A Brief “About Me”


I picked up WoW in late 2007, almost at the end of BC. My first char is the long forgotten Nelf Rogue on Dragonblight before my friend told me I was on the wrong realm. Aya was my second char and thus I began my WoW career setting fire to things and dying a lot.
I’ve always been a gamer, from the Atari 800XL my dad bought home when we were kids, to the gameboy I saved up to buy at aged 8, to my Sims 2 addiction at university (control issues much? :P)
Being a bit computer savvy has helped me in both my degree (fashion) and my current job (lots of Excel things and small amounts of coding)
I’m currently living with my boyfriend (Celi), baby daughter (mini druid) and extended family. I got quite ill after mini druid was born and I’ve done something to my back which means I can’t walk far. Celi and I juggle WoW time, with me being the raider and him potting about on various alts and other games.

I’m part of a predominately 25 man guild, which suits me well 😀
My other interests include Japanese culture, fashion, metal and rock music and reading (almost anything)

    You can contact me with questions, suggestions etc at Naora@hotmail.co.uk

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