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Auction House Games; Gold By Questing In Cataclysm, Part 1

With over a month until Cata hits, I’ve been thinking about how much gold I will need for all my chars. The alchemy mount in particular looks to be similar to Wrath’s motorcycles (apart from being BOP) and the vendor mats alone are estimated to be about 24,000g. This sounds a lot but the amount of gold you get from quests and the vendor price of  quest rewards has increased.

Here’s my estimation* on the amount of gold per zone you can get on one character;

*Disclaimer: I used Wowhead’s database for each zone, which is definitely incomplete at this stage. All quest rewards could change before Cata goes live. Also my maths might be wrong.

Mount Hyjal (Level 78-82)

  • 156 quests listed currently (assumption made that all are accessible by Alliance and Horde)
  • Gold from all quests 900g 8s
  • 40 quests reward vendorable items (including one combat pet, not included below but can be vendored for 12s 50c if you so desire)
  • Gold from selling all 40 quest items (going on highest vendor price) 460g 5s 94c

Base gold earned 1,360g 13s 94c

Vashj’ir – Kelp’thar Forest subzone (Level 78-82)

  • Approximately 35 quests in this subzone (assumption made that Horde and Alliance have the same payouts and roughly equal number of quests)
  • Gold from all quests 282g 41s
  • 13 quests reward vendorable items (one of which is Mack’s Grog and the other the Abyssal Seahorse mount, not included below)
  • Gold from selling all 11 quest items (going on highest vendor price) 94g 2s 85c

Base gold earned 376g 43s 85c

Vashj’ir – Shimmering Expanse subzone (Level 78-82)

  • Approximately 78 quests in this subzone (assumption made that Horde and Alliance have the same payouts and roughly equal number of quests)
  • Gold from all quests 466g 10s
  • 20 quests reward vendorable items
  • Gold from selling all 20 quest items (going on highest vendor price) 244g 30s 19c

Base gold earned 710g 40s 19c

Vashj’ir – Abyssal Depths subzone (Level 80-83)

  • Only 46 quests on Wowhead currently which is obviously not the entire zone.
  • Gold from all quests 341g 52s
  • 14 quests reward vendorable items
  • Gold from selling all 14 quest items (going on highest vendor price) 184g 63s 21c
  • Base gold earned 526g 15s 21c

Total from questing in Vashj’r: 1,612g 99s 25c (and that’s not all the quests…)

Vendorable junk from both zones:

  • Weapons & Armor – from 50s up to about 4g per item
  • Mob junk items- 20s to 50s per item
  • Unwanted food & drink – 4s to 6s per item


  • Herbs – Cinderbloom (Hyjal), Stormvine, Azshara’s Veil
  • Mining – Obsidium Ore (Cobalt equivalent)
  • Skinning – Savage Leather Scraps, Savage Leather, Blackened Dragonscale, Deepsea Scale (Vashj’ir), Pristine Hide, “Strange Bloated Stomach” (contains volatile motes)


So for one character levelling through the entirety of Hyjal and the majority of Vashj’ir, there’s a potential earning of up to 2,973g 13s 19c. If your character is an enchanter and you choose to disenchant the quest rewards for mats, you’re still looking at 1,990g 83s. This doesn’t include the fact that you are likely to want to use some of the quest rewards as gear upgrades. Once you have completed one zone or the other, you will probably have a new set of gear and any you would keep would be side grades with a slightly more favourable balance of a stat or blue items that are a big improvement. It also depends if you vendor your old gear (if it’s Wrath blues/greens/epics you don’t like)

On my numbers above, I would in theory, make up to 19,829g 61s if I were to level all 7 80s to 85 completing the zones fully (allowing for one enchanter, and not including gear upgrades) Of course you have costs such as repairs, travel (if using flight paths), training costs and profession skilling costs. I would still expect to make a reasonable amount of profit on each character, which could be put towards the 310% flying skill, new mounts, vanity items etc.

In part 2, I will take a look at Uldum, Deepholm and Twilight Highlands.


Night Elf Mage Videos

Well I did these a while ago, before we moved and had a dodgy net connection. Blizzard gave us the chance to test the same faction customisation, which is something that makes me very excited. I have always regretted making my mage a human so I was pleased that Night Elves can be mages too!

I did some dummy testing with arcane and what looks to be the mage’s spec of choice for Cata, fire.

A Druid’s Adventures In Cataclysm: Beta, Part 2

It’s been far too long since I blogged about beta stuff, but I won’t go into it in this post. You can read about it here in my Alty Things post from earlier!

Since I’m making Naora my main in Cata, I was particularly interested in 1) druid changes and 2) Mount Hyjal. I actually got to try out both as I took Naora through the Hyjal zone and almost finished every quest.

