My Realm Sucks?

Now I don’t mean progress, although we currently rank 161st in the EU (!)

Time For Change?

I do like my realm, I enjoy the fact that the ally side is busy and that my guild is generally great with some decent people, but with the introduction of the LFD tool where you can be thrown in with anyone from your battlegroup, I wonder how the players on my realm are perceived.

Within the realm and EU forums, it appears that many players don’t think much of Aggramar. Despite a high ally population, we don’t make progress quickly (2 guilds 10/12 on hc 25 ICC and one of those is horde) and we have maybe 3-4 hardcore raiding guilds with most not even clearing normal mode 25s. It’s  famous for being slow, “Laggramar”, due to it being one of the original realms. There’s a lot of abandoned characters because of this and it’s at the top of the realm list which makes it first choice before people swap realms to be with friends etc (my first char was actually on Dragonblight before I moved to be with friends, I think she’s still there, sitting at level 5)

The LFD does seem to try and put you with people from your own realm before others in your battlegroup. Twice I have ended up with people from my guild in a random heroic. Several times I have ended up with a player I didn’t know from my realm. This is where it can get bad.

I once ran Occulus hc on Naora with a strange group. Tank and shaman were fine. Mage had stamina gems or no gems at all. Paladin was from my realm, but unguilded. Paladin managed to die a lot and get lost regularly, but I figured it’s Occulus so no problems really. He then started asking how you could link gearscore. Shaman explained it was an addon. He kept asking where it was in the achievement panel. He then went afk 5-10 minutes to talk to a friend about it. It was so awkward in the end that I felt I had to explain how I didn’t know him and how the rest of the realm wasn’t like that.

I’m not sure why I felt I had to defend my own realm. I guess I wouldn’t like it if I got a random and someone thought “Oh God, not another Aggramar noob

I think my battlegroup, Blackout, has a pretty bad rep too. There’s a lot of moaning about how it’s bad for PvPing. One of the realms has a high Polish population and I’ve encountered some who just talked amongst themselves, saying nothing in english (although this could be their limited knowledge of english)

Well it says medium currently, but often says high

In other news, it’s Wednesday, which means reset and yet another shot at the elusive cloak of elusiveness. I had a loooong discussion with my recently returned mage CL, in which he advocated the PvP cloak (no haste, no good, but he’s still a fire mage), I mentioned that RL might rip me a new one if I show up with the WG cloak, which also requires 25 marks. Frankly, if I had the time to either win 8 and bit or lose 25 WGs I probably could have pugged somewhere like TOTC 25 and got a cloak from there instead. Maybe this week is my week. I can’t work out the EPGP on guild site but apparently I am 2nd on casters, under a disco priest.

Our weekly is XT, which means I can finally get my pet out without anyone noticing! I’m thinking RL might have us try hard mode, as we never could do it when it was relevant content.

Lucidique still sits at 50% through her level. I am really bored with Grizzly and it’s “Kill these animals for their non existant body parts quests”

  1. Hmm, I don’t have any realm in my battle group that I wince when I get someone in HCs – but I guess that’s a good thing 🙂

    Grizzly Hills – I never liked that one. I have a friend who loves it, but personally I skip it and go to another zone *lol* I just really get bored there for some reason.

    I hope you’ll get your cloak this week. One never knows when the luck will change!

  2. Done with Grizzly now but the even worse Zul Drak to go 😦

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