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Lich King 10 Man Kill Video

My guild’s 10 man kill (not first) which I was in on 31st October 2010. Best viewed in 480p at expanded (not full screen, which means going to the video location here)

Track listing (all by Celldweller, mixed by Celin for me)
Birthright beta 1.0
Wings of Icarus

Yes, someone did die and released before the end >>

I was frapsing in half screen which is a mistake so from now on going full screen and hoping for better quality!


Alty Things; The End Of The World!

I was pleased to see the start of the pre Cata events as it meant I could get excited about the new expansion and the prospect of finally clearing 6 full bank tabs of mats out on my banker. Managed to get the rifts done on Naora on the second day, but don’t have the heart to camp spawn points at 6am again on another 6 characters. Since I only levelled to 83 on the beta, IĀ  saw a small chunk of twilight cultist activity in Hyjal. The new quests made them seem more threatening and more real to Azeroth that just meeting them in the beta with no back story.

Not sure how they steer the horses

I’ve done the elemental invasion once so far on Naora, but I didn’t do any of the bosses as it’s 251 loot, and the only thing I can upgrade is wrist/cloak and neither of them drop.

Waiting for the first invasion in SW

I am slightly worried about the proffession levelling across the characters in Cata with the confirmation that the only place you can learn the new cap is in Twilight Highlands. I’ve made the decision to switch Naora from herbalism to engineering as I really want the benefits it can bring (Jeeves, post box etc) but to get her to max level I will need a ton of ore. The same ore I will need for gems and transmutes! I’ve currently got 2 miners at max level (paladin, dk) with rogue on the way to 80. My priority has to be levelling Naora so I’m thinking my levelling has to go like this:

Naora (herb/alch, when alch at max switch to engineering)

Mining char with epic flying (possibly 310% speed as well) Would prefer rogue for this but seems unlikely so will probably be paladin

Second mining char and also herbalism char

Enchanting/Jewelcrafting and third mining char

Everything else (third engineer, worgen)

Not having had so many max level chars last time means that this feels like a logisitical nightmare. I hate relegating my priest, whom I loved levelling, to the 4th alt to 85. I’m hoping I might find some love for the others whom I find it harder to play (DK, paladin, shaman) as I progress.

Other things worrying me about Cata:

The insane rush-to-85-now madness that effects some of my guild (sorry to say, but it’s normally the younger guys, competitive streak and all that) In WOTLK we had maybe 5-6 people who were 80 in a very short time and quickly outgeared the rest of us, and spent weeks complaining they were bored, refusing to take any new 80s thorugh heroics and generally being asshats. I think the changes to dungeon loot might mean some don’t vastly outgear the rest since we are all likely to be going into raiding in high end quest blues, dungeon gear, what little we can get through justice points and super expensive early 85 craftables.

Volatile Motes aka the most expensive things on the AH for weeks. Seems you need these bad boys for lots of levelling professions. I remember from the beta having a few stacks from just mob killing so I’m hoping to at least get by without farming, because the cat fighing over nodes will be bad enough (can’t imagine how awful this would be on a PvP server)

Questing: Yes, I have done the starting zones on the beta but the population was relatively low then. When WOTLK came out, I spent the first evening playing my DK. Probably time to roll my worgen and get her out of the starting zone. Also I really hated the jousting quest and it’s still in the game, albeit with a companion pet reward.

Healing: There’s the healing is bad team and the healing is not that bad team. General consesus seems to be that druids aren’t in the position they were in WOTLK, ie godly, but I suppose I have to remember how many changes have been made since the last expansion.

Enough doom and gloom (anyone would think I was one of those Doomsayers wandering around) and time for some random things I have been up to.

Rogue is now 52 and has experienced the many delights of the LFD tool. The most random argument I have seen so far is about the ghosts in ST that fear, and the insistence that the fear could be removed by <insert healing class> and tank disagreeing. Stuck now at my most hated level range, 50-58. I even did PvP at 50, despite being the wrong end of the bracket and actually won AB. I have never won AB on any of my other 7 characters. Trying to work my way through Felwood until 58 when I can go to Outlands again. I had hoped to get her to 80 before Cata but it does look unlikely.