So what does it feel like as a druid in Cataclysm? We have the shiny new toys for feral and balance as well as a couple of new spells for resto, but as to be expected we feel incomplete. I started as a balance spec at the beginning of the zone, at 80 with my resto gear. I’d never played balance before and although the Starsurge seemed cool, I couldn’t get my head around the eclipse mechanic and in the fairness of testing, I went back to feral.

I levelled as feral to 80 so I was quite familiar with the strengths, weaknesses and rotation. With no guide at the time, I just threw in points in things I knew to be cat related and the rest was just useful stuff (and how could I resist Nomnomnom?)

Hyjal questing currently follows a set path; you move from area to area, helping the ancients or their representatives drive back the forces destroying the area. Phasing is in heavy use in the later parts of the zone and it’s great to see the difference you make as you progress. There’s some comments that this set way of doing things is restrictive, and I do feel this is true. You are limited to those quests and there’s no other quest hubs in the zone you can go to to start other chains. It also provides the problem of bottlenecking, with everyone fighting for the same mobs and also if a quest is bugged, there’s no way around it.

If you can get immersed in the lore and quests, it’s not noticeable that you are following this path. The quests flow well and they all feel as if they have a purpose rather than doing quests for npcs you’ll never hear from again.

To get to Hyjal in beta, you can either grab a port from a npc in Stormwind or Ogrimmar. For druids, we can port to Moonglade. There’s a quest in Moonglade that leads you to Hyjal. I can’t stress enough, you should take this quest. Awesome things happen!

Guess who's back?

The questing was simple in Nordrassil, your starting area and home hub for Hyjal. Kill x amount of y, but also some nice stuff with fairy dragons, whose speech is even cuter (worse?) than the Oracles.


Then there’s some quests with old friends which adds to the feeling that things have definitely moved on. You also experience your first portalled area. These are gates on the mini map that lead you to instanced questing areas, which means Hyjal is much bigger than it appears on the map. It’s also the start of the mini boss chains; you do x amount of quests, culminating in killing a weakend elite boss type mob, which is repeated frequently in the new zones.

Old Malfurion Model

You then go on to the first of the ancients, Goldrinn. He’s not around per se, but you do get to interact with him and his disciples. The quests are standard, kill mobs, get some items, free some slaves. The storyline is running through these quests but I was put off by the insane spawn rates of the worgen and the ogres. I hope Blizzard adjusts these as it’s simply overkill.

Despite the linear progression I mentioned earlier, you can now choose between going to the shrine of Aviana or the grove of Aessina. It doesn’t matter which you pick, as you will be doing the other before you progress further.

Aviana was killed in the war of the ancients, so it’s somewhat surprising to see her essence hanging about, asking for help to be reborn. Her chain consists of killing harpies, killing Aviana’s gone crazy consort and killing twilight dragons.

Looks familiar?

The ones sending you to do the majority of the killing are the druids of the talon, whose attitude is vastly different to those druids we’ve encountered before. It’s a lot of killing, culminating in fighting an elite dragon. These types of quest can be done solo thankfully. This quest chain has unfortunately got the quest which I found the most frustrating and unenjoyable of the whole beta. It sounds simple; use a flying mount to ‘joust’ mobs and eggs. However, my problem was with the mount you are given. As someone who steers with the mouse, I found it almost impossible to control the gryphon. It becomes a vehicle and you get a ‘flap’ button which you must press to stay airborne. Combining this with trying to stay at the right level, aiming at mobs and a platform so stupidly high to return to makes a frustrating quest. I also managed to fly directly through a wall and die, only to find my corpse in felwood. I ‘m hoping for changes to this quest but most people seem happy with it.

Aessina only puts in an appearance once you’ve done her chain so it’s dealing with the druids and dryads again. These quests are vastly different from the Aviana ones, concerning with preserving the wildlife in the area.

Oh Deer!

Saving the bears

So you save deer, bunnies and bears and do some killing for good measure, taking out twilight cultists and elementals who threaten the grove. You get an elemental mini boss this time. The grove itself is beautifully done, with the lighting of the early night elf areas and carpeted with flowers. It’s a sharp contrast to the burning lands around you. The zone does change once you complete it and with the animals apparently safe.

There’s some breadcrumb type quests which lead you to the Sanctuary of Malorne. Malorne doesn’t put in an appearance so far, so we can assume he’s staying dead for now. You do the normal killing and gathering seeds quests then it’s off again.


I apologise, but things get a little hazy here. It’s been a while since I did these quests but I’ll try and remember them as best I can. The order may not quite be correct.

