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2 Million Gold – Goal Achieved

Ok, so I got this last year in fact but it’s been almost exactly a year since I started serious goldmaking!

To recap, last year I wrote about hitting 1 million and my journey to that milestone, from there I carried on, hitting 2 million on the 22 October. Today I sit at almost 2.4 million liquid gold having made some gold heavy purchases in the last 6 months.

First, a few details about my sales at the time (already written on The Consortium forums)

Main Sales:

  • Gems (Cata, wrath rare and epic)
  • Enchants (Cata, wrath and BOAs)
  • Pets (Vendor, cross faction, crafted)
  • Rare recipes (high end – 2k plus value)

Other Sales:

  • BOE flipping (still love doing this the most)
  • Bags
  • Choppers
  • Food mats and buff food

Dropped out of some of the more annoying markets with low turnover i.e cookies, keys (when they went BS only), engineering pets (gone down to 200g some days)

Contributing Factors:

  • Abscence of some major competitors (quit or took a break)
  • Hit slow spot around the 600k mark again as I bought some BOEs for alts and nice pets for main.
  • Moved house so was on limited net access for 10 days
  • Began to stockpile for 4.3
  • 3 transmute specced alchemists for easy managment of gem transmuting
  • Still only working the alliance side, some cross faction trading

My Big Purchases

X-51 Nether-rocket X-TREME (310k)

Reins Of The Crimson Deathcharger (220k)

2 complete Vial of the Sands, plus the sand components for 2 more (around 90k – although they were made rather than bought)

“Expensive” gifts for some of my good wow friends (including above mount parts, 10k pets, donations of choppers to the guild)

I’m also giving away 16k per month in a guild raffle (no entry fee and within the guild so it doesn’t count as gambling by Blizz rules)

Thoughts since hitting 2 million

My actual sold value is over 4 million! Which means I’ve spent almost 2 million, apart from my above purchases, on things such as training costs, mounts, flying (12 alts, 10 with epic flying = 60k ish), random stuff I like (pets for alts), stockpiling mats, vanity items and repair costs!

Wealth on one of my AH characters

Things are definately slowing down. Bot ban waves, people leaving for other games, lack of raid content after Dragon Soul; all these factors are impacting on sales. I will not say it’s all negative as even more of my competitors have left but this leaves the customer base growing smaller as people hit gear caps and stop upgrading.

Every so often I get a new competitor but they burn out really fast. They spam the trade channels buying lots of ore and advertising gems but it doesn’t last (yay!)

I like that I can afford to take a break every now and then when life is too hectic or I really want to do something else (archeology, my cruel mistress!)

Soon I will have to start preparing for MOP. Once the big announcements start happening it’s probably time to get rid of my overstocks whilst retaining enough for levelling proffessions (and keeping an eye out for people doing the same and get some bargains!)

My next goal is 3 million, although it’s going to take longer with no content patches between now and MOP.


1 Million Gold – Goal Achieved!

It’s been almost 5 months since I started my quest to reach a million gold. I probably should have written more about my progress but things got in the way and the gold making progress is another time sink in my busy life!

I started with 90k back in March, of which 40k was from levelling alts through Cata zones. I was already buying cheap blues for resale so I had a small amount of income, perhaps 1-2k on a good week. The majority of my proffs were levelled to max (excluding BS) and the guild was already level 25 so I had the benefit of the perks.

I utilized my knowledge from WOTLK about gems – red, orange and purple are popular gems, major stats are generally more popular than secondary and mixed stats. I already had all the main red cuts (int, str, agi) and a few mixed and metas for Naora’s gear.

I stumbled upon The Consortium forums, a place where goldmakers can share ideas and achievements (I think I got there from MMO thread) and from there everything really took off.

After hitting 100k I started investing more heavily in ores (both obsidium and elementium) whilst continuing to expand my jc through new patterns. I also began to stockpile mats for 4.2 (pyrite, volatiles, truegold) I carried on stockpiling to the point where I had over 16,000 ore waiting to be processed.

I started doing the “shuffle” (as detailed on the Consortium) which involves taking ore, prospecting it, cutting the rare gems, crafting the rings with the uncommons and disenchanting them for the materials. This provided what I needed to start moving into the enchanting market.

I have never touched the glyph, flask, volatile or crafted epic markets. Competition is even fiercer than the gem and enchant market here.

Jewelcrafting, enchanting, engineering pets, vendor recipes and pets, belt buckles, pvp relics and BOE “flipping”  plus using the addon Tradeskill Master, pushed me onwards to a million and my progress was thus:

100k – 30/03
200k – 17/04
300k – 04/05
400k – 13/05
500k – 25/05
600k – 13/06
700k – 26/06
800k – 30/06
900k – 04/07

1 million – 07/07

4.2 hit and I was making close to 50k per day in sales (this was the 28th June so just after I hit 700k and it took me 11 days from patch day to get the last 300k) I did not enter the pvp gear market (apart from some rings and relics to test) or the leg armor markets. This would have netted me more but I refused to spend all day in the AH.