Managed to down LK on 10 man and working on hc mode, with some success. Got some nice fraps of me running into a shadow trap and flying all the way across the platform ^^

My first LK Kill

Crusader title done on Naora, and am one seal short of my white hippogryph. Sad that they nerfed the gold from dailies on the very day I first do the crusader ones. /sigh

After a year, actually found a rare elite in Northrend for Northern Exposure. Then found another whilst randomly doing quests in Dragonblight.

Ended up with 4 sets of Horseman’s Reins on my shaman. That’s some weird RNG.

Deathy! Although still no proper animations.

Deathy + Letter

The RNG Has Finally Smiled Upon Me (And Other Alt Thingies)

It’s been a long 5 months since I came back to raiding. Scratch that, it’s been a long year (or so)of waiting.Ā  But it has finally happened;


If it was possible to set fire to your old gear in WoW, I would >>


More good things about the cloak:

  • Dropped on 10 man so no EPGP used
  • It’s pink (although doesn’t match Aya’s other items)
  • Yellow socket (over the hit cap again I expect)
  • It’s not an embarrassing 3 tiers below current content item!

I can now use my EPGP for something useful like a new offhand to replace the dripping cup or the wand I got the first few weeks Ulduar was released.

Achievement bonanza this week for Aya

Weekly Was XT

Prof Down On 25

Blood Queen Down On 25 (Not bitten lol)

Some raid randomness from the 10 man

Ask Me For Food Will You?

Don't Know How We Did This, But It Will Kill You

Still tanking my way through Northrend with Lucidique (just hit 75), with the same mix of crazy, stupid and weird players.

Over enthusiatic shaman blaming me for dying

I have yet to do a single AN without someone pulling all the big bugs before Hadranox. Yesterday, we killed him her without a healer as no one could res him due to never getting out of combat.

What is this I don't even

Have been questing, seeing what I can solo on her. Managed Ursoc, Arugal and Ragemane so far. Long fights though, about 10 minutes each. I’m hoping to maybe get another level on her this week.

Got Naora the t9 helm to replace the t9 legs as I had the nice ICC 10 man ones (I’m thinking I have gemmed them wrong but since the rest of my gear is sub par, I don’t know. Also didn’t really look at the socket bonus before hand :S). Sat at 49 frosties now, I did say I would get her the badge trinket but I’m contemplating the idea of t10. It would be great to get but would probably take forever, I can’t reliably do a hc every day and if the weekly isn’t something easy, can’t do that either.

My Realm Sucks?

Now I don’t mean progress, although we currently rank 161st in the EU (!)

Time For Change?

I do like my realm, I enjoy the fact that the ally side is busy and that my guild is generally great with some decent people, but with the introduction of the LFD tool where you can be thrown in with anyone from your battlegroup, I wonder how the players on my realm are perceived.

Within the realm and EU forums, it appears that many players don’t think much of Aggramar. Despite a high ally population, we don’t make progress quickly (2 guilds 10/12 on hc 25 ICC and one of those is horde) and we have maybe 3-4 hardcore raiding guilds with most not even clearing normal mode 25s. It’sĀ  famous for being slow, “Laggramar”, due to it being one of the original realms. There’s a lot of abandoned characters because of this and it’s at the top of the realm list which makes it first choice before people swap realms to be with friends etc (my first char was actually on Dragonblight before I moved to be with friends, I think she’s still there, sitting at level 5)

The LFD does seem to try and put you with people from your own realm before others in your battlegroup. Twice I have ended up with people from my guild in a random heroic. Several times I have ended up with a player I didn’t know from my realm. This is where it can get bad.

