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Auction House Games; Gold By Questing In Cataclysm, Part 1

With over a month until Cata hits, I’ve been thinking about how much gold I will need for all my chars. The alchemy mount in particular looks to be similar to Wrath’s motorcycles (apart from being BOP) and the vendor mats alone are estimated to be about 24,000g. This sounds a lot but the amount of gold you get from quests and the vendor price of  quest rewards has increased.

Here’s my estimation* on the amount of gold per zone you can get on one character;

*Disclaimer: I used Wowhead’s database for each zone, which is definitely incomplete at this stage. All quest rewards could change before Cata goes live. Also my maths might be wrong.

Mount Hyjal (Level 78-82)

  • 156 quests listed currently (assumption made that all are accessible by Alliance and Horde)
  • Gold from all quests 900g 8s
  • 40 quests reward vendorable items (including one combat pet, not included below but can be vendored for 12s 50c if you so desire)
  • Gold from selling all 40 quest items (going on highest vendor price) 460g 5s 94c

Base gold earned 1,360g 13s 94c

Vashj’ir – Kelp’thar Forest subzone (Level 78-82)

  • Approximately 35 quests in this subzone (assumption made that Horde and Alliance have the same payouts and roughly equal number of quests)
  • Gold from all quests 282g 41s
  • 13 quests reward vendorable items (one of which is Mack’s Grog and the other the Abyssal Seahorse mount, not included below)
  • Gold from selling all 11 quest items (going on highest vendor price) 94g 2s 85c

Base gold earned 376g 43s 85c

Vashj’ir – Shimmering Expanse subzone (Level 78-82)

  • Approximately 78 quests in this subzone (assumption made that Horde and Alliance have the same payouts and roughly equal number of quests)
  • Gold from all quests 466g 10s
  • 20 quests reward vendorable items
  • Gold from selling all 20 quest items (going on highest vendor price) 244g 30s 19c

Base gold earned 710g 40s 19c

Vashj’ir – Abyssal Depths subzone (Level 80-83)

  • Only 46 quests on Wowhead currently which is obviously not the entire zone.
  • Gold from all quests 341g 52s
  • 14 quests reward vendorable items
  • Gold from selling all 14 quest items (going on highest vendor price) 184g 63s 21c
  • Base gold earned 526g 15s 21c

Total from questing in Vashj’r: 1,612g 99s 25c (and that’s not all the quests…)

Vendorable junk from both zones:

  • Weapons & Armor – from 50s up to about 4g per item
  • Mob junk items- 20s to 50s per item
  • Unwanted food & drink – 4s to 6s per item


  • Herbs – Cinderbloom (Hyjal), Stormvine, Azshara’s Veil
  • Mining – Obsidium Ore (Cobalt equivalent)
  • Skinning – Savage Leather Scraps, Savage Leather, Blackened Dragonscale, Deepsea Scale (Vashj’ir), Pristine Hide, “Strange Bloated Stomach” (contains volatile motes)


So for one character levelling through the entirety of Hyjal and the majority of Vashj’ir, there’s a potential earning of up to 2,973g 13s 19c. If your character is an enchanter and you choose to disenchant the quest rewards for mats, you’re still looking at 1,990g 83s. This doesn’t include the fact that you are likely to want to use some of the quest rewards as gear upgrades. Once you have completed one zone or the other, you will probably have a new set of gear and any you would keep would be side grades with a slightly more favourable balance of a stat or blue items that are a big improvement. It also depends if you vendor your old gear (if it’s Wrath blues/greens/epics you don’t like)

On my numbers above, I would in theory, make up to 19,829g 61s if I were to level all 7 80s to 85 completing the zones fully (allowing for one enchanter, and not including gear upgrades) Of course you have costs such as repairs, travel (if using flight paths), training costs and profession skilling costs. I would still expect to make a reasonable amount of profit on each character, which could be put towards the 310% flying skill, new mounts, vanity items etc.

In part 2, I will take a look at Uldum, Deepholm and Twilight Highlands.


Alty Things; I Used To Love Hallows End, Once

Halloween is possibly my favourite holiday of the whole year. Nothing like dressing up and having a good time, and I’ve always felt that this time of the year is a bit magical, a bit spooky. The nights are darker and the twilight lasts longer. It’s getting cold but not cold enough to make me unhappy.

