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Gearing For 85; Shinies For Resto Druids, Part 2 *Revised Mar 2011*

Much later than I planned, here’s the second part of my list of gear for the levelling and newly dinged resto druid!


[E] Epic quality

[R] Rare quality


Halls Of Origination – Uldum – 84-85 (This is apparently the go-to dungeon, 7 bosses and a ton of loot)

[R] Awakening Footfalls (Heroic)

[R] Mantle Of Soft Shadows (Heroic)

[R] Underworld Cord (Heroic)

[R] Solar Wind Cloak (Heroic)

[R] Sceptre Of Power (Heroic) -1 handed mace

[R] Band Of Life Energy (Heroic)

[R] Band Of Rays (Heroic)– Dps, has hit

[R] Soul Releaser (Heroic) – 2h staff. Very Popular, seen lots of these around already

[R] Anhuur’s Hymnal (Heroic) – Trinket. Dps but nice proc chance to increase SP

[R] Blood Of Isiset (Heroic) – Trinket. I think I want this despite the mastery

Lost City Of The Tol’vir – Uldum – 85

[R] Tauntka’s Necklace (Heroic)

[R] Oasis Bracers – Zone drop

[R] Spirit Creeper Ring (Heroic) – Despite the name, contains no spirit 😦

[R] Veneficial Band (Heroic)

The Vortex Pinnacle – Uldum – 85

[R] Amulet Of Tender Breath (Heroic)

[R] Shadow Of Perfect Bliss (Heroic) – Cloak. Has hit.

[R] Biting Wind (Heroic) – 1h dagger

[R] Mantle Of Bestilled Winds (Heroic)

[R] Captured Lightning (Heroic) – Relic. Has hit.

[R] Ring Of Frozen Rain (Heroic)

Grim Batol – Twilight Highlands- 85

[R] Azureborne Cloak (Heroic)

[R] Modgud’s Blade (Heroic) – Has hit

[R] Cursed Skardyn Vest (Heroic)

[R] Staff Of Siphoned Essences (Heroic)

[R] Corrupted Egg Shell (Heroic) – On use, shield creating trinket. Not sure about this one.

[R] Gale Of Shadows (Heroic) – Trinket with haste and a stacking sp proc. Like this one.

Blackrock Caverns – Blackrock Mountain – 80 – 81

[R] Quicksilver Amulet (Heroic)

[R] Armbands Of Change (Heroic)

[R] Willowy Crown (Heroic)

[R] Beauty’s Favourite Bone (Heroic) – Offhand, has hit.

[R] Torturer’s Mercy (Heroic) – 1h mace

[R] Kibble (Heroic) – Ring

[R] Witching Hourglass (Heroic) – Trinket, Int + haste proc

Throne Of The Tides – Vashj’ir – Abyssal Depths – 80-81

[R] Pipefish Cord (Heroic) – Neck

[R] Periwinkle Cloak (Heroic)

[R] Decapod Slippers (Heroic)

[R] Bioluminescent Lamp (Heroic) – Offhand

[R] Anthia’s Ring (Heroic) – Has hit

[R] Cerith Spire Staff (Heroic) – Has hit so better for your friendly local boomkin

[R] Sea Star (Heroic) – Trinket

The Stonecore – Deepholm – 82 – 84

[R] Deep Delving Gloves (Heroic)

[R] Prophet’s Scepter (Heroic) – Offhand

[R] Book Of Dark Prophecies (Heroic) – Relic

[R] Rose Quartz Band (Heroic)

[R] Tear Of Blood (Heroic) – Trinket, int plus crits cause a spirit bonus for 15 sec

[R] Tendrils Of Burrowing Dark (Heroic) – Trinket, mastery plus sp over 15 sec proc.

Deadmines (Heroic Only)

[R] Cowl Of Rebellion

[R] Vest Of The Curious Visitor

[R] Lavishly Jeweled Ring – Has hit sadly. The first blue I ever got in WoW was the low level version on my mage.

