My 10 Favourite Items I Own In WoW Plus Some Other Lists

Summer ennui has finally struck my guild meaning raids are off until Ruby Sanctum hits. Which is potentially today but since Aggramar is notorious for being awfully unstable on patch days, I’m not holding a lot of hope to spend my evening fighting with/wiping to/disconnecting on Halion and his friends.

You can also blame Ahune for my lack of posts; my hour or so twice a day when mini druid sleeps consists of logging 6 chars, doing Ahune for frosties and praying I don’t get the group with the bad tank/healer/all melee dps.

When queueing for Ahune (normally 3-8 mins), I have been sorting out banks on all my chars, chucking out crap that’s been dumped in there ages ago. Since I’m naturally a horder, it’s not easy, especially on Aya, who’s kept every trinket she ever owned and all her gear from starting raiding in TBC (Spellweavefire robe, I worked so hard for you!) Some things I just can’t or won’t destroy as I think they are either fun or remind me of stuff I’ve done.

So I present:

My 10 favourite items I own in WoW

*Beware, contains many links!*

[Magical Crawdad]– My go to pet. I managed to get Mr Pinchy within about an hour of farming and my magical crawdad box was maybe 3rd try. I remember using the box in Mount Hyjal and having a giant crab defend me for a while which was cool. Magical Crawdad has no particular fun animation and carries the ball on his head but I just think he’s great.

[Tear Stained Hankerchief] – A random grey item from when I farmed AV for my pvp gear pre raiding. Always like to link it in guild chat for those stupid whiners.

[Broken I. W.I.N. Button] – As above, but for more sarcastic situations. Also reminds me of the futility of PvP on a mage.

[A Steamy Romance Novel: Northern Exposure] – Who doesn’t love romance Northrend style? I love sleazy romances in rl so it’s like my Azeroth Jackie Collins

[Piccolo Of The Flaming Fire] – AKA The Flute. Farmed Stratholme undead with a rogue from my guild for hours for this. Still confuses people in the AH but can get you in trouble in raids.

[Dartol’s Rod Of Transformation] – Anytime I want to be a bear I can. Must remember to finish the quest chain so I can retain it once Cata hits.

[Bouquet Of Ebon Roses] – It’s the goth in me, but these are definitely cooler than the red ones.

[Jeeves] – Built this on Aayame the lock and love to summon him when I’m in heroics and we’ve wiped. It’s the handiest thing and I’m sure will be even better when I’m levelling her to 85.

[Windrider Cub] – I know, 8/10 of my chars are alliance but this is just cute. The gryphon seems to have some kind of giant head as well.

[Salandria’s Shiny Copper Coin] – Can’t remember what reason my class leader sent this to me and the other mages (some holiday) but it reminds me of how awesome mages should be.

[Swift White Hawkstrider] – My love for belfs has meant I’ve rolled 5-6 before I decide it’s too quiet on horde for me and delete them, so I desperately wanted this mount from MGT H since it came out. I think I maybe did the dungeon on Aya a dozen times before Wrath went live and no one went there anymore. It never dropped. Now Naora has it, which is another story, too long for this list ๐Ÿ˜›

Some stuff I’m hording but should probably chuck (no links)

[Blackened Urn] – Used to summon Nightbane, before Blizz did away with it. Interesting quest chain, but only ever finished on Aya and half finished on Natsuko.

8 [Festival Dumplings] – Had these now for 2 years, always forgot to use them.

[Spectrecles] – Can see ghosts in a zone I never visit (SMV)

[Nagrand Cherry] – Got 86 of these over 7 chars. Were useful when they had 20 min duration and not 5.

Aya has 5 (!) fishing poles including 3 in her bags.

[Sceptre of Celebrus] – To port to Mauradon, before they added a portal inside.

[Mercurial Stone] – Used to be used for Mercurial Adamantite creation. Definately should chuck it because it has the name of an ex as the

My 5 Most Horrible Raids/Dungeons This Week

ICC 10 Rep Run (Naora) – Joined with a fellow mage on his tank. Should have known it was going to be terrible when a dk starts asking “How many bosses we killing?” So someone answers but he still keeps asking. No rogue so all the traps get sprung. This is just the first trash pack. Repeat,wipe,repeat, leave raid.

Occulus HC (Naora) – First tank dropped after first boss. Second tank admitted he had no clue but did fine except on mage lord when he kited him through the frost path, killing everyone. Mage dps had mp5 gems and boomkin stamina and strength gems with mongoose on weapon. Gently made suggestion to mage that as I had a mage char, perhaps if she wanted to improve dps, she could gem this way. Suggestion accepted. Attempted all green drakes on last boss. Attempted normal drakes. Everyone rage quits after 2 tries and I end up running HOL again for my daily.

ICC 25 Man Sindragosa (Aya) – More funny than stupid. Everyone except OT iceblocked when someone didn’t move during air phase.

Ahune (Aayame) – Wiped after tank just stood about. My poor dead gnome had her body thrown through the air by a spike into the water. Thankfully I soul stoned the healer. Also a really bad group with Lucidique.

Ulduar 10 Weekly (Naora) – XT, so FL first. Hardmode with 4 towers started. Absolute chaos, wipe. Destroy towers but FL bugged, still has hodir’s blue beams. FL down. Move to XT. Someone pulls XT plus all trash packs. Wipe again. Dps threaten to kill heart but never make it. Crap loot drops.

Special mention: ICC 10 Guild alt run (Naora) – 4 bosses down in 3 hours. Repeated wiping on gunship because hunter decides to stand out of LOS. Hunters decide to spend all evening misdirecting onto each other. Priest and shaman steal my loot. DBS takes 5 tries due to having only 3 ranged dps. Almost hit enrage on deathwhisper O_o

The indignity of death

Angry dps is angry. Also they kicked me for no reason :S

There was a lot of this

Resulting in this, 23 people iceblocked except OT

  1. I don’t understand some groups, it seems the kicking of people is much too easy and well-used. Also the way the conversation is going I wonder if they meant to kick the hunter *lol*

    That must have looked hilarious when everything except OT got ice blocked *lol* Love the screenshot ๐Ÿ™‚

    PS Grats on getting into Beta! So jealous! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Thanks ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m super excited although it means my play time is even more stretched!

    Hoping to post more shots and things this week ^^

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