I also enjoyed the WoW version of Hallow’s end. Last year since I was in hospital I missed almost 3/4 of the event which meant I didn’t do the Headless Horseman at all and only did the treat bags and some low level quests on alts. This year I’ve got 7 80s, all in need of Justice Points and I’m feeling a the onset of event boss syndrome. That is, I end up doing nothing in WoW for 2 weeks apart from running HH 7 times a day and raids. Add to that my friend, Blizzard’s RNG and you get a stressful two weeks, cursing the unfairness of the loot table. I’m not even going to mention the endless mouseover disconnect bug, although I was fairly lucky in that I was one of the least affected.

Therefore, this is how the alts and Naora are fairing so far in Hallows End.

So far only Naora and Aya have the achievement, and I really don’t have time to get it on the rest, so 2/7.

Harder than you would think, but then we are relying on RNG. Think all of them have it so 7/7 plus Iseult.

Managed through a combination of bags, HH kills and the daily. I have an extra 7 Squashlings and no idea how many helms I have because they are unique.

2/7 chars have the mount, but sadly not Naora. To add insult to injury, my shaman has the reins not once, not twice but three times. It’s pretty insane. I actually dread opening her loot filled pumpkin incase there’s a fourth set.

Seeing this makes me sad 😦

The vomiting one is easy so they’ve all done that. I remember doing some candy buckets when I was multiboxing the lock/shaman but I just don’t have time to go round them all.

Maybe it’s having so many characters that I want to get achievements on. I even find myself still logging on Aya/Naora when they have the meta just for treat bags. I don’t even know why. I’m just thankful the next few holidays in WoW have no event bosses (they do however contain PvP and going to Horde cities, which I’m not looking forward to)

I think the next week will be more HH until the event is over, levelling Iseut (38 now) and raiding, hoping to get LK down!

My Experience Of Druid Healing Post 4.0, Part 2

This week saw my guild’s first shots at LK on 25 man after our successful take down of Sindragosa. Since then I’d done some tweaking to my spec and gear, switching to this set of talents (as recommended by TBJ again) and doing some reforging and gemming (stacking haste, reducing crit) as my mana regen was still incredibly high. It’s still 1022 out of combat and 598 in so I’m never running out of mana. Gear still pretty much the same apart from the upgraded headpiece (Armory doesn’t show reforging yet)

I’ve switched to Vudho, which I found gave me a lot more functionality that just Clique alone. Despite hearing that it was crazy hard to set up, I managed to get it done quite easily. I’ve had to write down what all my mouse clicks means though.


New UI setup with Vudho

I would love to say that we killed him but there’s no way we were going to get him down on those first attempts. I would say maybe a dozen of the raid team had experience of a 10 man kill but that left the rest of us unprepared for the complexity of the fight. You can read all the guides you want and watch loads of videos but it’s not the same when you’re there, freaking out about getting the Necrotic Plague (I didn’t get it /relief)

I felt slightly noobish to get excited and nervous when Arthas has been killed more than 489,000 times (according to Blizzard themselves) and I even had the shakes a bit. Our best attempt was 60% which is halfway and into phase 2, so that’s not terrible.

Healing wise I just tried to keep to a rotation; Lifebloom stacks on the LK tank and rejuvs/regrowths on the 2 off tanks. Used wild growth to help with the aoe damage on the melee and Effloresence on the ranged/healers. Popped Tree on transition to phase 2, along with the improved Lifeblood haste boost. Most of the wipes were caused by the Shockwave done by the larger adds, which took out up to 10 people. The 30 min battle res is still making things awkward, particularly with over zealous dps pulling LK threat!

I know a problem I definitely have is nerves. With playing my mage I felt no fear, the healers would take care of me (to a degree) and all I had to do was move and shoot magic at the boss until loot happened. On my druid, I’m feeling the pressure. I keep healing myself for some reason, partly so I can pop the Efflorescence on the ranged. I’m not even sure if that’s a good idea.

In part, it might be because the other healers are a) experienced and awesome and b) all officers in the guild. I’ve had no complaints from the healing team so far so I’m hoping I’m doing ok. I should probably do more practice in heroics and normal 5 mans but I’m still too worried I won’t be able to keep up.

Next raid day is Wednesday; so it’s either a reset or more tries on LK, depending on numbers.

