Alty Things; RNG Hates Me Again

Ah Ahune, you time sucking ice bastard. I have killed him approximately 60 times since the midsummer festival started, thats once per day on 6 chars and a bit extra for the enchanting recipe. I have vendored about 8 cloaks and upgraded a few as well. Managed to get the scythe twice; on lock (useful!) and Aya (completely useless!), and the pet 3 times; on Aya and Lucidique (twice). If I can get the pet on Naora that’s enough for me.

Gnome with a scythe, dangerous?

Naora has seen more pugs recently than ever. Perhaps it’s my confidence in playing her or the improved gear but I’m not as reluctant to wheel her out for totc/VOA/ICC. Things still go horribly wrong, because of course, they are pugs. In the last week I’ve done VOA 10 (no loot), Totc 25 (a cloak and lost roll to worst boomkin ever on anub mace), ICC 10 for rep and with guildies (no loot) and XT for weekly (pointless loot). Managed to not get the totc 25 achievement as I dc’d for the whole of Jaraxxus.

I top the metres...on trash!

I am having a slight issue with some guildies over healing. During my successful friends ICC a few weeks back, there was another resto druid from my guild. A casual player who hasn’t raided due to work and other things for a few months with gear roughly equivalent to Naora’s. He made suggestions to my rotation and various things and I took this in and went away, did some research, respecced etc. Since I have had the crappy pugs this week, I do tend to moan about it in guild, problem is, this druid and some others are quite derogatory towards me and make fun of me, saying I’m a terrible healer, a noob and stuff. I know I’m not the best mage ever and I have made some public mistakes in raids (standing in crap, bites, dying etc) but I’m not sure how this is meant to be taken as it’s coming from people who are healer mains.

It worries me more that soon our gm/rl won’t be around much soon. If I’ve somehow got this rep of being bad, am I going to get into raids in the future? We have lost our only permanent resto druid this week and don’t have a replacement so I’m hoping to fill that spot in Cataclysm.

I think I worry too much.

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