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Breathing New Life Into Old Alts (Also Some Tips On The Alt Grind)

I’ve been half starting new posts for the last month, then scrapping them due to the sheer volume of stuff that’s been going on. Cata, christmas, sick family, general RL crap; all of it has somehow blocked my blogging time. It’s been really hard to know what to write about again with so many options.

I went into Cataclysm with some vaguely formed plan for levelling the alt army; roughly sorted by profession (gatherers, then important crafters, then the non gatherers). Of course Naora has to come first and needed additional time devoted to gearing through dungeons/rep grinds.

It took just over a week for me to level her on a semi casual basis, and hit 85 through Archaeology. Yep, I picked up a fossil and was 85. Not very epic. Then I begun the journey of relearning to heal in the most unforgiving content I have been through since I was a fresh noob at 70 (but that’s another post entirely)

Least epic ding ever?

So alts. Still got 9 to do : /

My wonderful gathering before anything plan fell apart as the alt I had chosen to level (Lucidique – Paladin miner) became stuck in Hyjal with Celin’s hunter as he became sick and then bored with WoW. Since I had made the decision to take my melee through Hyjal and the casters through Vashj’ir I decided to start playing my mage again.

Going back a few weeks, I actually race changed her from a human to a night elf. Nothing unusual there; done a faction/sex change before. I really did feel a difference in playing her, it was like a totally different character. I actually had fun playing a mage for the first time since I can’t remember when, frostbolting things into oblivion and confusing the crap out of people when they realise you aren’t a priest (similar gear I guess)

Aya after race change. Tier looks pretty nice actually

The strangest thing is I haven’t seen another max level nelf mage on my entire server*.

I’m assuming they will exist, if for nothing else than the achievement Classy Night Elves which you need for the 8th guild bank tab voucher. I wonder if the idea of nelf mages makes people uncomfortable, after all it seems the Burning Legion wouldn’t have noticed Azeroth so soon if the Highborne hadn’t been mucking about with the arcane magics (I’m not on a RP server so maybe mine don’t care about such things) However, I think it’s more likely that people waited for Cata and went worgen instead.

I can’t say I’ve seen many of the new race/class combos at max level that came with the shattering; I met one dwarf mage on the day it happened but not seen another one since. Seen a single undead hunter in Deepholm last week. Human hunters seem more popular (we can blame South Park for this) Troll druids are everywhere. Troll locks, not so much. Lots of Dwarf shamans but that’s probably down to the choice of one race for them before (same for Tauren pallies) Tauren priests don’t seem to be common. Same for belf warriors.  Seen maybe 2 or 3 gnome priests.

I suppose it’s really down to the following:

  • Worgens/goblins way popular
  • Cost of what is mostly a cosmetic change. Most people would probably not spend real money on a race change unless it was a main character or they really, really hated the race.
  • People had space and made alts of the new combos, who are sitting at some low level

Would I race change some of my alts if I could spend the real money without guilt? Probably. I’m not really a gnome person so I’ve toyed with the idea of making her a worgen (but lose the engineering racial bonus) I kind of like my priest and shaman how they are. No alternatives for my paladin. I’m determined to keep at least one of my alts male so no changing my death knight to a lady 😦

So I am in possession of an 85, an 84 with 15% to go, an 82, 4 80s, a 75 and a level 16 worgen. This is still a lot of alts to go, and the same set of zones for all of them.

Don't have any levelling shots so here's my rogue with a parachute

Here’s a few tips for overcoming the boredom of alt levelling through the Cata zones:

  • Decide what your alt is for. Is it for gathering, crafting professions, a second raid toon, a pvp toon? You might be able to skip zones if you’re not interested in the rep rewards (eg Ramkahen) or go to zones you never bothered with before (Tol Barad) If you particularly care about having a good supply of Whiptail you might want to skip Uldum as it phases one of the best spots for that herb out after one of the quest chains. If you are an alchemist or engineer or any gatherer/gatherer prof combo you might be able to leave the Twilight Highlands alone for a bit, as there’s no recipes there (except for cogwheels and they are only for the epic helm)
  • Make a plan on how far you want to get that alt in your alloted time. It can be a percentage of level, to clear a part of a zone or to finish a quest chain (a good example are the separate pillar fragment chains in Deepholm)
  • Gathering proffs as well as archeology can give xp as well so if you are sick of quests you can get a small boost and get some mats/useless junk/epics at the same time.  This is especially easy if you are playing at unsociable hours (such as early morning and the late morning to lunch period as well as weekdays – it’s not so busy then)
  • Try and do the easy fishing and cooking dailies in SW/Org. You don’t need any skill to do them and some take about 2 minutes. For alliance do the pancakes, cookies, crystal bass, catfish and walleye. Avoid the apples, crabs, rock lobster and any that take you out of SW.
  • Do something else at the same time; listen to music, watch some tv. Most quests don’t require any thought the first time around, let alone the third or fourth.
  • It might seem stupid but I’ve been using  old flasks and food to give me a small boost (Guru’s elixir is cheap and provides a straight stat bonus, the wrath flasks are abundant) Also any cheap enchants and profession enchants can help.
  • If you’re lucky enough to be in a good sized guild, you’ve probably hit level 10 and have access to the heirloom cloaks. It’s the only thing that will work up to 85 and you can add enchants (even profession ones, although they don’t work if send it on and the alt doesn’t have the right profession)