[R] Book Of The Well Sung Song – Relic

[R] Emberstone Staff


Archeology Rewards

Apart from the fun items there’s a few nice bits. However you will need to be close to max before getting a chance for these to pop up for creation. You can reforge archeology items (like I have done with the ring)

[E] Staff Of Ammunae – Level 85 BOA staff with spirit. Requires 150 Tol’Vir archeology fragments (approx 17 dig sites)

[E] Staff Of Sorcerer-Thane Thaurissan – Level 85 BOA staff without spirit. Requires 150 Dwavern archeology fragments

[E] Tyrande’s Favourite Doll – Level 85 BOA trinket with a massive chunk of int, a mana store/release and added small aoe. Requires 150 Night Elf fragments.

[E] Ring Of The Boy Emperor – Level 85 BOA ring, decent stats for any healer/caster. One of the more “common” rares. Requires 150 Tol’vir fragments.


[R] Tarvus’s Poison-Scarred Boots

[R] Blazewing’s Furious Kilt Drops specifically from Blazewing, an 81 rare

[R] Brittany’s Ceremonial Spaulders

*New* Epic BOEs – Raids

If you are lucky enough to have a good guild then you may get some of these early on in your trash killing in BOT or BWD. Alternately you might get them on trash farming runs, buy them off other players in the raid or from the auction house. The prices I’m listing are what they are going for on my realm (ally side)

[E] Hide of Chromaggus – One of two shoulders (excluding tier 11) that you can obtain from BWD. The other being BOP Passive Resistor Shoulders from Omnitron Council (which is better for us due to the amount of haste) Going for about 35-40k gold on the AH.

[E] Chelley’s Staff of Dark Mending – 2 handed staff from BOT trash, expect to fight your other casters and healers for this bad boy. Going for anywhere up to 55k on the AH.

*New* Epic BOEs – World Drops

[E] Dorian’s Lost Necklace -Haste/mastery neck piece. The one from Wildhammer/Dragonwmaw rep is similar except it has crit instead or haste. Goes for about 20k on the AH.

[E] Heartbound Tome – Offhand with spirit and mastery. Goes for around 30k on the AH.

[E] Signet of High Arcanist Savor – Ring with hit and crit, so not the best stats for healing. Sold one myself few months ago for 20k and it has stayed around that price.

[E] Ritssyn’s Ruminous Drape – Cloak with haste, mastery and a yellow slot. Sells for around 20k on the AH

PvP Reputation

Baradin’s Wardens (Alliance)/ Hellscream’s Reach (Horde) – Tol Barad

[E] Mandala Of Stirring Patterns (A) / (H) – Trinket with spirit and mastery intellect (!) proc. Requires Exalted.

[R] Shimmering Morningstar (A)/ (H) – 1h mace. Requires Revered.

[R] Insidious Staff (A)/ (H) – 2h staff. Requires Revered.

Nothing worth getting from guild rewards, apart from the cauldrons and feasts for groups/raids.

Updates to Part 1:

[Tattooed Eyeball] is now a rare item,  stats apparently nerfed as well

Power Torrent seems to be the enchant that everyone is recommending over Heartsong. However it costs a lot.

A lot of the lower dungeon stuff has been upgraded but not sure if  wowhead reflects this yet.


Gearing For 85; Shinies For Resto Druids, Part 1 *Revised Feb 2011*

*Revised Feb 2011 from my own experiences and to change some stuff that’s been updated since Cata came out*

  • Removed cloth as it’s not really worth breaking the bonus
  • Added Valor points gear (since it’s possible you might have some from dungeons etc)
  • In the Gurgthock’s vs Very Manly Staff debate, it depends how long you are going to keep that item for. I think MH plus OH is superior if you are going to enchant them and have a decent OH but if you are hitting high level dungeons and heroics straight away, you’ll replace all of them pretty quickly.

I’ve made this list as much for myself as for the others out there. When WOTLK hit, my mage was in a mess of Tier and craftables so the majority was replaced easily by quest rewards along the way. This time, Naora is in full T10 plus some heroic ICC 10 stuff and badge gear. I feel quite overwhelmed with starting again in gearing so I’ve made this post to help guide choices in questing, justice points and rep grinds to ensure  getting the best possible start to heroics, then raiding at 85.


