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Ok So Internet Problems Not Solved At All Really

I can log on to wow, I can even play but believe me, it’s no fun with 14k latency. I think it’s down to very old wiring in the house so I’m waiting again to sort this.

Thankfully I finished Brewfest on Naora and I can log on for my 7 times Direbrew kills (1 mount, 2 remotes, 1 shanker so far) but it’s pretty depressing considering I have had in the past week:

A broken toilet (twice)

Heating control that turns on hot water and vice versa

No tv ariel

Many, many lies from my broadband provider

A slightly hysterical and sick child, confused from moving.

I have done a night elf mage video I recorded before moving so I’ll upload that in the day time (better net then)


I had internet issues – solved now

Well we moved house last week but the phone line had a fault on it so no internet for almost a week! Finally got it sorted this morning so I’ll be posting again this week 🙂