Questing In Deepholm; A Video Walkthrough

So I finally discovered fraps and figured it might be a nice way to show a quest chain as it stands currently in the beta.

I managed to lose the first part due to crashes and things but it pretty much goes like this;

You get sent to npcs outside the temple who need to revive Prince Oremantle. You get sent to retrieve some bits and bobs plus the heart of  fire elemental. The prince is then bought back to life and sends you back to the temple, they then send you on the quest chain in my video.

The quest chain was maybe an hour or more, slightly longer for me due to refilming, mucking about etc.

I’ve split the videos into 3 parts, each about 6 minutes long. They’re my first ever ones so I’m a bit nervous about how they will come across! Also I think I sound a bit dull when i’m talking 😛

  1. Thanks for sharing! Really cool to see some Beta footage 🙂

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