It was great to hit that massive milestone in less time than I expected.

Top sales of items in gold with the average item sale price on the right

Total sales by volume, again with the average sale price per item on the right

So what now?

I have continued playing the AH, albeit on a slightly more relaxed scale. Sometimes I miss a posting session and don’t worry about it. I spoiled Celin with new weapons for his hunter and a chopper for his birthday. I donated 365 weapons and materials to my guild. I pimped my priest and DK with BOEs.

Today I sit at almost 1.4 million gold so 2 million is closing fast!

Auction House Games; Gold By Questing In Cataclysm, Part 1

With over a month until Cata hits, I’ve been thinking about how much gold I will need for all my chars. The alchemy mount in particular looks to be similar to Wrath’s motorcycles (apart from being BOP) and the vendor mats alone are estimated to be about 24,000g. This sounds a lot but the amount of gold you get from quests and the vendor price of  quest rewards has increased.

Here’s my estimation* on the amount of gold per zone you can get on one character;

*Disclaimer: I used Wowhead’s database for each zone, which is definitely incomplete at this stage. All quest rewards could change before Cata goes live. Also my maths might be wrong.

Mount Hyjal (Level 78-82)

  • 156 quests listed currently (assumption made that all are accessible by Alliance and Horde)
  • Gold from all quests 900g 8s
  • 40 quests reward vendorable items (including one combat pet, not included below but can be vendored for 12s 50c if you so desire)
  • Gold from selling all 40 quest items (going on highest vendor price) 460g 5s 94c

Base gold earned 1,360g 13s 94c

Vashj’ir – Kelp’thar Forest subzone (Level 78-82)

  • Approximately 35 quests in this subzone (assumption made that Horde and Alliance have the same payouts and roughly equal number of quests)
  • Gold from all quests 282g 41s
  • 13 quests reward vendorable items (one of which is Mack’s Grog and the other the Abyssal Seahorse mount, not included below)
  • Gold from selling all 11 quest items (going on highest vendor price) 94g 2s 85c

Base gold earned 376g 43s 85c

Vashj’ir – Shimmering Expanse subzone (Level 78-82)

  • Approximately 78 quests in this subzone (assumption made that Horde and Alliance have the same payouts and roughly equal number of quests)
  • Gold from all quests 466g 10s
  • 20 quests reward vendorable items
  • Gold from selling all 20 quest items (going on highest vendor price) 244g 30s 19c

Base gold earned 710g 40s 19c

Vashj’ir – Abyssal Depths subzone (Level 80-83)

  • Only 46 quests on Wowhead currently which is obviously not the entire zone.
  • Gold from all quests 341g 52s
  • 14 quests reward vendorable items
  • Gold from selling all 14 quest items (going on highest vendor price) 184g 63s 21c
  • Base gold earned 526g 15s 21c

Total from questing in Vashj’r: 1,612g 99s 25c (and that’s not all the quests…)

Vendorable junk from both zones:

  • Weapons & Armor – from 50s up to about 4g per item
  • Mob junk items- 20s to 50s per item
  • Unwanted food & drink – 4s to 6s per item


  • Herbs – Cinderbloom (Hyjal), Stormvine, Azshara’s Veil
  • Mining – Obsidium Ore (Cobalt equivalent)
  • Skinning – Savage Leather Scraps, Savage Leather, Blackened Dragonscale, Deepsea Scale (Vashj’ir), Pristine Hide, “Strange Bloated Stomach” (contains volatile motes)


So for one character levelling through the entirety of Hyjal and the majority of Vashj’ir, there’s a potential earning of up to 2,973g 13s 19c. If your character is an enchanter and you choose to disenchant the quest rewards for mats, you’re still looking at 1,990g 83s. This doesn’t include the fact that you are likely to want to use some of the quest rewards as gear upgrades. Once you have completed one zone or the other, you will probably have a new set of gear and any you would keep would be side grades with a slightly more favourable balance of a stat or blue items that are a big improvement. It also depends if you vendor your old gear (if it’s Wrath blues/greens/epics you don’t like)

On my numbers above, I would in theory, make up to 19,829g 61s if I were to level all 7 80s to 85 completing the zones fully (allowing for one enchanter, and not including gear upgrades) Of course you have costs such as repairs, travel (if using flight paths), training costs and profession skilling costs. I would still expect to make a reasonable amount of profit on each character, which could be put towards the 310% flying skill, new mounts, vanity items etc.

In part 2, I will take a look at Uldum, Deepholm and Twilight Highlands.

My Auction House Methods!

A few posts ago I explained my current situation and how farming and daily quests really aren’t an option for increasing my gold income. However, like everything in this world or the real one, stuff costs money. I have a plethora of alts to train and level professions on not to mention flying/epic flying/cold weather flying etc. To this end I began investing a little time on the alliance AH. I started with about 9k 5 months ago and my goal was 50k, which I passed a while ago.

