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Lich King 10 Man Kill Video

My guild’s 10 man kill (not first) which I was in on 31st October 2010. Best viewed in 480p at expanded (not full screen, which means going to the video location here)

Track listing (all by Celldweller, mixed by Celin for me)
Birthright beta 1.0
Wings of Icarus

Yes, someone did die and released before the end >>

I was frapsing in half screen which is a mistake so from now on going full screen and hoping for better quality!


My Experience Of Druid Healing Post 4.0, Part 2

This week saw my guild’s first shots at LK on 25 man after our successful take down of Sindragosa. Since then I’d done some tweaking to my spec and gear, switching to this set of talents (as recommended by TBJ again) and doing some reforging and gemming (stacking haste, reducing crit) as my mana regen was still incredibly high. It’s still 1022 out of combat and 598 in so I’m never running out of mana. Gear still pretty much the same apart from the upgraded headpiece (Armory doesn’t show reforging yet)

I’ve switched to Vudho, which I found gave me a lot more functionality that just Clique alone. Despite hearing that it was crazy hard to set up, I managed to get it done quite easily. I’ve had to write down what all my mouse clicks means though.


New UI setup with Vudho

I would love to say that we killed him but there’s no way we were going to get him down on those first attempts. I would say maybe a dozen of the raid team had experience of a 10 man kill but that left the rest of us unprepared for the complexity of the fight. You can read all the guides you want and watch loads of videos but it’s not the same when you’re there, freaking out about getting the Necrotic Plague (I didn’t get it /relief)

I felt slightly noobish to get excited and nervous when Arthas has been killed more than 489,000 times (according to Blizzard themselves) and I even had the shakes a bit. Our best attempt was 60% which is halfway and into phase 2, so that’s not terrible.

Healing wise I just tried to keep to a rotation; Lifebloom stacks on the LK tank and rejuvs/regrowths on the 2 off tanks. Used wild growth to help with the aoe damage on the melee and Effloresence on the ranged/healers. Popped Tree on transition to phase 2, along with the improved Lifeblood haste boost. Most of the wipes were caused by the Shockwave done by the larger adds, which took out up to 10 people. The 30 min battle res is still making things awkward, particularly with over zealous dps pulling LK threat!

I know a problem I definitely have is nerves. With playing my mage I felt no fear, the healers would take care of me (to a degree) and all I had to do was move and shoot magic at the boss until loot happened. On my druid, I’m feeling the pressure. I keep healing myself for some reason, partly so I can pop the Efflorescence on the ranged. I’m not even sure if that’s a good idea.

In part, it might be because the other healers are a) experienced and awesome and b) all officers in the guild. I’ve had no complaints from the healing team so far so I’m hoping I’m doing ok. I should probably do more practice in heroics and normal 5 mans but I’m still too worried I won’t be able to keep up.

Next raid day is Wednesday; so it’s either a reset or more tries on LK, depending on numbers.

Sindragosa Kill Video

No time this morning to write more about my experiences as a druid healer (it’s my dad’s birthday so we are out for the day), but we did get Sindragosa down finally. One of my guildies frapsed it so here it is. I can be seen running about madly in some parts! Video not available in Germany because of the music 🙂

My Experience Of Druid Healing Post 4.0.1

With Naora now my main, and the guild’s sort-of-agreement about it (I’ll bring mage for progress fights until Cata) I can finally raid the way I wanted for a long time; as a healer. The new patch is both a good and bad time to take up a new role. It’s good because there aren’t many precedents set, with everyone having new talents and changed spells to deal with. It’s a bad time because I’m slightly undergeared and not used to the new way of healing.

The guild doesn’t have many resto druids at all and I can’t remember a time when we had a dedicated 100% full time resto. The only other current resto druid hasn’t been on since the patch so I’ve done my own research into how to play, as well as linking to the great Tree Bark Jacket guide for my guildies to use for their offspecs and alts.

