All characters currently live on EU Aggramar (Blackout BG) My alliance guild is Fallen Soldiers (WoW Progress link)


Level 85 NE Druid

525 Alchemy/Engineering

Resto MS /Boomkin OS. The new main.

Started life as a male NE called Kawagishi. RAF boosted by 30 levels taking her from 19 to 49 then levelled as feral to 80. Name changed due to it translating as “Fishmarket” by accident. Also got sick of ugly NE panel hands and giant triangle body. Loving druid healing so she’s my new main for Cataclysm. Just dropped herbalism for engineering and changed offspec to boomkin to try it out.


Level 85 NE Mage

525 Tailoring/ 525 Herbalism

Fire MS/ Frost OS. The retired main.

Rolled a mage as my RL friends who got me into the game said it was a good idea. Levelled as fire (!) and stuck as fire (!) until I joined my current guild in 2008 when it was suggested to me a full fire spec wasn’t the best for raiding. I collect mounts and pets on her and random things (has a full bank). Recently changed to a night elf and enjoying levelling again now I don’t have the raid pressure.


Level 85 Draenei Priest

525 Enchanting/ 535 Jewelcrafting

Shadow MS/ Disc OS. Second main alt

The third char  I ever rolled and she levelled with a friend’s feral tank to 69, when he went on hiatus. Levelled to 70 alone as shadow. Gearing up to try Disc healing.


Level 85 NE Death Knight

525 Alchemy/ 525 Inscription

Unholy DPS MS/ Frost DPS OS. Fail tank. First main alt

Caught up in the general excitement of WOTLK’s launch, I rolled my first foree into melee. Enjoying playing him and levelling as massively OP class. Tanked a bit at 80 but due to the massive amount of changes to the DK class, shelved him and mostly used for mining/glyphs/dancing in pants in Dalaran. Recently sex changed to a female with pink hair. Back to playing more as my main alt in hc/crafted/HOT hc gear


Level 85 Draenei Shaman

525 Skinning/ 490 Leatherworking

Elemental MS/ Resto OS. No 1 Multiboxer.

Rolled slightly before the warlock and multiboxed from 14-60. Got lots of confused looks from my shaman/lock combo but it worked quite well.  Underplayed due to time constraints. Has crazy luck with mount drops.


Level 85 Worgen Warlock

525 Engineering/ 475 Tailoring

Affliction MS/ Demonology OS. No 2 Multiboxer.

Decided I really wanted the unicorn mount so bought a second account. Stopped at 60 for a long time and the last to hit 80 before cata. First char to level mostly using the LFD tool.  Something like 5 days played overall. Race changed from gnome to worgen.


Level 85 Draenei Paladin

525 Mining/525 Blacksmithing

Protection MS/ Retri OS. Tankadin Tank

My baby pala. I’d managed to get over my fear of melee after the DK, kitty and shaman and had quite enjoyed the shaman mechanics of spells and hitting stuff.  Named after the Clive Barker “Tortured Souls” character.


Level 85 Nelf Rogue

525 Mining/525 Engineering

Combat MS/ Sub OS.

Rolled this one last year when I was bored pre cata. Despite my trepidation over non spell casting melee, it wasn’t too bad. My most recent character to 85.


Level 83 Worgen Druid

425 Alchemy/425 Jewelcrafting

Feral MS/Resto OS (Planned)

My new druid for Cataclysm, a worgen female who will be my second JC and third alchemist. Can’t resist the resto so I’m levelling by dungeons.


Level 67 Nelf Priest


Disc MS/Shadow (OS)

I wanted to practice my Disc healing so I rolled a new char from scratch on my 2nd account. She is adorable, but I am always bouncing between the mid levels alts so she is languishing a bit.


Level 84 Nelf Warrior (!)


I surprised myself when I actually enjoyed playing a warrior. She started as kind of a joke, as I’d recently got into MLP:FIM and I wanted to make a char with a pony name. Buuut I kept on going with her and Celin joined me on a dk so we blasted through from 58-84 in no time. Got the curse of the 84s at the moment.


Level 52 Draenei Hunter


A new alliance hunter to do some relaxing levelling on

Other Chars;

Level 6 human priest. Pimped out alt in charge of my bank guild.

Baby alts under 20! : Camillenoire (dwarf lock)


Level 51 Belf Hunter, 172 Mining/335 Skinning, BM MS (No OS – too poor)

The faction changed one. Was a NE hunter and my second ever char but I hadn’t played her in over a year. Decided I wanted to experience the horde side of my server before the next expansion. 3 pets; LtShinySides (cat), Harlow (wolf) and Tristran (bear) New pet for PvP; Mrkisses the hyena.


Level 22 Belf Priest, 91 Enchanting/112 Tailoring, Shadow MS/No OS (too low level)

My obsession with belfs caused me to roll this priest to play with Celin’s lock on the horde side of the server. Did a fair amount of dungeons and quests but on the back burner until Cataclysm.

Zerophina ( 58 Belf DK on Terrokar EU)

Level 22 BE Hunter. Started before the faction changed hunter, used as a bank alt horde side. Deleted to make room for new chars

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