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20 days of…; Day 8 – 10 Things You Don’t Know About Me

I’ve been fairly open about my life, guild, realm and characters on this blog but here are 10 things you might not know about me

1. Studied Japanese for a year, but gave it up as I started playing WoW (sigh)

2. I’m afraid of heights, tall buildings, spiders and footballs. If anyone is kicking a football near me I feel physically sick

3. I have 7 tattoos (down my back, both arms, stomach x2 and right leg)

4. I have published work as a fashion stylist in a music magazine

5. I have never watched The Matrix or Independance Day films

6. I love reading trashy novels by writers such as Jackie Collins and Jilly Cooper

7. My favourite shoe designer/brand is Irregular Choice and I have about 20 pairs (s0me unwearable)

8. My favourite meal is pizza (guilty pleasure is a take away one)

9. I have started making a few wow themed cuddly toys – they are not ready to show the world yet though

10. Finally, I got promoted to an officer in my guild few weeks ago 😀


20 days of…; Day 7 – What’s My Name Again?

Cramming In Strudel is named so for 2 reasons: firstly, I was a mage main when I started this blog and secondly, because of the time constraints I faced and still face as a new(ish – mini druid is 18 months old now!) parent who is also into gaming.

I wanted a name that wasn’t overly class specific and I also didn’t want to go with anything that was related to my role. I was already pretty interested in healing by that point but I didn’t know the first thing about it.

I suppose it’s been months since my druid actually ate a mana strudel, but cramming in cake sounds like this blog is about something else entirely. She does, however, try and consume as much mana food between over eager tank pulls as possible.

20 days of…; Day 6 – My Desk

My desk is usually kind of a mess, everything pushed back and moved around out of the reach of a grabbing child. It is the place of many things including:

Sewing kit and various crafting materials

An old advent calendar (now probably out of date)

My computer and various PC related items

Boxed PC games, cds and dvds

WoW items such as the game boxes (we have 3 copies of wrath), my loot trading cards, old wow calendars

Normally a ton of junk like bottles, paperwork and cups

Lots of bits of paper with old wow related things on, like gems, enchants and crafting materials

Mini druid is forever playing with the handle on my chair making it much lower than it should be.

I can’t take a picture of it because it’s such a mess right now!