My main source of income is BOE armour and weapons of all levels, from level 5 uncommon swords to the craftable 80 epics and I’m currently averaging 1-2k profit per weekend on my server (which is very high population). It’s not the fastest way of making gold, but it can also be a nice sideline to your farming/questing/dailies.

A lot of people bemoan playing the auction house, saying it’s too cut throat and there’s little profit. This really only applies if you are targeting the obvious markets of gems/enchants/glyphs/flasks. Of course, there is money to be made there, but to succeed in a big way you need to constantly undercut and relist which is very time consuming (even with addons)

My advice from here on is based on common sense and I hope I don’t come across too patronising when some of these tips are obvious ^^

Some general tips before beginning:

  • The weekend (friday night to sunday night) is your best time to sell. People are levelling alts due to burnout/boredom and you also have less raids (generally) over this time. Plus bored people waiting for dungeons/raids etc hang around and shop for alts ^^
  • I have only tried this method on my very high population server and I have a pretty large turnover of items. I’m sure the same principles will apply to high and medium population, but it probably won’t work on the lower population servers as there simply isn’t the volume of items to buy.

1. What you will need

  • Auctioneer/Auctionator – any addon that lets you see the % of items list price against it’s value
  • A starting amount of gold (don’t need a lot, even 100g is enough to start)
  • A bank alt or character through which you can sell items
  • Some bag space and if possible bank space or your own guild bank

2. First Steps

  • A few days auction house data using your preferred addon is handy, although you can operate without it
  • Perform an up to date scan on your auction house of choice (I like IF myself)

3. What to buy

  • Filter your search page to armour/weapons>rare/epic/uncommon, then sort by buyout with cheapest first
  • If using auctioneer, look for the blue percentages (below 50%), these are your potential items for resale
  • I find that chests and shoulders sell less well than other items due to heirlooms, but they can still sell ok if the stats are good.
  • You will want to look at the armour type, whether it’s mail/cloth/plate etc and if the stats are relevant to the previous (cloth + agi/stre/defense = bad, for example) The same applies to weapons.
  • A lot of vanilla items have fairly terrible itemisation but they can be worth buying if they have a surplus of one stat (say stam) over another useless stat (say int for warriors) This is especially true on rare items, as people love love love blues.
  • Anything in the twink ranges (19,29,39,49,59) can be a great seller. I love twinks, they make me a decent amount of money 🙂
  • If you’re on a RP server (and even on non RP ones), some things that could be vendored (such as low level white quality items and flavour texted grey ones) can often sell for decent amounts.

Things I find that sell well – Trinkets (except Darkmoon), shields, items with a fun proc, Northrend items dropped from rare mobs, early Northrend blues (68-74), offhands, +spellpower greens

Use these filters and look for this type of item!

4. What not to buy

  • Anything pre TBC with the suffix Of The Whale. It sucks. Buy and disenchant if it’s super cheap but the resale is hard. Post TBC and Wrath, buy the cheap ones and disenchant for mats (my personal level is max 5g per item)
  • I don’t spend more than 200g per single item unless it’s an absolute bargain and I’m positive it will sell again. This only really applies to epics and the market for such things is decreasing as we hit the current limit of gear.
  • Avoid unrealistic sales. Again, the TBC and Wrath greens are great for disenchanting, but normally their prices are so high as to be difficult to sell on (they average anywhere from 10-50g on my server)
  • Watch for multiples. People farming Stratholme, for example, with ensure a surplus of dungeon tier sets. They are great to buy for your alts at 5g but harder to sell on when the market is flooded.
  • Avoid expansion crossover items. Vanilla items 58-60 don’t tend to sell well, same for TBC 68-70. On rare occasions you can sell an amazing item in those brackets but it depends if you have nostalgic players or vanilla guilds. Again, if they are cheap they can be disenchanted for mats.

Things that I find sell badly* -Most uncommon weapons (due to the amount of times weapons are upgraded), anything that can be replaced by an heirloom (chest/shoulders/weapon), old dungeon sets, items from crafting professions (as people tend to make in bulk and just want to get rid, so they are often very cheap)

*By badly, I mean they take longer to sell, thus costing more in relisting and time spent, rather than they don’t sell at all

5. Selling your items

  • If you have done a recent scan, you can just relist your uncommon items on mass without checking the market again.
  • For rare and epic items, I would double check that there’s none listed on the market below your intended price. It doesn’t hurt to wait a few days until there’s less competition.
  • I sell at the market price and rarely mark up by huge amounts, but that’s just me ^^ I get annoyed when there are sellers trying to sell things for crazy inflated prices.

6. The fun part

  • If I’ve got plenty of time, I’ll check my auctions a few times a day and look for new ones. I also like the pleasure of finding gold in my mail 🙂
  • Inevitably, not everything will sell straight away. It can take a while for  particular item to sell (I’m looking at you, Kang The Decapitator) but normally there is a buyer out there. That’s the element of risk you take with this way of making gold.

Happy Selling!

We like this ❤