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20 Days Of…. Day 2 – Why I Decided To Start A Blog

Cramming In Strudel has been going for almost a year now, and at that time I was in a different position to now. As I explained in part 1, I’d had the life changing experience of a baby, and ended up being quite unwell afterwards. Mini druid was about 5 months old at the time, and we had no real routine so my days were chaos. Celin and I were still living apart so my WoW time was dictated by how much my parents were able to watch the baby in the evenings. I had managed to come back to raiding about 2 months before so all my time was log on >raid for 2 hours >log off and play Naora on nights off to gear her up. So I was kinda feeling frustrated, as someone who had been able to dip in and out of WoW whenever I wanted to.

I had been to visit Celin’s family and his brother was talking about how he wrote a D&D blog and moderated some forums. I had been reading WoW blogs as something to do when I was up at night with mini druid and thought it would be a good way for me to do something creative.

I know the focus has shifted from mage related things to more druid and alt and random stuff but I still enjoy writing as well as read all the other great blogs out there that continue to inspire me!


20 days of… WoW Blogging Challenge; Day 1 – More About Me

I decided to take up Saga’s challenge for a new 20 days of (since I missed the last one near xmas)

So a little more about me (than is in my About Me page)

I’m a 30 year old woman living in the south of England (where I have always lived for the most part), with my boyfriend who I met via WoW and our daughter, who is a WoW baby 🙂

In Wow, on my realm

I am mostly Naora, my 85 resto druid and before that I was Aya the arcane mage. Most people still call me Aya. My guild is Fallen Soldiers, where I have been for 2 and a half years (it’s been going since the beginning and still got a few of the original people, including the GM) I really love it there most of the time. We aren’t the most progressive guild but we get there eventually. We are also a 25 man guild which I love because it feels so very epic with 24 other people killing dragons with me. I have a bit of a reputuation for being a bit silly and starting stupid jokes but a decent healer. I also think I must be an encyclopedia of wow as I often get asked for info on things (helps when you have time to read up on wow a lot)

I’m addicted to belfs (male ones) because they are a race I would deem “attractive” (in so far as you can call a bunch of pixels attractive) I’ve had a thing for long haired, skinny men for a long time and they fit the bill lol. I have a second account for horde characters, which doesn’t have Cata on it at the moment. If I could be a high elf druid, I would be very happy!

I have a stable of alts, covering every class except warrior. I’m partial to nelfs (since I can’t have belfs), followed by draenei and worgens. I enjoy being self sufficient and not waiting around to find someone to craft something. I haven’t decided who my ‘second main’ will be, because every time I play a character, I want to stick with them! I’m leaning towards lock currently.

My realm is busy ally side, but I don’t have many friends outside the guild. The RL ones quit and the older ones either realm transfered or quit as well.

I like playing the auction house and making some gold on the side selling blues and epics for profit.

Outside Wow

My main role is set as parent currently! Mini druid is now 15 months old, out of the baby stage and firmly into the toddler one. I found parenting incredibly difficult to adjust to. I hadn’t expected to have a baby, let alone one formed from a long distance relationship that was only a few months old. I met Celin when he joined the our guild, as a RL friend of the person who recommended me as an applicant. We were still apart when I was pregnant and I was sick the entire time, culminating in high blood pressure and having the baby 5 and half weeks early. I took a long time to recover and still have some back problems which mean I don’t get out as much as I would like.

Before leaving my job, I was a financial analyst, although I have a fashion degree and retail background. I love clothes and wanted to be a stylist at one point.

I love reading; will read almost anything but very fond of manga, Jackie Collins, graphic novels, Neil Gaiman, Clive Barker and books about Japanese culture (especially clothing and Geisha)

My Archeology Grind – Electric Nerubian Boogaloo

It’s been a few weeks since my last archeology post because of the burnout after finally reaching 20 rares (which was on the 30th Jan, although it feels so much longer)

The clockwork gnome popped pretty soon after I swapped to EK to start my farming. A few more greys and I had the Innkeeper’s Daughter queued so I could so say I had 18/20 rares done. Ah!, I thought, won’t take me long to finish the nerubian, I mean there’s only 2 of them right? I should have learned my lesson from the time spent farming before. Nerubian are the Tolv’ir of Nothrend, with the majority of sites being vrykul, with a few nelf ones and troll. The commons are also creepy as anything; still beating hearts in a box? jewellery filled with live insects? bottles of blood?

The 2 rares are “fun” objects – I say “fun” because they are again on the slightly odd side of things. The Blessing Of The Old God turns you into a Qiraji battle tank, similar to the Bones Of Transformation from nelf solves.

Blessing of the old gold transformation rare

The Puzzle Box of Yogg Saron whispers you, similar to Cthun’s whispers, whenever you attempt to open the box. I like the puzzle box because Hellraiser was one of my favourite film series when I was younger, and it’s a slight homage to the Lament Configuration, the box that when solved summoned the Cenobites and opened the door to hell. It’s more obvious when you see the pop up for the rare, the intricate design work is similar of the Lament Configuration. The triangular spikes also remind me of the shape of  Leviathan, the leader of the Cenobites (it resembles a large diamond, with very sharp points) Obviously the main homage is to Lovecraft because of the old gods, but it’s a nice touch.

