Gearing For 85; Shinies For Resto Druids, Part 2 *Revised Mar 2011*

Much later than I planned, here’s the second part of my list of gear for the levelling and newly dinged resto druid!


[E] Epic quality

[R] Rare quality


Halls Of Origination – Uldum – 84-85 (This is apparently the go-to dungeon, 7 bosses and a ton of loot)

[R] Awakening Footfalls (Heroic)

[R] Mantle Of Soft Shadows (Heroic)

[R] Underworld Cord (Heroic)

[R] Solar Wind Cloak (Heroic)

[R] Sceptre Of Power (Heroic) -1 handed mace

[R] Band Of Life Energy (Heroic)

[R] Band Of Rays (Heroic)– Dps, has hit

[R] Soul Releaser (Heroic) – 2h staff. Very Popular, seen lots of these around already

[R] Anhuur’s Hymnal (Heroic) – Trinket. Dps but nice proc chance to increase SP

[R] Blood Of Isiset (Heroic) – Trinket. I think I want this despite the mastery

Lost City Of The Tol’vir – Uldum – 85

[R] Tauntka’s Necklace (Heroic)

[R] Oasis Bracers – Zone drop

[R] Spirit Creeper Ring (Heroic) – Despite the name, contains no spirit 😦

[R] Veneficial Band (Heroic)

The Vortex Pinnacle – Uldum – 85

[R] Amulet Of Tender Breath (Heroic)

[R] Shadow Of Perfect Bliss (Heroic) – Cloak. Has hit.

[R] Biting Wind (Heroic) – 1h dagger

[R] Mantle Of Bestilled Winds (Heroic)

[R] Captured Lightning (Heroic) – Relic. Has hit.

[R] Ring Of Frozen Rain (Heroic)

Grim Batol – Twilight Highlands- 85

[R] Azureborne Cloak (Heroic)

[R] Modgud’s Blade (Heroic) – Has hit

[R] Cursed Skardyn Vest (Heroic)

[R] Staff Of Siphoned Essences (Heroic)

[R] Corrupted Egg Shell (Heroic) – On use, shield creating trinket. Not sure about this one.

[R] Gale Of Shadows (Heroic) – Trinket with haste and a stacking sp proc. Like this one.

Blackrock Caverns – Blackrock Mountain – 80 – 81

[R] Quicksilver Amulet (Heroic)

[R] Armbands Of Change (Heroic)

[R] Willowy Crown (Heroic)

[R] Beauty’s Favourite Bone (Heroic) – Offhand, has hit.

[R] Torturer’s Mercy (Heroic) – 1h mace

[R] Kibble (Heroic) – Ring

[R] Witching Hourglass (Heroic) – Trinket, Int + haste proc

Throne Of The Tides – Vashj’ir – Abyssal Depths – 80-81

[R] Pipefish Cord (Heroic) – Neck

[R] Periwinkle Cloak (Heroic)

[R] Decapod Slippers (Heroic)

[R] Bioluminescent Lamp (Heroic) – Offhand

[R] Anthia’s Ring (Heroic) – Has hit

[R] Cerith Spire Staff (Heroic) – Has hit so better for your friendly local boomkin

[R] Sea Star (Heroic) – Trinket

The Stonecore – Deepholm – 82 – 84

[R] Deep Delving Gloves (Heroic)

[R] Prophet’s Scepter (Heroic) – Offhand

[R] Book Of Dark Prophecies (Heroic) – Relic

[R] Rose Quartz Band (Heroic)

[R] Tear Of Blood (Heroic) – Trinket, int plus crits cause a spirit bonus for 15 sec

[R] Tendrils Of Burrowing Dark (Heroic) – Trinket, mastery plus sp over 15 sec proc.

Deadmines (Heroic Only)

[R] Cowl Of Rebellion

[R] Vest Of The Curious Visitor

[R] Lavishly Jeweled Ring – Has hit sadly. The first blue I ever got in WoW was the low level version on my mage.

[R] Book Of The Well Sung Song – Relic

[R] Emberstone Staff


Archeology Rewards

Apart from the fun items there’s a few nice bits. However you will need to be close to max before getting a chance for these to pop up for creation. You can reforge archeology items (like I have done with the ring)

[E] Staff Of Ammunae – Level 85 BOA staff with spirit. Requires 150 Tol’Vir archeology fragments (approx 17 dig sites)

[E] Staff Of Sorcerer-Thane Thaurissan – Level 85 BOA staff without spirit. Requires 150 Dwavern archeology fragments

[E] Tyrande’s Favourite Doll – Level 85 BOA trinket with a massive chunk of int, a mana store/release and added small aoe. Requires 150 Night Elf fragments.

[E] Ring Of The Boy Emperor – Level 85 BOA ring, decent stats for any healer/caster. One of the more “common” rares. Requires 150 Tol’vir fragments.


[R] Tarvus’s Poison-Scarred Boots

[R] Blazewing’s Furious Kilt Drops specifically from Blazewing, an 81 rare

[R] Brittany’s Ceremonial Spaulders

*New* Epic BOEs – Raids

If you are lucky enough to have a good guild then you may get some of these early on in your trash killing in BOT or BWD. Alternately you might get them on trash farming runs, buy them off other players in the raid or from the auction house. The prices I’m listing are what they are going for on my realm (ally side)

[E] Hide of Chromaggus – One of two shoulders (excluding tier 11) that you can obtain from BWD. The other being BOP Passive Resistor Shoulders from Omnitron Council (which is better for us due to the amount of haste) Going for about 35-40k gold on the AH.

[E] Chelley’s Staff of Dark Mending – 2 handed staff from BOT trash, expect to fight your other casters and healers for this bad boy. Going for anywhere up to 55k on the AH.

*New* Epic BOEs – World Drops

[E] Dorian’s Lost Necklace -Haste/mastery neck piece. The one from Wildhammer/Dragonwmaw rep is similar except it has crit instead or haste. Goes for about 20k on the AH.

[E] Heartbound Tome – Offhand with spirit and mastery. Goes for around 30k on the AH.

[E] Signet of High Arcanist Savor – Ring with hit and crit, so not the best stats for healing. Sold one myself few months ago for 20k and it has stayed around that price.

[E] Ritssyn’s Ruminous Drape – Cloak with haste, mastery and a yellow slot. Sells for around 20k on the AH

PvP Reputation

Baradin’s Wardens (Alliance)/ Hellscream’s Reach (Horde) – Tol Barad

[E] Mandala Of Stirring Patterns (A) / (H) – Trinket with spirit and mastery intellect (!) proc. Requires Exalted.

[R] Shimmering Morningstar (A)/ (H) – 1h mace. Requires Revered.

[R] Insidious Staff (A)/ (H) – 2h staff. Requires Revered.

Nothing worth getting from guild rewards, apart from the cauldrons and feasts for groups/raids.

Updates to Part 1:

[Tattooed Eyeball] is now a rare item,  stats apparently nerfed as well

Power Torrent seems to be the enchant that everyone is recommending over Heartsong. However it costs a lot.

A lot of the lower dungeon stuff has been upgraded but not sure if  wowhead reflects this yet.

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