I once ran Occulus hc on Naora with a strange group. Tank and shaman were fine. Mage had stamina gems or no gems at all. Paladin was from my realm, but unguilded. Paladin managed to die a lot and get lost regularly, but I figured it’s Occulus so no problems really. He then started asking how you could link gearscore. Shaman explained it was an addon. He kept asking where it was in the achievement panel. He then went afk 5-10 minutes to talk to a friend about it. It was so awkward in the end that I felt I had to explain how I didn’t know him and how the rest of the realm wasn’t like that.

I’m not sure why I felt I had to defend my own realm. I guess I wouldn’t like it if I got a random and someone thought “Oh God, not another Aggramar noob

I think my battlegroup, Blackout, has a pretty bad rep too. There’s a lot of moaning about how it’s bad for PvPing. One of the realms has a high Polish population and I’ve encountered some who just talked amongst themselves, saying nothing in english (although this could be their limited knowledge of english)

Well it says medium currently, but often says high

In other news, it’s Wednesday, which means reset and yet another shot at the elusive cloak of elusiveness. I had a loooong discussion with my recently returned mage CL, in which he advocated the PvP cloak (no haste, no good, but he’s still a fire mage), I mentioned that RL might rip me a new one if I show up with the WG cloak, which also requires 25 marks. Frankly, if I had the time to either win 8 and bit or lose 25 WGs I probably could have pugged somewhere like TOTC 25 and got a cloak from there instead. Maybe this week is my week. I can’t work out the EPGP on guild site but apparently I am 2nd on casters, under a disco priest.

Our weekly is XT, which means I can finally get my pet out without anyone noticing! I’m thinking RL might have us try hard mode, as we never could do it when it was relevant content.

Lucidique still sits at 50% through her level. I am really bored with Grizzly and it’s “Kill these animals for their non existant body parts quests”

Weekend Catch Up; A List Of 5 Things

AKA I’m sick, tired and short on time today šŸ˜›

1 cancelled weekend raid. We went to kill Thunderan instead for a guildie’s quest. 19 people show up and stand on a hill watching a warrior kill him in about 20 seconds. Then to AQ20, where I have never been before! It still felt kind of empty for what was a 20 man raid at 60.

2 dungeons run with Celi (the bf) on Lucidique. He tanked OK and I healed. I found it tough as I’m so used to hots and topping up tanks with the slightest thing. Only a warlock died so it was fine. Then switched to me tanking and Celi ret and managed to do Nexus. At least he admitted I’m the better tank šŸ˜›

3 as in 73, which is where Lucidique is now. Her all brown outfit makes me sad though.

4 hours spent watching True Blood season 2. Enjoying it a lot and can’t wait for season 3.

5 minutes spent frantically sorting gametime, as it ran out when I was tanking Nexus.

I’ve managed to get a nasty cold which is more annoying as we are experiencing some nice weather at the moment. Rested a bit on Sunday but mini druid is teething and restless so not much downtime to sort any thing, let alone wow/blog.

Alty Things; I’m Still Angry, But It’s Ok

I was originally going to write another ranty post about the fail abilities of members of the WoW community I have recently encountered, but I can’t make every post a whine about that. Plus I really need to let things go and not get angry over those which are said and done.

Had some spare time Monday and Tuesday night and have now decided that since I have 2o 0dd frost badges on Naora, she at least deserves an upgrade from the blue trinket. Monday night, headed to FOS, POS and OK HC with guild group. Tank was coming back to tanking after a break so it was hard to heal, more so because he wasn’t noticing the little things (mobs eating my face, falling into holes and wiping us etc) POS actually easier than FOS, although I did spend the whole run shouting at the screen as the tank blithely pulled pack after pack. I think I just learned to spam heal him after that and hope for the best.

Yesterday I went LFD straight after logging and zoned in COS. An easy run normally. Forgot about the insta port so ran all the way to catch group. Said Hey but no response. Saw they were all from the same server so figured they were probably all mates on vent or something. Run was going ok, no major problems. Group was spamming weird phrases in party but I was talking to my friend in private channel so not too worried. Came to gauntlet and tank pulled maybe half the mobs at once, which was fine but after he got so far ahead they aggroed back onto me. Managed to heal through and headed to corrupter with 8 mins left. Tank pulled corrupter and started kiting backwards, figured maybe he was taking it back to Arthas for some random reason, but he then activated Arthas and headed towards Mal Ganis. Was confused as no one had even mentioned that this was what they were planning. Tank not overly healed and I was low too as corrupter shadow bolting and stuff.

