20 days of…; Day 6 – My Desk

My desk is usually kind of a mess, everything pushed back and moved around out of the reach of a grabbing child. It is the place of many things including:

Sewing kit and various crafting materials

An old advent calendar (now probably out of date)

My computer and various PC related items

Boxed PC games, cds and dvds

WoW items such as the game boxes (we have 3 copies of wrath), my loot trading cards, old wow calendars

Normally a ton of junk like bottles, paperwork and cups

Lots of bits of paper with old wow related things on, like gems, enchants and crafting materials

Mini druid is forever playing with the handle on my chair making it much lower than it should be.

I can’t take a picture of it because it’s such a mess right now!

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