20 days of…; Day 3 – First Day Playing WoW

Whoops. Bit late updating this due to a bunch of RL issues.

I had been having a rubbish few days before picking up WoW; a failed relationship, a temping job that I didn’t enjoy and my cat had been run over and died. I desperately needed a distraction.

My parents had taken me out into town and I bought both original WoW (£9) and TBC (£14) from 2 different stores. I read the manual before but didn’t look on any websites so I was still fairly clueless. I picked a random server (Dragonblight) and rolled a nelf rogue which I then got to level 5 before being texted by my friend’s girlfriend to say I was on the wrong server. I remember being confused because the closest I had ever come to an MMO or even a RPG was the Everquest spin off on the PS2; Champions Of Norrath, in which I was a dark elf shadownight, and you had things like save points and you couldn’t just wander off and do what you wanted. I think I had a problem adjusting to WoW’s combat system. It was less button mashing than I was used to! I did understand talent trees but didn’t get that you could put points in different trees and not suffer a penalty in some way.

The next day I talked to my workfriends and they advised me to roll a mage (!) and so Aya was started on Aggramar. I can remember going to Stormwind for the first time and being amazed that these were all real people. I also found it hilarious that one of my friends was a 70 gnome rogue, as in RL he was a tall laddish guy.

I logged my rogue in as she still exists! She was in the graveyard of Dolanaar, wearing half cloth gear with the red icon showing (57% durability) and has 2 cooking points. So I obviously understood professions but not how to repair. I think I must have started every fight by throwing things as it was keybound to my 2 space on the action bar. I fel nostalgic so she is logged out in the inn, repaired, with 10 combat pets learnt and a sparkle pony in her bags.

I feel like I have come a very long way since then!

My first ever WoW character - a rogue!

  1. That’s really cool that your first character is still there!

    My very very first was on my brother’s account and is long gone by now. My very first on my own account sadly is gone as well, my rogue however is still around – as well as a few random 20-35 alts that I rolled and never touch anymore. They sit unused and unloved on some old server of mine.. poor things!

    Sometimes I wish they’d let us send heirlooms across servers, maybe then I’d give them a whirl *lol*

  2. I suppose it’s because I didn’t need that char slot that I never deleted her. It’s kind of funny that she was in such a state though.

    Got another few random alts for server downtime and to chat to friends pre battlenet.

    I would love cross server heirlooms since I’m out of space…

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