This was not the best of ideas

Mal Ganis one shots me almost straight away with mind blast. They manage to kill both mobs barely. Tank then resses his mate and leaves me lying there. They queue for new dungeon and I decline, at which point tank asks me (IMO rudely) to leave.

Maybe it's just me, but this seems rude?

No thanks, no goodbyes, nothing. All 4 members of that group on my ignore list now. I don’t care if you think you’re the best players ever, you suck at communication and I hope you got a bad healer that wiped you and quit šŸ™‚

Ok, I ranted a bit, but they deserved it.

Once that was out of the way Wintergrasp was up so I hop to my priest. Manage to get in same raid group as GM and several guild members so we run south and merrily capture things and I bubble everyone, even though I’m shadow. We win and I get my shineys and honor.

Weekly was due to reset and it was FL so got a group and a healer trinket dropped. Crap rolls FTL :S

Always next time šŸ™‚

Bit the bullet and spent some of Aya’s frosties on a new belt. It seems comparable with the marrowgar one (although it matches Aya’s outfit better) and I’m not keen on wasting DKP on minor upgrades when I have more important things to upgrade. I’m such a noob though, that I never realised you could socket a belt when it already has a socket. Guess I thought you couldn’t socket that kind of thing. Did wonder why I got called out on my belt during a guild gear check, I was like I already have a socket on my belt šŸ˜›

Finally on to paladin for my first time tanking in Northrend. Got UK, which is easy. Decent group and healer only dies once due to charge on the duo boss. Slightly annoyed by mage using knockback, but let it go as I didn’t want any more things to rage about. Managed to die on Ingvar as I forgot about bubble/LOH etc. Healer apologised but I said it was my fault. Luckily we had earth elemental to tank him the last 8% and save the day!

Raid tonight and my mage class leader is definitely back which is awesome because I hope this will help curb some of this too many cooks syndrome we have going on in guild at the moment. He’s not afraid to tell people to shut up worrying about stupid stuff. For the record, I will be getting my combat pet out all night (potentially XT Willy)

Alty Things; In Which ST Is Done

Been swapping between the pally and hunter a lot the last few days, both are roughly the same level so it’s quite interesting to compare the experience on each side.

Lucidique has been through Hinterlands, ran to Felwood, realised could only get one quest and went back to Searing Gorge. Cleared SG very fast and then onto WPL for lots of undead slaying. Enjoying the ret spec and managing to aoe and live. Almost 51, 7 more levels then switching to tanking for Outlands.

Ysolde actually got to experience dungeons, but sadly was sunken temple. Managed to get a group fast, zoned in, 2 drop group, requeue. Repeat about 6-7 times through the instance, with only the tank and I remaining from the original group by the end. Managed to panic skin a few stacks of leather too \o/ Pet pulled entire ghost/prophet room too which was amusing and only a lock died.

Tuesday’s lack of raid meant I teamed up with my good friend Roc for heroics and a normal. Druid first, nice spider place (the one that’s not OK), DK tank but he was easy to heal despite a low HP. Few OH CRAP moments but no one died ^^

Shadow priest up next, totc hc with Roc’s dps shammy. Pretty smooth run, druid healer using some weird spell combos (no instant healing touch is bad :S ). Roc shammy died once from aggroes on p3 of black knight. New hat yay, although sad to lose neckbrace.

Final dungeon was normal totc with my baby lock and Roc’s pally tank. No one seemed to know what to do on the jousting, but no deaths on that part at least. Another lock in the group but with better gear. They never used a pet though which I found a bit strange. New pants yay, but argument with druid healer. He insisting he should have them as they “are healer pants” O_o

Unrelated: I am trying to sort pictures to jazz up my posts so they are more interesting and nicer to look at ^^