On beta, I didn’t even go near trying out the resto spec. Of course I played about with talents and spells but everything that was coming from the other testers suggested things weren’t looking good. High mana consumption, a mastery that was almost completely useless (hots healing more on targets with low hp) and the removal of tree as a permanent form were some of the issues raised. Changes were made, spells tweaked and the mastery totally revamped and it was after some PTR testing that the general mood was that things weren’t as bad as they had seemed and Cataclysm would not be the death of resto.

Tree form becoming a cooldown is obviously an issue for a lot of druids out there, more for the aesthetic value than what the tree form was providing. Whilst I will miss the dancing tree, it would not stop me playing a resto druid.

On Wednesday (patch day for us here in EU) our gm was desperate to try out the new changes, so a raid to VOA was made. Slightly under at 20 people went along, with myself as the only resto druid. Other healers included a holy priest, disco priest and 2 paladins. The tanks were a druid, death knight and warrior.

On Thursday, our gm had organised a raid for ICC to really test our new specs. Only had 16 people available but decided to try it anyway. Same healer and tank composition as the previous night. Managed 3/12 before Saurfang got the better of us (we were down to 15 people at that point)

I was using the rotation of Rejuvenation + Lifebloom x3 on main tank, with Rejuvs and Efflorescence procs from Swiftmend to heal the rest of the raid (as recommended by TBJ) Normal buffs including fish feasts and flask of the north (40 Int)


  • I didn’t run out of mana once, which is good because Innvervate isn’t so great anymore.
  • I was trying not to pre hot the raid but old habits die hard! I will go oom a lot in Cataclysm if I don’t train myself to stop.
  • Where ever you place your Efflorescence pool, no one will be there 2 seconds later.
  • Running about in caster form isn’t quite as amusing as being a flailing tree.
  • Nourish feels incredibly slow now, despite it being our good and semi expensive heal.
  • I like the change to Regrowth (flash heal with a hot) although I keep forgetting to use it.
  • I don’t think I even used Wild Growth, which is probably bad.
  • I did remember to use my tree of life cooldown, popping it at Heroism (Bloodlust) moments and spamming Lifebloom stacks and instant Regrowths.
  • The 30 minute Rebirth worries me, as we have some particularly suicidal raiders.
  • Healing is definitely more reactionary than before. Rather than lots of little bits of damage, it’s a ton of damage on a few people.
  • I panicked a lot but I don’t think anyone noticed.

Overall, I am enjoying the new playstyle. I really feel that rather than coping with the changes and being unhappy about it, I can make it my own and get better.

My 10 Favourite Items I Own In WoW Plus Some Other Lists

Summer ennui has finally struck my guild meaning raids are off until Ruby Sanctum hits. Which is potentially today but since Aggramar is notorious for being awfully unstable on patch days, I’m not holding a lot of hope to spend my evening fighting with/wiping to/disconnecting on Halion and his friends.

You can also blame Ahune for my lack of posts; my hour or so twice a day when mini druid sleeps consists of logging 6 chars, doing Ahune for frosties and praying I don’t get the group with the bad tank/healer/all melee dps.

When queueing for Ahune (normally 3-8 mins), I have been sorting out banks on all my chars, chucking out crap that’s been dumped in there ages ago. Since I’m naturally a horder, it’s not easy, especially on Aya, who’s kept every trinket she ever owned and all her gear from starting raiding in TBC (Spellweavefire robe, I worked so hard for you!) Some things I just can’t or won’t destroy as I think they are either fun or remind me of stuff I’ve done.

So I present:

My 10 favourite items I own in WoW

*Beware, contains many links!*

[Magical Crawdad]– My go to pet. I managed to get Mr Pinchy within about an hour of farming and my magical crawdad box was maybe 3rd try. I remember using the box in Mount Hyjal and having a giant crab defend me for a while which was cool. Magical Crawdad has no particular fun animation and carries the ball on his head but I just think he’s great.

[Tear Stained Hankerchief] – A random grey item from when I farmed AV for my pvp gear pre raiding. Always like to link it in guild chat for those stupid whiners.

[Broken I. W.I.N. Button] – As above, but for more sarcastic situations. Also reminds me of the futility of PvP on a mage.

