate and leaves me lying there. They queue for new dungeon and I decline, at which point tank asks me (IMO rudely) to leave.

Maybe it's just me, but this seems rude?

No thanks, no goodbyes, nothing. All 4 members of that group on my ignore list now. I don’t care if you think you’re the best players ever, you suck at communication and I hope you got a bad healer that wiped you and quit šŸ™‚

Ok, I ranted a bit, but they deserved it.

Once that was out of the way Wintergrasp was up so I hop to my priest. Manage to get in same raid group as GM and several guild members so we run south and merrily capture things and I bubble everyone, even though I’m shadow. We win and I get my shineys and honor.

Weekly was due to reset and it was FL so got a group and a healer trinket dropped. Crap rolls FTL :S

Always next time šŸ™‚

Bit the bullet and spent some of Aya’s frosties on a new belt. It seems comparable with the marrowgar one (although it matches Aya’s outfit better) and I’m not keen on wasting DKP on minor upgrades when I have more important things to upgrade. I’m such a noob though, that I never realised you could socket a belt when it already has a socket. Guess I thought you couldn’t socket that kind of thing. Did wonder why I got called out on my belt during a guild gear check, I was like I already have a socket on my belt šŸ˜›

Finally on to paladin for my first time tanking in Northrend. Got UK, which is easy. Decent group and healer only dies once due to charge on the duo boss. Slightly annoyed by mage using knockback, but let it go as I didn’t want any more things to rage about. Managed to die on Ingvar as I forgot about bubble/LOH etc. Healer apologised but I said it was my fault. Luckily we had earth elemental to tank him the last 8% and save the day!

Raid tonight and my mage class leader is definitely back which is awesome because I hope this will help curb some of this too many cooks syndrome we have going on in guild at the moment. He’s not afraid to tell people to shut up worrying about stupid stuff. For the record, I will be getting my combat pet out all night (potentially XT Willy)

  1. XT is by far the best! “I’m Ready to Play!!!!” Love it when my mate and I bring both XTs out and plant a train. Dual destruction derby šŸ™‚

  2. Not allowed by GM to bring XT to raids šŸ˜¦

  3. Aaww why won’t he let you take XT to raids? I have to admit little Willy is one of my favourites though. Currently I generally have my little core hound pet out though, for some reason he reminds me of my RL dog *lol* Except of course my dog isn’t red.. or hmm have two heads.

    And yes, I agree that group was rude. I know HCs are very impersonal these days, but one would think that a simple hi and bye should still be possible. And if you’re planning to pull some silly stunt like dragging the dragon to Mal’ganis I would have thought that informing the healer would have been a good idea. But then there are a lot of idiots out there.

  4. @ Saga I think most people in my guild hated the normal XT and his voice so they really don’t want to be reminded of it. I do get it out to destroy train sets. I tend to use whatever pet fits the raid zone, so dragonhawks for blood quarter, Lil KT for Deathwhisper etc I’m very fond of my magical crawdad though šŸ™‚

    I’m glad it’s not just me that thought they were idiots lol

  5. What an irritating group – I mean, I don’t expect scintillating convesation but hello and goodbye, and rezzing fallen comrades, is pretty standard I think.

  6. @Tam Yes, it’s just good manners really. I couldn’t really get the measure of the group apart from they all knew each other and they were running about pulling things like they could handle it when no one was passing 3k dps.
    I always say “Hey” and “Thanks and cya” even if I say nothing else. Since my time is precious and limited on wow, I find it important to acknowledge the other players and that they are using this time to do this group/dungeon/raid ^^

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