Weekend Catch Up

Raids – Mage

Not enough guildies online Sunday for progression in ICC, so we attempted TOGC 25. Didn’t go amazing well, first bosses almost done, although I died in the fires 5-10 times, including ressed and dying again. I’m normally good at moving out of things but I think as I have the lowest HP out of the entire raid I die faster. I had awful IBS too so I wasn’t very focused.

My DPS still sucks, rating slightly above the MTs. I’m really hoping it’s my gear and not just that I’m useless. Average about 5.5-6k depending on deaths and random factors (damn you AM proc). Still rocking the fail cloak and pvp trinket, as we never go back to the older content where cloaks are obtainable or there’s a fight over the other caster trinkets.

There’s only 2 other raiding mages but I’m so far behind them on performance it’s sad. However, they are gnomes and everyone hates gnomes.

No raids last night either (14/25 signs does not a raid make) so it was alt hopping for badges and lewts.

Tonight is reset raid time so hopefully some weekly/VOA/ICC action!


Busy Busy

A slightly mad few days with family crisis and general RL things reducing my blog time, as such I will split my wowing into a few posts ^^

Finally got my sparkle pony on Monday, after many calls to Blizzard and my bank. Blizz were pretty helpful and only 2 hours spent on phone (most on hold, not sure I ever want to hear the stormwind music ever again)

Enthused to my guild about said pony and prompty put in the naughty corner 😦

It does look great, especially on new super pimped pc, the trailing stars is a nice effect. I do still feel some guilt though, like I should be ashamed for spending my hard earned money on things I want and I enjoy.  I’m fully prepared to reduced any one who whispers me about it to a snivelling pile.

Sparkle Pony Inc!

Tonight was a “meh” raid, with the usual dirty kill on fester (5 guildies standing is a good result), clean rot kill and about 10 attempts at dreamwalker, getting her to around 75%. New shoes though.

Also, thanks healer team for repeatedly calling me out when I mistakenly stood in the frost bomb aoe on trash. Once. You make me feel special ^^

Currently sat in the queue for my sparkle pony and XT, #65908.

15 mins later: #51643!

Edit: Spent 1 hour 30 in the queue total to be met with the payment failure boss. Tried at 3am, 6am and few times today. Seems like my card has been blocked on the account but not able to get in queue to unlock via Blizz’s telephone service. Will wait until after the weekend, as they aren’t going anywhere.

Lonely On The Other Side

Today I factioned changed my poor NE to BE. Rather than let her rot, I wanted to see the horde side of my server and do some quests that may vanish forever after Cataclysm. I loaded her up with gold, bags and gems and paid my £20.

Aggramar has something like a 4:1 ratio for allys to horde, but I was still surprised at how quiet all of the cities were. The auction house had only 300 pages of auctions compared to the 15,000 I’m used to (no playing my selling games there it seems) Since I constantly get lost in most cities except Silvermoon, I needed a Dalaran portal. Moved to UC since I was pretty much the only person in SM anyway. Took 10 mins of /2 before I found a random mage who was happy to oblige me for 5g.

Having not seen the Sunreaver’s part of Dalaran, I was quite excited. I think the Silver Covenant have the nicer area, with no strange paths that lead nowhere.

It’s very strange to have an empty friends list (1 person on ignore list already for strange sweary /w) so I hope I don’t get too bored of having no one to tallk to.

Ysolde will remain unguilded for now, unless I meet some nice people on my travels.

A Beginning

I’m Naora, an altaholic and casual WoW player. I’ve read so many excellent WoW blogs lately that I’ve been inspired to start my own.

A recent change in my life means I have little free time to seriously play but I aim to post several times a week on what’s been happening for my characters, realm and occasionally real life.