Weekend Catch Up; A List Of 5 Things

AKA I’m sick, tired and short on time today 😛

1 cancelled weekend raid. We went to kill Thunderan instead for a guildie’s quest. 19 people show up and stand on a hill watching a warrior kill him in about 20 seconds. Then to AQ20, where I have never been before! It still felt kind of empty for what was a 20 man raid at 60.

2 dungeons run with Celi (the bf) on Lucidique. He tanked OK and I healed. I found it tough as I’m so used to hots and topping up tanks with the slightest thing. Only a warlock died so it was fine. Then switched to me tanking and Celi ret and managed to do Nexus. At least he admitted I’m the better tank 😛

3 as in 73, which is where Lucidique is now. Her all brown outfit makes me sad though.

4 hours spent watching True Blood season 2. Enjoying it a lot and can’t wait for season 3.

5 minutes spent frantically sorting gametime, as it ran out when I was tanking Nexus.

I’ve managed to get a nasty cold which is more annoying as we are experiencing some nice weather at the moment. Rested a bit on Sunday but mini druid is teething and restless so not much downtime to sort any thing, let alone wow/blog.

  1. Oh I love True Blood! Can’t wait for it to start again in June.

    I remember the plate gear in Northrend in early levels- it’s all brown and kind of boring:( Sadly if I remember correctly it will stay the same until you get into dungeons really. WTB more colours and shinyness!

  2. I’m happy the werewolves will be in this season. I’ve read all the books and do prefer them to the series but I can still enjoy it (especially Eric!)

    Bah, was hoping she might get more colourfull. Her healing set is a mad colour mix up though, it almost reminds me of the Outlands clown syndrome.

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