Sindragosa Kill Video

No time this morning to write more about my experiences as a druid healer (it’s my dad’s birthday so we are out for the day), but we did get Sindragosa down finally. One of my guildies frapsed it so here it is. I can be seen running about madly in some parts! Video not available in Germany because of the music 🙂

My Experience Of Druid Healing Post 4.0.1

With Naora now my main, and the guild’s sort-of-agreement about it (I’ll bring mage for progress fights until Cata) I can finally raid the way I wanted for a long time; as a healer. The new patch is both a good and bad time to take up a new role. It’s good because there aren’t many precedents set, with everyone having new talents and changed spells to deal with. It’s a bad time because I’m slightly undergeared and not used to the new way of healing.

The guild doesn’t have many resto druids at all and I can’t remember a time when we had a dedicated 100% full time resto. The only other current resto druid hasn’t been on since the patch so I’ve done my own research into how to play, as well as linking to the great Tree Bark Jacket guide for my guildies to use for their offspecs and alts.

On beta, I didn’t even go near trying out the resto spec. Of course I played about with talents and spells but everything that was coming from the other testers suggested things weren’t looking good. High mana consumption, a mastery that was almost completely useless (hots healing more on targets with low hp) and the removal of tree as a permanent form were some of the issues raised. Changes were made, spells tweaked and the mastery totally revamped and it was after some PTR testing that the general mood was that things weren’t as bad as they had seemed and Cataclysm would not be the death of resto.

Tree form becoming a cooldown is obviously an issue for a lot of druids out there, more for the aesthetic value than what the tree form was providing. Whilst I will miss the dancing tree, it would not stop me playing a resto druid.

On Wednesday (patch day for us here in EU) our gm was desperate to try out the new changes, so a raid to VOA was made. Slightly under at 20 people went along, with myself as the only resto druid. Other healers included a holy priest, disco priest and 2 paladins. The tanks were a druid, death knight and warrior.

On Thursday, our gm had organised a raid for ICC to really test our new specs. Only had 16 people available but decided to try it anyway. Same healer and tank composition as the previous night. Managed 3/12 before Saurfang got the better of us (we were down to 15 people at that point)

I was using the rotation of Rejuvenation + Lifebloom x3 on main tank, with Rejuvs and Efflorescence procs from Swiftmend to heal the rest of the raid (as recommended by TBJ) Normal buffs including fish feasts and flask of the north (40 Int)


  • I didn’t run out of mana once, which is good because Innvervate isn’t so great anymore.
  • I was trying not to pre hot the raid but old habits die hard! I will go oom a lot in Cataclysm if I don’t train myself to stop.
  • Where ever you place your Efflorescence pool, no one will be there 2 seconds later.
  • Running about in caster form isn’t quite as amusing as being a flailing tree.
  • Nourish feels incredibly slow now, despite it being our good and semi expensive heal.
  • I like the change to Regrowth (flash heal with a hot) although I keep forgetting to use it.
  • I don’t think I even used Wild Growth, which is probably bad.
  • I did remember to use my tree of life cooldown, popping it at Heroism (Bloodlust) moments and spamming Lifebloom stacks and instant Regrowths.
  • The 30 minute Rebirth worries me, as we have some particularly suicidal raiders.
  • Healing is definitely more reactionary than before. Rather than lots of little bits of damage, it’s a ton of damage on a few people.
  • I panicked a lot but I don’t think anyone noticed.

Overall, I am enjoying the new playstyle. I really feel that rather than coping with the changes and being unhappy about it, I can make it my own and get better.

Alty Things; An Alt No More!

So patch 4.0 has finally hit, bringing chaos to our structured WoW again. I think I’m not alone in saying that I had settled into a comfortable rut, with 7 chars levelled to 80, maxed (give or take 10 points) professions and the confidence that I could log any of those chars and make a decent go of it, no matter how bad their gear or how long it had been since I played them. On the one hand it’s a scary, dark place where I don’t know wtf I’m doing again, but on the other, it’s a chance to rediscover my alts and enjoy a new point of view.