[A Steamy Romance Novel: Northern Exposure] – Who doesn’t love romance Northrend style? I love sleazy romances in rl so it’s like my Azeroth Jackie Collins

[Piccolo Of The Flaming Fire] – AKA The Flute. Farmed Stratholme undead with a rogue from my guild for hours for this. Still confuses people in the AH but can get you in trouble in raids.

[Dartol’s Rod Of Transformation] – Anytime I want to be a bear I can. Must remember to finish the quest chain so I can retain it once Cata hits.

[Bouquet Of Ebon Roses] – It’s the goth in me, but these are definitely cooler than the red ones.

[Jeeves] – Built this on Aayame the lock and love to summon him when I’m in heroics and we’ve wiped. It’s the handiest thing and I’m sure will be even better when I’m levelling her to 85.

[Windrider Cub] – I know, 8/10 of my chars are alliance but this is just cute. The gryphon seems to have some kind of giant head as well.

[Salandria’s Shiny Copper Coin] – Can’t remember what reason my class leader sent this to me and the other mages (some holiday) but it reminds me of how awesome mages should be.

[Swift White Hawkstrider] – My love for belfs has meant I’ve rolled 5-6 before I decide it’s too quiet on horde for me and delete them, so I desperately wanted this mount from MGT H since it came out. I think I maybe did the dungeon on Aya a dozen times before Wrath went live and no one went there anymore. It never dropped. Now Naora has it, which is another story, too long for this list 😛

Some stuff I’m hording but should probably chuck (no links)

[Blackened Urn] – Used to summon Nightbane, before Blizz did away with it. Interesting quest chain, but only ever finished on Aya and half finished on Natsuko.

8 [Festival Dumplings] – Had these now for 2 years, always forgot to use them.

[Spectrecles] – Can see ghosts in a zone I never visit (SMV)

[Nagrand Cherry] – Got 86 of these over 7 chars. Were useful when they had 20 min duration and not 5.

Aya has 5 (!) fishing poles including 3 in her bags.

[Sceptre of Celebrus] – To port to Mauradon, before they added a portal inside.

[Mercurial Stone] – Used to be used for Mercurial Adamantite creation. Definately should chuck it because it has the name of an ex as the

My 5 Most Horrible Raids/Dungeons This Week

ICC 10 Rep Run (Naora) – Joined with a fellow mage on his tank. Should have known it was going to be terrible when a dk starts asking “How many bosses we killing?” So someone answers but he still keeps asking. No rogue so all the traps get sprung. This is just the first trash pack. Repeat,wipe,repeat, leave raid.

Occulus HC (Naora) – First tank dropped after first boss. Second tank admitted he had no clue but did fine except on mage lord when he kited him through the frost path, killing everyone. Mage dps had mp5 gems and boomkin stamina and strength gems with mongoose on weapon. Gently made suggestion to mage that as I had a mage char, perhaps if she wanted to improve dps, she could gem this way. Suggestion accepted. Attempted all green drakes on last boss. Attempted normal drakes. Everyone rage quits after 2 tries and I end up running HOL again for my daily.

ICC 25 Man Sindragosa (Aya) – More funny than stupid. Everyone except OT iceblocked when someone didn’t move during air phase.

Ahune (Aayame) – Wiped after tank just stood about. My poor dead gnome had her body thrown through the air by a spike into the water. Thankfully I soul stoned the healer. Also a really bad group with Lucidique.

Ulduar 10 Weekly (Naora) – XT, so FL first. Hardmode with 4 towers started. Absolute chaos, wipe. Destroy towers but FL bugged, still has hodir’s blue beams. FL down. Move to XT. Someone pulls XT plus all trash packs. Wipe again. Dps threaten to kill heart but never make it. Crap loot drops.

