1 Million Gold – Goal Achieved!

It’s been almost 5 months since I started my quest to reach a million gold. I probably should have written more about my progress but things got in the way and the gold making progress is another time sink in my busy life!

I started with 90k back in March, of which 40k was from levelling alts through Cata zones. I was already buying cheap blues for resale so I had a small amount of income, perhaps 1-2k on a good week. The majority of my proffs were levelled to max (excluding BS) and the guild was already level 25 so I had the benefit of the perks.

I utilized my knowledge from WOTLK about gems – red, orange and purple are popular gems, major stats are generally more popular than secondary and mixed stats. I already had all the main red cuts (int, str, agi) and a few mixed and metas for Naora’s gear.

I stumbled upon The Consortium forums, a place where goldmakers can share ideas and achievements (I think I got there from MMO thread) and from there everything really took off.

After hitting 100k I started investing more heavily in ores (both obsidium and elementium) whilst continuing to expand my jc through new patterns. I also began to stockpile mats for 4.2 (pyrite, volatiles, truegold) I carried on stockpiling to the point where I had over 16,000 ore waiting to be processed.

I started doing the “shuffle” (as detailed on the Consortium) which involves taking ore, prospecting it, cutting the rare gems, crafting the rings with the uncommons and disenchanting them for the materials. This provided what I needed to start moving into the enchanting market.

I have never touched the glyph, flask, volatile or crafted epic markets. Competition is even fiercer than the gem and enchant market here.

Jewelcrafting, enchanting, engineering pets, vendor recipes and pets, belt buckles, pvp relics and BOE “flipping”  plus using the addon Tradeskill Master, pushed me onwards to a million and my progress was thus:

100k – 30/03
200k – 17/04
300k – 04/05
400k – 13/05
500k – 25/05
600k – 13/06
700k – 26/06
800k – 30/06
900k – 04/07

1 million – 07/07

4.2 hit and I was making close to 50k per day in sales (this was the 28th June so just after I hit 700k and it took me 11 days from patch day to get the last 300k) I did not enter the pvp gear market (apart from some rings and relics to test) or the leg armor markets. This would have netted me more but I refused to spend all day in the AH.

It was great to hit that massive milestone in less time than I expected.

Top sales of items in gold with the average item sale price on the right

Total sales by volume, again with the average sale price per item on the right

So what now?

I have continued playing the AH, albeit on a slightly more relaxed scale. Sometimes I miss a posting session and don’t worry about it. I spoiled Celin with new weapons for his hunter and a chopper for his birthday. I donated 365 weapons and materials to my guild. I pimped my priest and DK with BOEs.

Today I sit at almost 1.4 million gold so 2 million is closing fast!

  1. Oh wow! Congratulations!

    I want to make gold, but I’m really bad at it – sitting at around 200k for quite a while now. I’m bad with the shuffle thing and prices on my realm are just really bad sadly. I could sell gems but they’re only 30g for a pure red and 15-20 for a purple/orange.

    I guess I need to find a market that’s relatively profitable.

    Great work though! It must feel great to have reached it! 🙂

      • Anonymous
      • August 3rd, 2011

      You’re bad at making gold?!?
      I’m currently sitting at 2000g. That’s it! Nothing more!

      I need some serious help :S


  2. Huii 1.000.000 Gold

    Ich wüsste wirklich nicht was ich damit anfangen würde.

    aber Gratulation

    P.s. Bald ist blizz pleite 🙂


  3. @Saga – Thanks. Some markets are worse than others. I wouldn’t touch the glyph market here for example and I know people who have left the server because of how bad it is. I guess it’s finding a niche. For me vendor pets was a good place to start as they are readily available and with the new achievement pets people do buy them on a regular basis.

    @Anslym – There’s plenty of gold making guides and forums out there 😀

    @Nivolea – Had to put your reply though Babelfish as I don’t speak any German 😀
    Thanks for your comment – it was an enjoyable journey and it started small. I really didn’t expect to make a million so fast! I’m sure Blizz have endless supplies of gold themselves 😛

  1. March 8th, 2012

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