[E] Epic quality

[R] Rare quality

[U] Uncommon quality

Justice Points

[R] Celadon Pendant – 1,250 JPs

[R] Blessed Hands Of Elune – 1,650 JPs

[R] Cluster Of Stars -Headpiece. 2,200 JPs

[R] Leggings Of Late Blooms – 2,200 JPs

[R] Robes Of Forgetfulness – 2,200 JPs

[R] Somber Shawl – Shoulders, not cloak as you would think. 1,650 JPs

[R] Thatch Eave Vines – Belt. 1,650 JPs

[R] Apple Bent Bough – Offhand. 950 JPs

Total for the whole set: 13,750 JPs

Valor Points

[E] Fading Violet Sandals – BOE Feet. 1,650 VPs

[E] Heavenly Breeze – Back. 1,250 VPs

[E] Twined Band Of Flowers – Ring. Spirit/Mastery, 1,250 VPs

[E] Band Of Secret Names – Ring. No spirit, haste/crit, 1,250 VPs

[E] Core Of Ripeness – Trinket. Int plus on use Spirit proc. 1,650 VPs

[E] Soul Casket – Trinket. Mastery plus on use Int proc. 1,650 VPs

[E] Relic Of Norgannon – Relic. Int/Stam/Crit/ Haste. 700 VPs (preferable over Eonar)

[E] Relic Of Eonar – Relic. Int/Stam/Spir/Crit. 700 VPs

Quest Rewards

Either Rare or Uncommon items from questing in Twilight Highlands (TH) and Uldum (Uld) as they are the 84-85 zones. I’ve included cloth items and those with hit as you can never have too much choice, and sometimes those items can be worth it as a temporary upgrade.


[U] Hood Of The Scorpion (Uld)

[U] Hood Of Lost Solitude (TH)


[U] Eye Of Despair (A)/Reversal (H) (TH.  Has hit)

[U] Giltstone Necklace (TH)

[U] Confiscated Dog Tags (Uld. Has hit)


[R] Spaulders Of Rolling Incineration (Uld)

[U] Soulgrowth Spalders (TH, both A and H receive same items from quests)


[R] Wrap Of The Fallen City (Uld)


[U] Cloak Of Grand Leadership (A)/ Valorous Direction (H) (TH)

[U] Corrupted Eggshell Drape (Uld)


[U] Bracers Of The Verdant Cradle (Uld)

[U] Alefire Bracers (TH – Horde only)

[U] Keg-Stealer Bracers (TH – Alliance only)


[U] Rope-Grip Gloves (Uld)

[U] Marshseeker Gloves (Uld, Alliance only)

[U] Barrel-Belly Gauntlets (TH, Alliance only)

[U] Needle Threader Gauntlets (TH, Horde only)


[U] Waistguard Of Fallen Hearts (Uld)

[U] Belt Of Bloody Dreams (A)/ Belt Of Smashed Feathers (H) (TH)


No non cloth available at high level – get some rep with the Earthern Ring or get the JP legs.


[R] Eye Of The Stars (Uld)

[R] Red Dragonheart Ring (TH)

[U] Redistributed Signet (TH. Same for both H and A)


[R] Talisman Of Sinister Order (Uld)

[U] Harmlight Token (TH. Horde only. Has harmful spell proc however nice chunk of Int)

[U] World-Queller Focus (TH. Alliance only. Seems a bit unfair that only A gets this!)