Lastly, just 2 points to remember. Think of the gold! Questing alone can get you about 10k if you do all the zones and vendor the un-needed quest rewards. Also, you are helping your guild (if you have one), everything you do counts – from quests to gathering, from crafting to maxing out a class for each race.

*I saw one in Alterac Valley back when I was trying to get the gnome costume kill thing for Merrymaker


Night Elf Mage Videos

Well I did these a while ago, before we moved and had a dodgy net connection. Blizzard gave us the chance to test the same faction customisation, which is something that makes me very excited. I have always regretted making my mage a human so I was pleased that Night Elves can be mages too!

I did some dummy testing with arcane and what looks to be the mage’s spec of choice for Cata, fire.

Alty Things; WTF Another 80 And Karma Bites Me In The Ass

My 7th 80 is done and another thing to strike from the bucket list of pre Cata must dos. Lucidique dinged on the ship above Icecrown. I even did some quests I’d never done before, like the Fleshwerks chain and the one about Arthas’ heart. Now I’ve started on the long road to getting her geared for some heroics which involves a lot of FOS, TOTC etc. So far the mace has refused to drop.

It's still thrilling, the 7th time around

Lucidique has done a few dungeons as retri as some guildies were happy to take me along. I did an awful 200 dps (weapon skills O_o) rising to 1400 by the end.

Dungeon Achievements And A Triage!

Had a great week on Naora for raids and gear. My friend put together a 10 man Sunday afternoon, which consisted of half guild and half pug. It was without a doubt, the best pug ever. Despite some of us never having come further than the first 4 on these alts, we got 10/12 and had a quick shot at Sindy. Picked up a trinket (finally) and a cloth belt, with enough frosties to get the badge chest. Earlier in the week, I’d pugged both VOA 10 and 25. Another resto druid was in the 25 man group before me and he strongly protested about a second druid and went so far as to whisper me asking me whether I needed gear. I just told him, this was an alt and I’m not really bothered about it. I did notice his gear was similar to mine, except with the t10 legs. He proceeded to die within 20 seconds of both fights (1 wipe due to tank confusion) and to my pleasure, the only resto item was the druid legs. So I got my first piece of t10 by sheer chance 😀 The VOA 10 dropped nothing but plate gear but I did get some rather useless boomkin PvP gloves and t9 legs, should I ever give up kitty spec.

Naora's New Gear And Hair Colour

Way too many achievements this week, with Malygos being the weekly as well. It surprised my how many people had no idea how to heal on the drakes. The other 2 healers (Celi being one) complained they couldn’t use the stacking healing ability until I pointed out, you are supposed to target a party member, not Maly himself :S

Random Heroics And VOA

ICC 10 Man Achievements With Pug

Reputations And Maly

On Aya, things could not have been more different. We again did the weekly on 25 which was fine and then took 6/12 in normal ICC 25. Back on Sunday for more bosses we thought. So Sunday night rolls around and we hit Putricide first. And fail. Repeatedly. I manage to screw things up in an attempt to fix my dps, macroing things in the wrong order, standing in puddles, hanging about the slime spawn points etc. I think I pulled something like 4.5k dps and felt so ashamed. I did notice everyone doing the same things and we were 2 people short so I think it was a team effort there. We abandoned that idea and went to Valithra instead. That still took about 8 attempts to complete. Normally we have got this organised with kiting and tanking going on but it was just horrible chaos.

It really did feel like karma, one decent raid with a pug for one crap raid with the guild.

Tomorrow is the 24 hour downtime for my server so no WoW at all. Just normal downtime it seems for me and the servers came up as normal. The rest of the week will be spent gearing Lucidique, raids hopefully Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday on Aya, maybe some pug raids on Naora now her gear is better and trying to get motivated to play my belf hunter.

A few random pics now that I forgot to put in last week:

Chilling With A 10 Man On Aya

Yeah, That's An Exodar Portal Over The Summoning Stone (not me btw)

My Very First Scam Whisper!

