Alty Things; An Alt No More!

So patch 4.0 has finally hit, bringing chaos to our structured WoW again. I think I’m not alone in saying that I had settled into a comfortable rut, with 7 chars levelled to 80, maxed (give or take 10 points) professions and the confidence that I could log any of those chars and make a decent go of it, no matter how bad their gear or how long it had been since I played them. On the one hand it’s a scary, dark place where I don’t know wtf I’m doing again, but on the other, it’s a chance to rediscover my alts and enjoy a new point of view.

My patch day wasn’t as horrendous as it could have been. Downloaded the 5 gb before Wednesday and had the whole thing running with addons by about 2pm. Spent the time I had to spare talenting my druid and talking about changes with my guildies. Since I’d been on the beta these last few months, the stats and new character/profession/social layouts weren’t as hard to get used to (although I still can’t find the button for the friends panel or how I can see that my guildies are afk)

Naora is now my main full time rather than trying to cram in as much stuff on her as possible whilst still playing mage. This makes me feel incredibly relieved but also kind of sad. I’d felt hard pushed to enjoy my mage for so long, resenting playing her in raids and accumulating justice points (via badges) that I was unlikely to spend. I am very fond of my fellow mages, although they still love the class and were a bit confused as to why I was changing chars.

I’ve got so much to blog about really, considering I went almost a month with no posts due to moving, and then internet problems. The net problems are thankfully fixed. It turned out to be a problem with the connection between my house line and the exchange, with the fault in the exchange itself. In the interim, I started playing Neverwinter Nights 2 (drow bard, then drow cleric) and went back to the Sims 3 for a while. Since I’m short on time (as always!) here are some lists, about both patch and non patch things:

Stuff I did Pre patch that I never got to blog about:

  • Rolled a nelf rogue, Iseut and got her to level 31. Enjoying it more than I thought and even did some PvP in WSG, which is my most hated of all bgs. Since the patch I have no idea about talents and things so I’m just guessing and seeing how it works out for me.


Iseut outside the Exodar during Brewfest


  • Playing horde side again on my second account. Managed to misplace my authenticator for that account during the move and only found it last week.
  • Made a chopper with my warlock for Naora.


On my new chopper, with Mr Pinchy's Blessing buff


  • Got Ambassador for Naora by farming faction rep.

  • Got Cenarion Circle exalted by quests/texts/cultist sets. Still need to do Circle though, I’ve found that harder since I’m pretty much playing alone now Celin is bored with WoW again.


This my main viewpoint during AQ20


  • Levelling fishing on Naora (376 now), still no pole from dailies. Fished Mr Pinchy quite early on though and got pet on second try.
  • Got my XT Touring Rocket.

  • Brewmaster on Naora but no mount. A second ram on my mage plus rams on my shaman and warlock. Grand total of 11 direbrew’s remotes and 4 tankards.

  • I also did Operation: Gnomergan 7 times before it was taken out in the patch. It was quite fun the first few times but about the 5th time, it was getting a bit boring.


First day of Operation: Gnomergan was incredibly busy


How I have talented my chars (Main spec/Off spec):

  • Naora (druid) – Resto/Feral tank
  • Aya (mage) – Fire/ Nothing, probably frost for levelling
  • Natsuko (priest) – Shadow/Nothing, probably holy but need to check into this more
  • Kohaku (DK) – Unholy DPS/Blood tank
  • Yuuna (shaman) – Enhancement/Nothing, resto possibly, more likely will try ele
  • Aayame (warlock) – Affliction (Shadow bolt spec plus succubus)/Demo
  • Lucidique (paladin) – Prot/Retri
  • Iseult (Rogue) – Combat (no second spec)
  • Ysolde (Belf hunter) – Not had chance to spec but probably BM
  • Ilikehugs (Belf priest) – Shadow (no second spec)

I had to fill out the other chars with at least one spec as next week is the start of Hallow’s End! Which means much points farming and hoping I get the pet & helm on Naora. Mount would be nice too 😛

Classes that look fun post patch:

  • Warlock (all flavours, calling down your infernals/doomguards etc is just cool)
  • Ele Shaman (Earthquake)
  • Fire mage (9.5k dps on test dummy without knowing wth I was doing)
  • Shadow Priest (played one on beta so I know this is fun)

Things most commonly asked on my trade chat (all written in caps, spelt wrong etc)

  • What is mastery?
  • Where can I get vanishing powder?
  • Where can I reforge?
  • Where is the spirit buff? (priest buff)
  • OMG <insert class> is rubbish
  • OMG <insert class> is OP
  • Is this Cataclysm?
  • Can I fly in Azeroth? (caused by linking Azerothian Flying)
  • Why are there earthquakes?
  1. 2 things here:

    Alts are all I did. I rarely got a main in any MMO just because I got bored easily with finding groups/questing. Though WoW did make leveling into easy mode — which is personally more fun than the stagnant past in the original.

    Second, love the screenshots. Wish EQOA had that function. Granted it was on the PS2. Do you record anything as well?


  2. If I had more time, all my chars would get the love they deserve! But as such, I have to have one char that I can pour my focus into so I can raid and see other parts of the game.

    Thanks, I probably take far too many shots. I have been known to FRAPS stuff (a guild event was one I did recently) but again, it takes time 🙂

  3. I’m glad you’ve been able to switch to a character you enjoy more. I’ve been in a similar seat recently with my warrior. Tanking just wasn’t doing it for me anymore and going to raids and tanking made me almost dread raiding at all (I still went obviously, being the MT you kind of have to..)

    But I’ve talked to my fellow guildies and told them that come Cataclysm I won’t be tanking anymore. I figure that should give us enough time to find and recruit a new tank once Cataclysm comes around.

    We’re not doing progression raids anymore in any case, so I’m enjoying my new main (was my old main before the warrior too), my warlock in some alt raids and running heroics.

    • I felt the same about dreading raiding. I always did the best I could on my mage but I really just wanted to heal 🙂

      I’m glad you’re enjoying your lock!

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