[U] Za’brok’s Lucky Tooth (TH. Horde only. Not the most amazing but has a lot of stam and increases mastery)


[U] Cannon Stabilizer (Uld)

[U] Spearwarden’s “Lucky” Charm (TH, identical for both H and A)

Weapons (1 Hand)

[R] Gurgthock’s Garish Gorebat (TH – New ring of blood style quests)


[R] Air Raid Beacon (TH – Horde only)

[R] Skyflight Beacon (TH – Alliance only)

[U] Shining Scorpid Eye (Uld. Has hit)

Weapons (2 hand)

[R] Very Manly Staff (TH- New ring of blood style quests, shares a reward with the 1 hand mace)

[U] Officer’s Formal Baton (Uld)

[U] Ihsenn’s Staff Of Terror (Uld. Has hit)

Definitely worth doing the new ring of blood style quest in TH for a decent 1 hand mace or 2 hand staff!



[E] Lifebound Alchemist Stone – Trinket. Finally we get epic alchemy stones again!

[E] Vibrant Alchemist Stone – Trinket. An excellent starter trinket replacing the previous stam/mastery generic stone


[E] Chestguard Of Nature’s Fury – no spirit however.

[R] Bloodied Wyrmhide Set – again no spirit. It’s the entry level PvP gear.

[E] Lightning Lash – belt

[E] Stormleather Sash – more of a dps belt, no spirit and crit/mastery


Nothing worth taking from tailoring.


[E] Camouflage Bio-Optic Killshades – 1 meta slot plus the engineering gem slots. Engineers only however.


[R] Elementium Hammer – One handed mace

[R] Elementium Spellblade – Dagger. Has hit.


[R] Ring Of Warring Elements

[R] Eye Of Many Deaths


[E] [R] Tattooed Eyeball – Relic! (now downgraded to rare quality and stats adjusted to reduce OP-ness)

[R] Manual Of The Planes – Relic

[E] Darkmoon Card: Tsunami – Trinket with 321 Int and spirit proc

[R] Divine Companion – Offhand with haste

[R] Battle Tome – Offhand for PvP

[R] Dungeoneering Guide – Dps off hand, with hit

The only problem I can forsee with craftables is that the Chaos Orbs used to craft them (Cata’s Frozen Orbs) are BOP.  There’s not much chance of getting my alts through heroics for a while yet! Hoping they make they BOE or buyable with justice points (still waiting on this Blizz :P)

Reputation Rewards

Guardians Of Hyjal (Hyjal, naturally)

Arcanum Of Hyjal – Revered. Account bound head enchant, 60 Int/35 crit.

[R] Aessina-Blessed Gloves – Revered

[R] Cloak Of The Dryads – Honored

The Earthern Ring (Vashj’ir, Hyjal, Deepholm, Twilight Highlands and others at low level)

[R] Cloak Of Ancient Wisdom -Revered

[R] Leggings Of Clutching Roots -Revered

[R] Helm Of Temperance -Honored. Cloth but with a meta and yellow socket, plus hit.

Therazane (Deepholm)

Therazane are the shoulder enchant place this time around with

[E] Greater Inscription Of Charged Lodestone – Exalted. 50 Int/25 haste

[R] Lesser Inscription Of Charged Lodestone – Honored. 30 Int/20 haste

[R] Diamat’s Ring Of Temperance – Revered

Ramkahen (Uldum)

[R] Ammunae’s Blessing – Honored. Ring

Wildhammer Clan (Alliance, TH)/ Dragonmaw Clan (Horde, TH)

[E] Belt Of The Untamed (A)/ Withered Dream Belt (H) – Exalted. Yay, finally something we can use at exalted!

[R] Band Of Singing Grass (A)/ Band Of Lamentation (H) – Revered. Ring, hit

[R] Mantle Of Wild Feathers (A)/ Spaulders Of The Endless Plains (H) – Honored

Ramaken seems to be the faction least worth getting rep with for gear. They do sell the nice camels though 🙂 I will probably go for Therazane for the shoulder enchants and Wildhammer for that epic belt.

