Alty Things; WTF Another 80 And Karma Bites Me In The Ass

My 7th 80 is done and another thing to strike from the bucket list of pre Cata must dos. Lucidique dinged on the ship above Icecrown. I even did some quests I’d never done before, like the Fleshwerks chain and the one about Arthas’ heart. Now I’ve started on the long road to getting her geared for some heroics which involves a lot of FOS, TOTC etc. So far the mace has refused to drop.

It's still thrilling, the 7th time around

Lucidique has done a few dungeons as retri as some guildies were happy to take me along. I did an awful 200 dps (weapon skills O_o) rising to 1400 by the end.

Dungeon Achievements And A Triage!

Had a great week on Naora for raids and gear. My friend put together a 10 man Sunday afternoon, which consisted of half guild and half pug. It was without a doubt, the best pug ever. Despite some of us never having come further than the first 4 on these alts, we got 10/12 and had a quick shot at Sindy. Picked up a trinket (finally) and a cloth belt, with enough frosties to get the badge chest. Earlier in the week, I’d pugged both VOA 10 and 25. Another resto druid was in the 25 man group before me and he strongly protested about a second druid and went so far as to whisper me asking me whether I needed gear. I just told him, this was an alt and I’m not really bothered about it. I did notice his gear was similar to mine, except with the t10 legs. He proceeded to die within 20 seconds of both fights (1 wipe due to tank confusion) and to my pleasure, the only resto item was the druid legs. So I got my first piece of t10 by sheer chance 😀 The VOA 10 dropped nothing but plate gear but I did get some rather useless boomkin PvP gloves and t9 legs, should I ever give up kitty spec.

Naora's New Gear And Hair Colour

Way too many achievements this week, with Malygos being the weekly as well. It surprised my how many people had no idea how to heal on the drakes. The other 2 healers (Celi being one) complained they couldn’t use the stacking healing ability until I pointed out, you are supposed to target a party member, not Maly himself :S

Random Heroics And VOA

ICC 10 Man Achievements With Pug

Reputations And Maly

On Aya, things could not have been more different. We again did the weekly on 25 which was fine and then took 6/12 in normal ICC 25. Back on Sunday for more bosses we thought. So Sunday night rolls around and we hit Putricide first. And fail. Repeatedly. I manage to screw things up in an attempt to fix my dps, macroing things in the wrong order, standing in puddles, hanging about the slime spawn points etc. I think I pulled something like 4.5k dps and felt so ashamed. I did notice everyone doing the same things and we were 2 people short so I think it was a team effort there. We abandoned that idea and went to Valithra instead. That still took about 8 attempts to complete. Normally we have got this organised with kiting and tanking going on but it was just horrible chaos.

It really did feel like karma, one decent raid with a pug for one crap raid with the guild.

Tomorrow is the 24 hour downtime for my server so no WoW at all. Just normal downtime it seems for me and the servers came up as normal. The rest of the week will be spent gearing Lucidique, raids hopefully Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday on Aya, maybe some pug raids on Naora now her gear is better and trying to get motivated to play my belf hunter.

A few random pics now that I forgot to put in last week:

Chilling With A 10 Man On Aya

Yeah, That's An Exodar Portal Over The Summoning Stone (not me btw)

My Very First Scam Whisper!

Yes, You Can Still Die On Naxx 25 As An ICC 25 Geared Melee

  1. Congrats on your 7th level 80! And that does kinda seem like karma *lol* But I’m sure you’ll all be back on the ball the next time you go in there – I think we all have off-nights once in a while 🙂

  2. Thanks!

    Managed to get Prof down and BP but then stalled on BQL. Somehow I got bit first, despite everyone agreeing for a melee to get it first. I was very confused. It wasn’t until a healer got bit first that we realised something was rather up with the whole encounter. Trying again tonight ^^

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