A Slight Detour: Questing In Beta So Far

I had planned to carry on writing my experiences of the beta plus working on the second of my videos, but rl as usual interrupts, plus the beta is once again getting busier with summer holidays now starting. This means the starting zones are choked with players, making a 5 minute quest into a 35 minute one. Since my next video is about Hyjal, this does not make it easy.

I have therefore decided to sum up my quest time in general through the medium of a pie chart.

Also the new style launcher/downloader Beta thing is here. On the plus side, it means you can play whilst you’re downloading. On the minus side, dammit Blizzard, I have to download the entire Beta again.

New stuff in patch including an AMAZING model of Ysera. MMO Champ has the pic but I’m going there asap to see it in game. Reforging is in too so will be checking that out as well.

  1. The WTF pie seems rather large, Beta questing must be delightful 😛

    I still want it though! 🙂 Where’s my Beta key Blizzard? *raises fist*

  2. Aww, it’s a shame you haven’t got a key 😦

    I think it’s easy to forget how much we rely on addons in questing etc, no carbonite to tell me where to go and only the slightly confusing Blizz maps to look at.

    Also, we all tend to skip over the quest text and not really pay attention to what it’s telling us to do; the answer is normally there lol 😛

  3. Reading quest text? I don’t understand.

    *lol* Yes, I tend to just accept quests and then run off to wherever I’m seeing a big mark on my screen. I’m personally a big fan of the addon that gives you WoWhead in-game. Of course for Beta that’s not an option though. Scary thoughts!

  4. Addons should come in closer to the end of the beta for testing but of course they won’t have any data so won’t be too useful at that stage!

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