Puzzle box of yogg saron rare progress screen and flavour text

The Lament Configuration

The actual farming of the rares was quite boring, as I had completed the vrykul axe as an easy solve before. I was reluctant to set my hearthstone to Dalaran (I knew I’d forget to swap it back) so I was relying on my engineering wormhole every 4 hours to get me from one side to the other faster than a flight path. I believe I went 3 hours without a nerubian site one day. I know Tol’vir is supposed to be rarer but I don’t think I’ve had such bad luck with them. Overall, I farmed Northrend (with detours back to EK when I couldn’t take it anymore) for over a week. I had gone through all the commons but one (sceptre) before the old god amulet showed up and then perhaps 4-5 commons before the old god box. It doesn’t sound bad but then you consider each common was 45 frags and I would get maybe 1-2 sites per 4 hour session, it was a bit disheartening. I came away with 1100 vrykul fragments after I was finished, even after finishing up the last few commons I hadn’t done.

I felt pretty tired after the week of digging in Northrend but I was on my last rare so I burned through it and hit 20 rares at about 12.10 am on the 30th. I think there’s less than 10 people on my realm with the title; only seen 3 ally side including myself and the realm first guy.

Getting the Professor title!

After that I felt I simply didn’t want to touch archeology for a while. I had a bag and bank stuffed full of greys which I knew I could vendor in the next patch and whilst I wanted the other rares, I knew I had to give myself a break (raiding, raid prep, alts, alt levelling, RL – all too much)

Note: Not advisable to use the name changing rares in a raid situation that uses EPGP loot addon. You will realise that , although it’s fun to run back as a battle tank after a wipe, you aren’t getting any EP points and have to shamefully admit this to your raid leader and gm, who will take the piss out of you.

Patch Changes

The patch a few days ago bought some welcome changes to archeology.

  • The sell value of all common artifacts has been doubled, while a small subset of common artifacts have had their sell value increased far beyond that.

Definitely a change for the better and kind of soothes the pain of being capped at 200 frags from now on. I had thousands of fragments left so figured I would solve them and get the gold instead of sitting on them, worrying when Blizz would remove the excess or release new rares. I ended up with 3514g worth of items, from the following:

572g in greys stored since the increase in values discovered (mostly nerubian, vrykul and some troll)

1036g from nelf solves (including 3 scroll cases at 200g each and 2 chests of glass animals at 100g each)

1401g from fossil solves (including 6 Kraken tentacles at 200g each and 3 proto-drake skeletons at 20g each)

505g from vrykul solves (including 6 intricate treasure chest keys at 50g each)

  • Archaeology fragments now have a hard cap of 200 per race. Players will not be able to collect additional fragments until they complete artifacts to take them down below 200 fragments. Players with more than 200 fragments will not lose additional fragments in 4.0.6, but in a future patch we may remove any fragments above 200.

I don’t really mind this as I already had the rare BOA (Tyrande’s favourite doll) and therefore never even bothered hoarding frags to 525. With the sell cost up of the commons, it’s easier to just make them, vend, and move on.

  • Archaeology finds now grant a guaranteed skill point up to 50 skill, and then no longer grant skill gains, as opposed to granting up to 100 skill very slowly.

A good change for anyone planning on levelling from scratch. It was annoying to have the frags intermittently give skill from about 85 -ish (so much so I cracked around 91 and started solving, constantly being at an odd number for the entirety of my levelling)

  • Undocumented Change – Seven new Tol’Vir Dig Sites added to Uldum, two new Nerubian sites added to Eastern Plaguelands and two new Nerubian sites added to Northrend.

Hooray for more Tol’vir! I did get one yesterday when I was doing an hour or so of digging, Schnott’s Landing. I was unimpressed with the size of the site and because it’s so open (and Archy was broken) it took me a while to find all the frags. On the plus side, it’s empty of mobs after completing the quest chain there.

More nerubian sites. Well, guess it had to happen after I spent hours farming but it makes it easier for others and that’s good. I might be a bit resentful when I got back to EK to farm dwarf and troll.

  • Undocumented Change – You can now solve projects while mounted.

Useful but not game breakingly awesome. Saves time I suppose and someone must have complained about it to get it changed.

  • Undocumented Change – It is now possible to walk through unearthed archaeology finds.

Was kind of amusing to have one spawn on you and become stuck within it, but good to have it changed.

So what’s next?

I’m still wanting the Tol’vir bug mount (seen one on my server so far) and the other rares. They are really the next thing to grind due to the number of rares left to find (4), compared to the 1 of each dwarf and troll. Can I get all of the rares? I’d like to think so but we will see what the next content patches bring before I start dedicating such massive chunks my time again