You meet Tortolla, a giant chained up tortoise. Once you free him and rescue his children, it’s off for more vengeance through once of the portals.  This was also the point at which I hit 81 so that gives you some idea of how many quests it takes to level currently.

Tortolla (placeholder model)

Ding 81!

There’s an evil version of Tortolla wandering around called Nemesis and he’s your quest chain mini boss this time. It’s a bit more than tank and spank as you need to use your child of Tortolla to negate some of the damage from Nemesis.

This is where the quests change tone slightly. You meet a contingent of night elves and others from the guardians of Hyjal and you see just how much destruction has been done. You drive the twilight forces back through killing and arrow gathering.

The last part of the zone focuses on the twilight cult. You infiltrate the cult by killing one of the initiates and taking their place. The quests are all about proving yourself and moving through the ranks until you can bring them down from the inside. The quests felt like a welcome change from the rest of zone, where you’ve been stopping the damage. This time you’re going right to the root cause of the problem.

Twilight camp

Feeding the pups quest

At this point I got stuck and couldn’t finish the zone 😦 It was also back when the last quest in the zone was not able to be completed so I figured I would go over to Vashj’ir and come back later, however Blizzard have made some changes to the quest flow so any quests you might have done there have been reset. I don’t have the heart to go through the zone again for the third time!

Summaries time!

Levelling as a feral druid, 80-81

This was before the creature damage boosts of a few weeks ago, so it didn’t seem like we were majorly underpowered. Damage did seem lower than what I’m used to but mobs died quickly enough. Survivability was good, although due to my increasing hp (20k at the beginning and closer to 35k at the end of the zone) I had to take a few breaks to eat as healing spells weren’t enough between mobs. I don’t think I died, apart from that time I went through the wall ‘jousting’. I didn’t encounter any quests that were especially hard as melee (unlike in Deepholm, but that’s for another post) I still used my cooldowns when I could, although not to excess.

Bear stats in a mix of quest and wrath gear

Gear Upgrades

I went to Hyjal in a mix of blues, heroic pieces, t9 and triumph badge gear for feral spec.  The lower level stuff went straight away but I came out of the zone with the same idol, although this may be down to the quest rewards offered.  Most people appear to be keeping their ICC 25 man and heroic gear up to 83. Some blues are side grades to these items but lack the bonuses so this may be another reason they are being kept. I wanted to test the quest gear, mostly to see how it would work for the army of alts and I was happy overall with the items I got. The simplification of stats makes it that bit quicker to decide what is best for you.

With regards resto gear, I was in a mix of t10, t9, ICC10 and heroic gear at the time. I took pieces early on when I was testing balance although you could probably get by in the gear I had.  I continued to take gear in order to test it later on (not yet done)

Mount Hyjal Lore

I enjoyed the lore a great deal. It was pretty awesome to see all the ancients rallying against the destruction. Malfurion still looks a little crazy and Ysera perhaps needs more work too so she’s not a total Alexstraza clone but I’m glad to see them in game. I liked the inclusion of some of the MC bosses, considering I never saw them at the right level.

Aessina appears

Mount Hyjal Quests

As I explained above, it’s pretty linear and with that, a bit restrictive. You still have your killing and gathering  in the quest chain structure which commonly ends with a mini boss and a blue quest reward. My only problems were the horrible mechanics of the jousting and the mad respawn rates.

Naughty Fandral!

Other changes I noticed at the time


Despite alchemy not being implemented to new max level, I’ve still been herbing. Asharza’s Veil, a water based herb, and Stormvine are the most common. I’ve got loads of Volatile Life motes but no way of combining them as yet. Lifeblood hasn’t been changed as you can’t skill up herbalism either. The models for the new herbs don’t seem to be in yet either.


Glyphs are pretty much broken as far as I know. It’s nice to see them in the spellbook now though.

UI & Quest tracking

With no addons, you’re reliant on the standard UI. It’s not too bad although I miss my moving portraits and the ability to arrange stuff on screen. The inbuilt quest tracking is fine, although you have to go into the main map, which is a pain. Also if you get disconnected, you drop the quest tracking and have to set it up again.

General thoughts

I’m glad Blizzard removed the Return to Ysera quests you had to do after every quest chain. I didn’t mind myself but others were complaining about flying over most of the zone just for her to go “Ok thanks !”

My graphics were way down low but the zone still looked great. It lacks the variety of colours you see in Vashj’ir but that’s because it’s similar in style to the surrounding zones. It can feel desolate at times due to the lack of proper quest hubs but I’m hoping for more flavour stuff, like npcs, critters and neutral mobs.

Coming next time: A Druid’s Adventures In Cataclysm: Beta, Part 3 – Goblin (warlock), Kezhan, Lost Isles & Beyond