Yes, You Can Still Die On Naxx 25 As An ICC 25 Geared Melee

Alty Things; Mage DPS And Some Random Stuff

I’m not sure if I’m a good mage or not. Admittedly, I’ve been playing gear catch up since I came back to raiding so not much was expected of me in the dps department. Now I’m almost on a par with the other raiding mage* in my guild and we are both arcane so I should be pumping out the same kind of numbers. But I’m not. I don’t know whether it’s luck (bone spikes/mind control/lag) or stupidity (panic at slimes/biting/spores) I’m normally in the top 10 of damage done, at least top 5 on a mostly stationary fight like Saurfang, but I still feel that maybe I could be better.

After reading Jaedia’s super post on how easy it was to use SimulationCraft, I figured I would give it a try and see if I’m really sucking, or is it just paranoia.

So Aya should be capable of about 9.3k dps. Which is not shoddy.

Well this was obvious

Two spells, which always makes me giggle ^^

Last time I raided, it  was reset, but our RL had connection problems so we took the first 4 bosses in ICC. I checked our World Of Logs for the valid 3 bosses and this is what it came up with:

Marrowgar: 7th on dps, spiked once, spent lots of time getting out of flame etc. Movement heavy, which is never good.

Also I’m thinking it’s become a shorter fight since we’ve all got better gear.

Lady Deathwhisper: 11th on dps, on add duty for the melee dudes. MC’d I think.

DBS:  12th on dps, killing blood beasts (otherwise I get shouted at by officers) Without killing beasts, can get as high as 11k. But it’s the closest I’ve come to my supposed output of 9k.

Also my mirror images appear to be slacking progressively on each boss ><

Another interesting point is this:

At the beginning of a fight, I should be capable of doing 12k dps, which I have done in the past with all cooldowns blown etc. Simulationcraft then reckons I should be able to hit about 11k a few minutes later. I think this is not happenning because I have my cooldowns macroed to keys with my spells, which I’m using everytime they are up. I’ve been told this is the right way of doing things.

So what have I gained from trying this? Probably a more realistic view of how I should be performing with the gear I have rather than competing against the other classes. I know better gear will help me push higher dps, so that’s something to look forward to. I’m still not sure if I’m the best mage my guild has on offer, but at least I know I’m not totally crap.

*Since writing my intro, the other raiding mage and previous CL has returned from the depths of the horde as he missed raiding. We’ll see what this means for me and my loot >>

Ah, alts. I love all of mine! Most of my love has been aimed this weekend at Naora and Lucidique.

Naora is now sitting at 60 frosties and am still deciding what to do. I also changed her hair colour from white to purple. No screenie as can’t find any USB sticks and imageshack is refusing to play ball, much like many of my LFG heal groups this week. 2 healed Patchwerk for the weekly, with a similarily geared druid, it was a bit messy as I really have never healed him before. I knew roughly about healthpools and the lot and despite my fellow puggers arguements that that tactic was obsolete with the rise of tanks hp, a dk still died from hateful strike. I think a different class of healer might have helped as with 2 druids you are pretty much a) hotting b) spamming nourish c) praying and/or swearing.

I dusted off Aayame the lock for the weekly with my good friend from the guild. She managed a respectable 3k dps in bad gear and got a new pair of shoes out of it too.

Lucidique hit 78 today O_o I’ve done about 4 levels on her in about a week. Cleared a lot of Zul Drak, healed (!) the ampitheatre, hit 76, went to Sholozar and it was downhill from there. Even went 77-78 by levelling with no dungeons at all. I still enjoy the hodir chain, despite having done it 7 times and next is Icecrown, and the Ebon Blade, to open their vendor.

I had a long, hard think about pally healing and I just don’t think I’m confident enough to take it from the occasional 5 man to serious heroic business. So, her offspec is back to ret. At the start of my Stormpeaks questing, I even got her re glyphed and went to lolstorm some gnolls. I just couldn’t get it right, it felt weird not being able to easily take packs of 5-6 mobs and I was still using the mace and shield combo so my damage wasn’t burning them down fast enough. So prot she shall be.

2 dungeons tanked tonight; HOS and Gun Drak. HOS was mildly detrimental to my blood pressure and mental health due to the gogogogo and random pulling mentality of my pug. I’ve been there enough times to know to LOS the smaller pat groups and try to avoid pulling all 3 packs as it gets messy. Don’t even start me on the tribunal. Thankfully Celi was healing (had dragged him from his new love, Dragon Age: Origins) Gun Drak was fine, just a slightly strange dk but he mostly behaved and no one died.

Now added Zul Drak Sentinal and Artrius to my soloed list. Artrius was awkward as I was on the laptop and xperl bugged, so I couldn’t see my health plummeting. A lucky LOH and a more careful watching of target’s target meant it was easy after that.

A waiting 80 warrior /w me this after I soloed Artrius 😀

Plans for this week include raiding more with Aya, hitting 80 with Lucidique and more healing madness on Naora.

