Cataclysm To Do List

As Cata is actually here, a bucket list is kinda redundant, so here’s my to do list for the expansion (to be updated when things change)

Naora to 85

Switch herbalism for engineering

Max archeology on Naora

Get Naora raid ready

Try out boomkin spec after a year and a half of feral

Level a miner to 85

Level a second miner to 85

Have 3 miners and be a bit confused why

Have 3 max level engineers just for the love of it

Level all chars to 85 – 8 down, 1 to go

Level all main proffs to 525 – Missing: LW, Skinning,

Max Inscription

Max Tailoring

Max Engineering (Gnomish)

Max Engineering (Goblin)

Max Leatherworking

Max Skinning

Max Herbalism

Max Blacksmithing

Max Alchemy

Max Jewelcrafting

Actually get beyond 450 first aid on Naora – erm keeping meaning to do this

Finish secondary proffs on Naora – Arch, fishing, cooking done

Play an alt to raid level – DK being worked on

Clear all zones of quests on 85s (for max gold)

250k goldCompleted beginning of May 2011

500k goldCompleted end of May 2011

750k goldCompleted end of June 2011

1 million goldCompleted July 2011!

1.5 million goldCompleted August 2011

2 million gold

Cataclysm Bucket List (Old)

I made a post about this a while back but since I’m updating things more it needs a more permanent home, so here it is:

So far I need to:

  • Choose between druid (Naora) and mage (Aya) for my main. I‘m swaying towards druid as of June 2010 due to general mage failure. Druid it is, fed up with mage and dps in general
  • Level my paladin to 80 and max her professions. Mining is maxed, blacksmithing at about 440 ish
  • Level my hunter to 80 and ditto above. Oh hell, this is hard. LFD it is. She’s 50 now.
  • Amass over 100k gold. More than halfway but slacking due to time constraints and teething child
  • Decide if it’s worth spending another £30 on a mount via the RAF rocket, and thus who will it go to. Sorted, and going to druid for Cata.
  • Decide to buy a vendor mammoth and who it goes to. Caved in, bought for druid.

I would like to do the following:

  • Gear my alts to at least 4pc t9. Well druid got done, priest has some badges, same for lock. Think they are both 1/4.
  • Re learn healing on my priest and maybe go disco for lulz
  • Tank something on my dk
  • Get some more titles on my alts e.g. Explorer
  • Finish levelling leatherworking and inscription (both 440) Should be doable now I have finished my ally levelling
  • Farm the Baron’s mount
  • Run through Kara with my priest for enchanting recipes
  • Do some PvP on characters and not have mental breakdown through being shanked 5 seconds after ressing
  • Get 200k gold
  • Pick a name for my worgen druid. Got Efflorescent saved currently.

Rep grinds I need to do pre Cataclysm:

  • Cenarion Circle
  • Cenarion Expedition
  • Argent Dawn
  • Kal’uak
  • Ashen Verdict (needs ICC runs)
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