2 Million Gold – Goal Achieved

Ok, so I got this last year in fact but it’s been almost exactly a year since I started serious goldmaking!

To recap, last year I wrote about hitting 1 million and my journey to that milestone, from there I carried on, hitting 2 million on the 22 October. Today I sit at almost 2.4 million liquid gold having made some gold heavy purchases in the last 6 months.

First, a few details about my sales at the time (already written on The Consortium forums)

Main Sales:

  • Gems (Cata, wrath rare and epic)
  • Enchants (Cata, wrath and BOAs)
  • Pets (Vendor, cross faction, crafted)
  • Rare recipes (high end – 2k plus value)

Other Sales:

  • BOE flipping (still love doing this the most)
  • Bags
  • Choppers
  • Food mats and buff food

Dropped out of some of the more annoying markets with low turnover i.e cookies, keys (when they went BS only), engineering pets (gone down to 200g some days)

Contributing Factors:

  • Abscence of some major competitors (quit or took a break)
  • Hit slow spot around the 600k mark again as I bought some BOEs for alts and nice pets for main.
  • Moved house so was on limited net access for 10 days
  • Began to stockpile for 4.3
  • 3 transmute specced alchemists for easy managment of gem transmuting
  • Still only working the alliance side, some cross faction trading

My Big Purchases

X-51 Nether-rocket X-TREME (310k)

Reins Of The Crimson Deathcharger (220k)

2 complete Vial of the Sands, plus the sand components for 2 more (around 90k – although they were made rather than bought)

“Expensive” gifts for some of my good wow friends (including above mount parts, 10k pets, donations of choppers to the guild)

I’m also giving away 16k per month in a guild raffle (no entry fee and within the guild so it doesn’t count as gambling by Blizz rules)

Thoughts since hitting 2 million

My actual sold value is over 4 million! Which means I’ve spent almost 2 million, apart from my above purchases, on things such as training costs, mounts, flying (12 alts, 10 with epic flying = 60k ish), random stuff I like (pets for alts), stockpiling mats, vanity items and repair costs!

Wealth on one of my AH characters

Things are definately slowing down. Bot ban waves, people leaving for other games, lack of raid content after Dragon Soul; all these factors are impacting on sales. I will not say it’s all negative as even more of my competitors have left but this leaves the customer base growing smaller as people hit gear caps and stop upgrading.

Every so often I get a new competitor but they burn out really fast. They spam the trade channels buying lots of ore and advertising gems but it doesn’t last (yay!)

I like that I can afford to take a break every now and then when life is too hectic or I really want to do something else (archeology, my cruel mistress!)

Soon I will have to start preparing for MOP. Once the big announcements start happening it’s probably time to get rid of my overstocks whilst retaining enough for levelling proffessions (and keeping an eye out for people doing the same and get some bargains!)

My next goal is 3 million, although it’s going to take longer with no content patches between now and MOP.

    • Windsoar
    • March 20th, 2012

    I’m totally not a gold hound, but thought I’d take this as an excuse to pop in and say HAI! ❤ I think it's really awesome how successful you've been at this. I hit 20k and call it quits and call it a day!

    • Thanks! It’s taken more work than I write about because the ins and outs of it are kinda boring (a lot of clicking one button)

      I’m happy with the freedom it gives me and how I can make people happy by spreading my wealth.

      I made a sort of big purchase the other day so I’m a few 100k down but I’ll keep going to 3 million!

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