20 Days Of…. Day 2 – Why I Decided To Start A Blog

Cramming In Strudel has been going for almost a year now, and at that time I was in a different position to now. As I explained in part 1, I’d had the life changing experience of a baby, and ended up being quite unwell afterwards. Mini druid was about 5 months old at the time, and we had no real routine so my days were chaos. Celin and I were still living apart so my WoW time was dictated by how much my parents were able to watch the baby in the evenings. I had managed to come back to raiding about 2 months before so all my time was log on >raid for 2 hours >log off and play Naora on nights off to gear her up. So I was kinda feeling frustrated, as someone who had been able to dip in and out of WoW whenever I wanted to.

I had been to visit Celin’s family and his brother was talking about how he wrote a D&D blog and moderated some forums. I had been reading WoW blogs as something to do when I was up at night with mini druid and thought it would be a good way for me to do something creative.

I know the focus has shifted from mage related things to more druid and alt and random stuff but I still enjoy writing as well as read all the other great blogs out there that continue to inspire me!

  1. I like having somewhere to put my thoughts down, be it WoW or personal (so I have a WoW blog and a personal one as well *lol*). I just find it’s a good way to relax if I can write and rant about things 😉

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