My patch day wasn’t as horrendous as it could have been. Downloaded the 5 gb before Wednesday and had the whole thing running with addons by about 2pm. Spent the time I had to spare talenting my druid and talking about changes with my guildies. Since I’d been on the beta these last few months, the stats and new character/profession/social layouts weren’t as hard to get used to (although I still can’t find the button for the friends panel or how I can see that my guildies are afk)

Naora is now my main full time rather than trying to cram in as much stuff on her as possible whilst still playing mage. This makes me feel incredibly relieved but also kind of sad. I’d felt hard pushed to enjoy my mage for so long, resenting playing her in raids and accumulating justice points (via badges) that I was unlikely to spend. I am very fond of my fellow mages, although they still love the class and were a bit confused as to why I was changing chars.

I’ve got so much to blog about really, considering I went almost a month with no posts due to moving, and then internet problems. The net problems are thankfully fixed. It turned out to be a problem with the connection between my house line and the exchange, with the fault in the exchange itself. In the interim, I started playing Neverwinter Nights 2 (drow bard, then drow cleric) and went back to the Sims 3 for a while. Since I’m short on time (as always!) here are some lists, about both patch and non patch things:

Stuff I did Pre patch that I never got to blog about:

  • Rolled a nelf rogue, Iseut and got her to level 31. Enjoying it more than I thought and even did some PvP in WSG, which is my most hated of all bgs. Since the patch I have no idea about talents and things so I’m just guessing and seeing how it works out for me.


Iseut outside the Exodar during Brewfest


  • Playing horde side again on my second account. Managed to misplace my authenticator for that account during the move and only found it last week.
  • Made a chopper with my warlock for Naora.


On my new chopper, with Mr Pinchy's Blessing buff


  • Got Ambassador for Naora by farming faction rep.

  • Got Cenarion Circle exalted by quests/texts/cultist sets. Still need to do Circle though, I’ve found that harder since I’m pretty much playing alone now Celin is bored with WoW again.


This my main viewpoint during AQ20


  • Levelling fishing on Naora (376 now), still no pole from dailies. Fished Mr Pinchy quite early on though and got pet on second try.
  • Got my XT Touring Rocket.

  • Brewmaster on Naora but no mount. A second ram on my mage plus rams on my shaman and warlock. Grand total of 11 direbrew’s remotes and 4 tankards.

  • I also did Operation: Gnomergan 7 times before it was taken out in the patch. It was quite fun the first few times but about the 5th time, it was getting a bit boring.


First day of Operation: Gnomergan was incredibly busy


How I have talented my chars (Main spec/Off spec):

  • Naora (druid) – Resto/Feral tank
  • Aya (mage) – Fire/ Nothing, probably frost for levelling
  • Natsuko (priest) – Shadow/Nothing, probably holy but need to check into this more
  • Kohaku (DK) – Unholy DPS/Blood tank
  • Yuuna (shaman) – Enhancement/Nothing, resto possibly, more likely will try ele
  • Aayame (warlock) – Affliction (Shadow bolt spec plus succubus)/Demo
  • Lucidique (paladin) – Prot/Retri
  • Iseult (Rogue) – Combat (no second spec)
  • Ysolde (Belf hunter) – Not had chance to spec but probably BM
  • Ilikehugs (Belf priest) – Shadow (no second spec)

I had to fill out the other chars with at least one spec as next week is the start of Hallow’s End! Which means much points farming and hoping I get the pet & helm on Naora. Mount would be nice too 😛

Classes that look fun post patch:

  • Warlock (all flavours, calling down your infernals/doomguards etc is just cool)
  • Ele Shaman (Earthquake)
  • Fire mage (9.5k dps on test dummy without knowing wth I was doing)
  • Shadow Priest (played one on beta so I know this is fun)

Things most commonly asked on my trade chat (all written in caps, spelt wrong etc)

  • What is mastery?
  • Where can I get vanishing powder?
  • Where can I reforge?
  • Where is the spirit buff? (priest buff)
  • OMG <insert class> is rubbish
  • OMG <insert class> is OP
  • Is this Cataclysm?
  • Can I fly in Azeroth? (caused by linking Azerothian Flying)
  • Why are there earthquakes?

Night Elf Mage Videos

Well I did these a while ago, before we moved and had a dodgy net connection. Blizzard gave us the chance to test the same faction customisation, which is something that makes me very excited. I have always regretted making my mage a human so I was pleased that Night Elves can be mages too!

I did some dummy testing with arcane and what looks to be the mage’s spec of choice for Cata, fire.