The RNG Has Finally Smiled Upon Me (And Other Alt Thingies)

It’s been a long 5 months since I came back to raiding. Scratch that, it’s been a long year (or so)of waiting.  But it has finally happened;


If it was possible to set fire to your old gear in WoW, I would >>


More good things about the cloak:

  • Dropped on 10 man so no EPGP used
  • It’s pink (although doesn’t match Aya’s other items)
  • Yellow socket (over the hit cap again I expect)
  • It’s not an embarrassing 3 tiers below current content item!

I can now use my EPGP for something useful like a new offhand to replace the dripping cup or the wand I got the first few weeks Ulduar was released.

Achievement bonanza this week for Aya

Weekly Was XT

Prof Down On 25

Blood Queen Down On 25 (Not bitten lol)

Some raid randomness from the 10 man

Ask Me For Food Will You?

Don't Know How We Did This, But It Will Kill You

Still tanking my way through Northrend with Lucidique (just hit 75), with the same mix of crazy, stupid and weird players.

Over enthusiatic shaman blaming me for dying

I have yet to do a single AN without someone pulling all the big bugs before Hadranox. Yesterday, we killed him her without a healer as no one could res him due to never getting out of combat.

What is this I don't even

Have been questing, seeing what I can solo on her. Managed Ursoc, Arugal and Ragemane so far. Long fights though, about 10 minutes each. I’m hoping to maybe get another level on her this week.

Got Naora the t9 helm to replace the t9 legs as I had the nice ICC 10 man ones (I’m thinking I have gemmed them wrong but since the rest of my gear is sub par, I don’t know. Also didn’t really look at the socket bonus before hand :S). Sat at 49 frosties now, I did say I would get her the badge trinket but I’m contemplating the idea of t10. It would be great to get but would probably take forever, I can’t reliably do a hc every day and if the weekly isn’t something easy, can’t do that either.

  1. Grats on your cloak!

    I’ve been having similar problems on my warrior (tank) – it just seems to refuse dropping a belt or boots for me. I finally gave up last night and replaced my crafted ilevel 226 belt with the 264 one from frost emblems. The boots (245) I’m still wearing though *sigh*

    And I hate that in heroics or when levelling! People that tell you to tank – but they’re the ones that pull like crazy. I had a warrior in my group yesterday that not only pulled aggro etc. he actually CHARGED INTO THE MOBS BEFORE ME! I don’t care that he was really well-geared – he’s not the tank and without tank gear he will still die.

    Why won’t dps understand that? Not getting aggro is not so difficult if your tank is half-way decent. But people still decide to pull before you do.. or attack the one mob that’s outside of your aoe area (and as a warrior I only hold aggro due to taunts and/or spell-reflect if it’s a caster). With no one attacking it – the mob stays on you until you can get to it.. but some over-zealous dps decides to attack that instead of the stuff you’re .. you know.. ACTUALLY hitting.

    *sigh* sometimes 5-mans make me crazy. They’re good for gearing and levelling.. but really.. where did common sense go?

  2. Thanks 😀

    I didn’t even mention the specific dps in my latest tanking encounters, the 79 warrior who thunderclapped everything, and the the 80 hunter who pulled randomly.

    It doesn’t bother me so much as a healer (although I do try and keep everyone alive) and unless the tank/healer are dead when I’m dpsing, I don’t really care 😛 It’s their own stupid fault if they die then.

  3. I’d say go for the tier 10, the set bonuses (I assume) will be an awesome upgrade, even if it takes you a while to get it, plus it looks pretty 😉 ish. You may get lucky and find a group, and if worse comes to worse, I bet they’ll add Frost Emblems to heroics in 4.0 before the new expansion when they do that boss nerf thingy they did last time – which this time I won’t mind so much, gives us something to do until the xpac hits!

  4. Ooh I never thought of the badges changing to frost in heroics. That would be awesome ^^
    I’ve managed this far with the alchemy trinket, so I think I’ll keep stockpiling badges and see what happens. Maybe I’ll get a POS that’s not full of nubs or something.

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