The RNG Has Finally Smiled Upon Me (And Other Alt Thingies)

It’s been a long 5 months since I came back to raiding. Scratch that, it’s been a long year (or so)of waiting.  But it has finally happened;


If it was possible to set fire to your old gear in WoW, I would >>


More good things about the cloak:

  • Dropped on 10 man so no EPGP used
  • It’s pink (although doesn’t match Aya’s other items)
  • Yellow socket (over the hit cap again I expect)
  • It’s not an embarrassing 3 tiers below current content item!

I can now use my EPGP for something useful like a new offhand to replace the dripping cup or the wand I got the first few weeks Ulduar was released.

Achievement bonanza this week for Aya

Weekly Was XT

Prof Down On 25

Blood Queen Down On 25 (Not bitten lol)

Some raid randomness from the 10 man

Ask Me For Food Will You?

Don't Know How We Did This, But It Will Kill You

Still tanking my way through Northrend with Lucidique (just hit 75), with the same mix of crazy, stupid and weird players.

Over enthusiatic shaman blaming me for dying

I have yet to do a single AN without someone pulling all the big bugs before Hadranox. Yesterday, we killed him her without a healer as no one could res him due to never getting out of combat.

What is this I don't even

Have been questing, seeing what I can solo on her. Managed Ursoc, Arugal and Ragemane so far. Long fights though, about 10 minutes each. I’m hoping to maybe get another level on her this week.

Got Naora the t9 helm to replace the t9 legs as I had the nice ICC 10 man ones (I’m thinking I have gemmed them wrong but since the rest of my gear is sub par, I don’t know. Also didn’t really look at the socket bonus before hand :S). Sat at 49 frosties now, I did say I would get her the badge trinket but I’m contemplating the idea of t10. It would be great to get but would probably take forever, I can’t reliably do a hc every day and if the weekly isn’t something easy, can’t do that either.

An Angry Druid Is A Dangerous Thing

Generally I am a calm person. I have a lot of patience (which is definitely needed with boyfriend and small baby) I rarely lose my temper or get riled over stupid stuff. Tonight was an exception because of the following stupid stuff in the 25 man raid;

  • GM has returned but refuses to deal directly with troublemakers
  • Despite GM return, other members of guild are acting like they are still in charge
  • 12 wipes on BQL is not a fun nor constructive use of my time
  • 7 wipes caused by people not being able to bite is ridiculous considering we have got her to 13% before
  • Instead of biting high dps, we are told to bite from a list which seems to include healers and idiots
  • Blaming UI addons is not the answer, as it has not been proved that they always cause problems with this fight
  • Unless you are a complete nub who cannot tell a night elf from a sheep, I fail to see how banning combat pets is helping. They are hardly big enough “to cause too much stuff on the screen”
  • Screaming “RUN TO THE MIDDLE” every time the red stringy thing happens makes people panic
  • Agreeing to let the warrior dps take the first bite and then the majority of players not slowing dps at start despite being told to is not helping
  • Getting into a state because you have been bitten due to the above is your own stupid fault

Also my hormones are going crazy which always makes me over sensitive.

/end rant 🙂

I like fun in my raids, I like getting along with everyone and making progress on our boss kills. I am hoping the expansion clears out some of these more annoying players otherwise I may have to re-evaluate what I do with my wow time and what guild I do it in.

On a more positive note:

Ooh shiny

Lucidique looks like some kind of fairy with wings and a sparkly flying pony ^^ I’m levelling her as prot, with a holy offspec. It’s taken some time to get a handle on, but I’m finding it fun to take groups of 6-7 mobs at once.

Mission Complete: Stupid PvP

Been away all weekend due to the bank holiday here so no raids as no chance of being able to on the 2-3 FPS laptop. Blood Queen to 13% for guild though \o/

Bit the bullet and flung my mage into the battlegrounds needed for School Of Hard Knocks. AV first, as it’s the one I hate least, got lucky as some hordies wanted the same achievement so let them cap before retaking. WSG next, my most hated bg since I got stuck in there at level 12 on the mage and couldn’t figure out what the point was or how to get out. This was a lot harder; there was a premade horde team who made it more difficult. Finally got it on 3-4 attempt hiding in the alliance base. The went to AB, lots of bumrushing out the front gate to stables. Thought I had it but someone must have been faster 😦 Again, let a horde cap before retaking. A guildie stepped in and offered to heal me at EOTS, so it was quite easy, although I think I’ve only ever done EOTS once so wasn’t sure what to do with the flag when I picked it up. Then stayed in the bg, got ganked mercilessly by rogues/warriors/lock pets. We lost but at least I never have to step foot in there again.

I think I hated it so much as I knew that the achievement would have been easier on any other character other than the mage.

Just King Ymiron to go and I can enjoy my new mount. Now to choose between that and the sparkle pony…