Profession Bonuses


Flask Of Enhancement – Apart from Mixology bonus, this is an 80 Int flask for 1 hour


[E] Chimera’s Eye: Brilliant/Fractured/Quick/Sparkling – JC only gems with 67 Int/ 67 Mastery/ 67 Haste/ 67 Spirit


Lightweave Embroidery – Chance to increase SP by 580/15 sec

Darkglow Embroidery – Chance to restore 800 mana on spell cast


Socket Bracer

Socket Gloves


Grounded Plasma Shield – Belt tinker that absorbs damage

Invisibility Field – Belt tinker that gives you invisibility OOC

Synapse Springs – Glove tinker to increase Int by 480/12 sec

Z50 Mana Gulper – Glove tinker providing increased effect from drinking a mana potion

[R] Cogwheels: Fractured/Quick/Smooth/Sparkling – Engineer only gems providing 208 Mastery/208 Haste/208 Crit/208 Spirit


Draconic Embossment – Intellect – 130 Int on bracers. Supposedly the best you can get as far as bonuses go.


Felfire Inscription – 130 Int/ 25 haste to shoulder


Enchant Ring – Intellect – Adds 40 Int


Flasks And Potions

Volcanic Potion – SP 1200/25 sec

Elixir Of Mighty Speed – Haste by 225 for 1 hour

Flask Of The Draconic Mind – Int by 300 for 1 hour

Flask Of Flowing Water – Spirit by 300 for 1 hour

Ghost Elixir – Spirit by 225 for 1 hour


Food is split into 60 stamina plus 60 of another stat or 90 stamina or 90 of another stat:

Intellect – Pickled Guppy/ Severed Sagefish Head

Spirit – Whitecrest Gumbo/ Delicious Sagefish Tail

Crit –Lightly Fried Lurker/ Baked Rockfish

Haste – Broiled Mountain Trout/ Basilisk Liverdog

Mastery – Salted Eye/ Lavascale Minestrone

One useful stat – Broiled Dragon Feast/ Fortune Cookie

Item Enhancements


Chest –Peerless Stats; All stats by 20,

Cloak – Greater Intellect; 50 Int, Greater Critical Strike; Crit by 65, Critical Strike; Crit by 50, Intellect; Int by 30

Wrists –Greater Speed; Haste by 65, Greater Critical Strike; Crit by 65, Exceptional Spirit; Spirit by 50 *New* Intellect; Intellect by 50

Hands – Greater Mastery; Mastery by 65,  Haste; Haste by 50

Feet –Lavawalker; Mastery by 35, Mastery; Mastery by 50, Haste; Haste by 50

Weapon –Power Torrent; proc chance to increase Int by 500/12 sec, Heartsong; proc chance to increase Spirit by 200/12 sec, Hurricane; proc chance to increase Haste by 450/12 sec

Offhand – Superior Intellect; 100 Int now 40 Int(and a welcome addition)

Heartsong is if you feel you need more spirit, and is significantly cheaper than the Power Torrent due to Maelstrom Crystal prices.


[R] Ebonsteel Belt Buckle – The new Eternal Belt Buckle for items level 300 -500

Leg Enchants

[E] Powerful Ghostly Spellthread – Int/ Spirit, Tailoring

[E] Powerful Enchanted Spellthread – Int/Stam, Tailoring

[R] Ghostly Spellthread – Int/Spirit, Tailoring

[R] Enchanted Spellthread – Int/StamTailoring


Only blue quality gems available at the start of Cata;

Red – Inferno Ruby – Brilliant; 40 Int

Orange – Ember Topaz – Artful; 20 Int/20 Mastery, Potent: 20 Int/ 20 Crit, Reckless: 20 Int/20 Haste

Purple – Demonseye – Purified; 20 Int/ 20 Spirit

Yellow – Amberjewel – Quick; 40 Haste/ Fractured; 40 Mastery

Blue – Ocean Sapphire – Sparkling; 40 Spirit

Green – Dream Emerald – Zen; 20 Mastery/ 20 Spirit


One type of meta gem now which makes it much easier

Ember Shadowspirit Diamond -54 Int and 2% maximum mana

Revitalizing Shadowspirit Diamond – 54 Spirit and 3% increased critical healing effect

Coming In Part 2

  • Dungeon Gear
  • Dungeon Quest Reward Gear
  • Other Gear including BOEs, Archeology, PvP and PvP Reputation