Alty Things; In Which I Avoid The Beta

Despite my privileged inclusion in the Beta, I still find myself doing “things” on live WoW. I don’t just mean raiding, although we are still clinging to ICC 25, determined to at least kill Sindragosa once before Cata hits. I think it’s the change in mains; Aya had a ton of stuff I took for granted – titles, mounts, rep and gear. Playing on Naora reminds me of being guildless, she’s not a main so doesn’t go guild raids normally so it’s pugging for everything else. It’s the endless grinds I never did before, like the Alliance reputations. I managed to get them pretty close on Aya as I used to do every stupid world event going which always netted a bit of rep here and there.

So a list of things I’ve been doing on live, which feel somewhat pointless:

  • Fishing
  • Cooking
  • Dailies (fishing and cooking mostly, but running dungeons for my last t10 piece)
  • Farming raven lord (took 14 days of straight farming!)
  • Kara runs for Attumen’s mount (we also did the entire key chain before)
  • PvP (and we know how I feel about that)

PvP: Best when you're hard to kill

  • Stormwind rep grind (I swear it never ends)
  • Outland heroics for the achievement
  • Exploring
  • Playing a belf priest to 20 (Ilikehugs made it onto live!)
  • I also got the Magical Crawdad on my first Mr Pinchy, woo!

Also I did stupid stuff, like this

My birthday present from the other half

So why am I avoiding the Beta and spending my time doing this stuff when I could be trying things out?

The last few weeks bought some more changes which directly affected the things I wanted to do on the Beta. The most important was the mob damage increases. The hp in the first zones (Hyjal and Vashj’ir) had already been tweaked to make them harder to kill but now many mobs were getting a boost to damage. I was unlucky in that I had taken Naora to Deepholm and already progressed through a big chunk of the zone when the changes hit. I also encountered the mobs that were particularly bugged (a type of flayer) who were ripping me new orifices repeatedly. Admittedly I didn’t realise I had no talents at the time but even after sorting this I still died 6 times in 30 minutes. Cat damage is awaiting some changes, we are no longer using feral AP and instead going off weapon damage for some attacks (I think) so we are simply not putting out the numbers we should be. This has been covered by lots of druids way more knowledgable in this field than me.

TL;DR – mobs were hitting me too hard making questing unpleasant.

I was happy to leave Naora in Deepholm and try out my hunter premade in Hyjal. Then the pet problems started. My bear had only 6k hp and I couldn’t fix the issue, so nothing I could do there. This stopped my Hyjal questing video in it’s tracks. Then the quests got wiped and I don’t have the heart to redo all I’ve done to get to the same point.

So goblin warlock? Talent trees broken and can’t summon fel guard, who would probably have a tiny hp 😦 Then goblins disabled as they broke something.

I can play my belf priest and worgen druid without problems but I kind of feel discouraged. There’s nowhere to take my priest until they open more zones and I’m not even finished in Vashj’ir yet. My worgen looks hideous on the character selection screen and I only have quests in Darkshore, now known as the most depressing zone in Azeroth (everyone is dead there)

Bug reporting is also broken so I feel I can’t contribute anything to testing at the moment.

What I’m hoping for is a new patch soon that makes some changes so I can try out things again.

I have a lot of junk going on in RL too; we are moving house in about 2 weeks time so plenty of things to sort out before then, and also I have decided to quit my job as they have moved the office too far away to make it worth the long commute 3 days a week.

  1. “Bug reporting is also broken so I feel I can’t contribute anything to testing at the moment.”

    That’s exactly why I’m avoiding the beta… That and my goblin couldn’t be finished out of the starting area. And Auberdine is a bit depressing for my worgen… so eh.

  2. Glad to know I’m not the only one who feels that way about bug reporting.
    It took me ages to finish the last goblin quest where you fight the trade prince.
    I couldn’t believe all the depressing text when you clicked on the dead and dying in Darkshore 😦

  1. August 31st, 2010

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