A Druid’s Adventures In Cataclysm: Beta, Part 1

*Warning: Stuffed Full Of Spoilers*

Week before last, I was completely shocked to find the Cataclysm Beta icon on my battlenet account. I had read that the invites were going out so I checked just on the offchance. At that point I had no idea just how few had gone out!

It took almost 6 hours of downloading (the client plus 6 patches) and installation before I could even get into the beta. My character copy wasn’t working so I rolled a worgen first.

Thoughts on Worgen area so far (which is to level 11)

Areas played through; Gilneas City, Duskhaven, Stormglen

The main player in the worgen area is not the characters themselves but the zone. Gilneas is dark and moody, and feels very much like Duskwood, but a lot bigger and more organised. The architecture and ambiance is gorgeous.

When you first roll a worgen (in my case a druid) you are in Gilneas city, battling the feral worgen that are plagueing the area. You haven’t been bitten as this point, so you are stuck in ugly human form for the duration. In the beta, there are no female worgen yet and you can’t customise your human form so everyone is ginger or bald. The quests are simple but engaging and the speed and urgency which you move through the city is very involving.

Worgen Starting Area

After bottlenecking at some points (not enough mobs in certain parts) you finally get your fur. However, you can’t control this side of yourself so you are in worgen form permanently. Questing is now in Duskhaven, a quaint little town having the crap bombed out of it by the Forsaken. There’s non of the normal human we-will-prevail attitude and your main jobs here are saving people and helping evacuate.

You are now a worgen!

I forgot how unforgiving a druid is at those low levels when your only spell is wrath and you’re still pretty squishy despite the leather. I kind of got used to seeing how a human druid might look in COT:Strat but it’s still a weird experience. Once you are in worgen form, it’s more comfortable. The casting animations remind me of Dranaei, all fluid, slow movements.

Duskhaven is then destroyed and the survivors move on to Stormglen, which is druid sounding, with good reason. Remember the Scythe Of Elune? This is where it comes into play. It’s a beautiful piece of gameplay, and I really felt this was important for my druid, more so than any of the other classes. You now have control over your 2 forms so you can be either a worgen or human out of combat. I also got cat form at this point (level 10) and levelling became about 100 times easier. You get claw and ferocious bite straight away, along with the obligatory stealth.

Travelling to Stormglen

The Druids of Tal'doren

Worgen cat form looks more feral than the night elf version but still very similar. I’m a bit confused what I’m supposed to be; a human turned into a worgen and also a cat?

Worgen cat form

For now my worgen is resting just outside Gilneas. I know there’s a quest here that’s a bit broken but hopefully will be able to get it done.

Yay a top hat!

Coming Soon;

A Druid’s Adventures In Cataclysm: Beta, Part 2 – Hyjal, Feral & some resto druid

A Druid’s Adventures In Cataclysm: Beta, Part 3 – Goblin (warlock), Kezhan, Lost Isles & Beyond

A Druid’s Adventures In Cataclysm: Beta, Part 4 – Vashj’ir (Horde Side), Shadow Priest

A Druid’s Adventures In Cataclysm: Beta, Part 5 – Vashj’ir (Alliance Side), more Druid stuff

  1. It looks so awesome! I wonder when they will allow the female worgens in though.

  2. “Soon” TM is the answer from Blizz atm lol ^^ It’s not too bad being male as you can just stay in form and not see the human side 😛

    Due to my bf breaking my hard drive I’ve lost (possibly forever) all my screenshots from the end of both the worgen and the goblin zone, which is sad.

    Will be pushing on my druid to get to 82 for Deepholme!

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