Special mention: ICC 10 Guild alt run (Naora) – 4 bosses down in 3 hours. Repeated wiping on gunship because hunter decides to stand out of LOS. Hunters decide to spend all evening misdirecting onto each other. Priest and shaman steal my loot. DBS takes 5 tries due to having only 3 ranged dps. Almost hit enrage on deathwhisper O_o

The indignity of death

Angry dps is angry. Also they kicked me for no reason :S

There was a lot of this

Resulting in this, 23 people iceblocked except OT

Alty Things; RNG Hates Me Again

Ah Ahune, you time sucking ice bastard. I have killed him approximately 60 times since the midsummer festival started, thats once per day on 6 chars and a bit extra for the enchanting recipe. I have vendored about 8 cloaks and upgraded a few as well. Managed to get the scythe twice; on lock (useful!) and Aya (completely useless!), and the pet 3 times; on Aya and Lucidique (twice). If I can get the pet on Naora that’s enough for me.

Gnome with a scythe, dangerous?

Naora has seen more pugs recently than ever. Perhaps it’s my confidence in playing her or the improved gear but I’m not as reluctant to wheel her out for totc/VOA/ICC. Things still go horribly wrong, because of course, they are pugs. In the last week I’ve done VOA 10 (no loot), Totc 25 (a cloak and lost roll to worst boomkin ever on anub mace), ICC 10 for rep and with guildies (no loot) and XT for weekly (pointless loot). Managed to not get the totc 25 achievement as I dc’d for the whole of Jaraxxus.

I top the metres...on trash!

I am having a slight issue with some guildies over healing. During my successful friends ICC a few weeks back, there was another resto druid from my guild. A casual player who hasn’t raided due to work and other things for a few months with gear roughly equivalent to Naora’s. He made suggestions to my rotation and various things and I took this in and went away, did some research, respecced etc. Since I have had the crappy pugs this week, I do tend to moan about it in guild, problem is, this druid and some others are quite derogatory towards me and make fun of me, saying I’m a terrible healer, a noob and stuff. I know I’m not the best mage ever and I have made some public mistakes in raids (standing in crap, bites, dying etc) but I’m not sure how this is meant to be taken as it’s coming from people who are healer mains.

It worries me more that soon our gm/rl won’t be around much soon. If I’ve somehow got this rep of being bad, am I going to get into raids in the future? We have lost our only permanent resto druid this week and don’t have a replacement so I’m hoping to fill that spot in Cataclysm.

I think I worry too much.

Alty Things; WTF Another 80 And Karma Bites Me In The Ass

My 7th 80 is done and another thing to strike from the bucket list of pre Cata must dos. Lucidique dinged on the ship above Icecrown. I even did some quests I’d never done before, like the Fleshwerks chain and the one about Arthas’ heart. Now I’ve started on the long road to getting her geared for some heroics which involves a lot of FOS, TOTC etc. So far the mace has refused to drop.

It's still thrilling, the 7th time around

Lucidique has done a few dungeons as retri as some guildies were happy to take me along. I did an awful 200 dps (weapon skills O_o) rising to 1400 by the end.

Dungeon Achievements And A Triage!

Had a great week on Naora for raids and gear. My friend put together a 10 man Sunday afternoon, which consisted of half guild and half pug. It was without a doubt, the best pug ever. Despite some of us never having come further than the first 4 on these alts, we got 10/12 and had a quick shot at Sindy. Picked up a trinket (finally) and a cloth belt, with enough frosties to get the badge chest. Earlier in the week, I’d pugged both VOA 10 and 25. Another resto druid was in the 25 man group before me and he strongly protested about a second druid and went so far as to whisper me asking me whether I needed gear. I just told him, this was an alt and I’m not really bothered about it. I did notice his gear was similar to mine, except with the t10 legs. He proceeded to die within 20 seconds of both fights (1 wipe due to tank confusion) and to my pleasure, the only resto item was the druid legs. So I got my first piece of t10 by sheer chance 😀 The VOA 10 dropped nothing but plate gear but I did get some rather useless boomkin PvP gloves and t9 legs, should I ever give up kitty spec.

Naora's New Gear And Hair Colour

Way too many achievements this week, with Malygos being the weekly as well. It surprised my how many people had no idea how to heal on the drakes. The other 2 healers (Celi being one) complained they couldn’t use the stacking healing ability until I pointed out, you are supposed to target a party member, not Maly himself :S

Random Heroics And VOA

ICC 10 Man Achievements With Pug

Reputations And Maly

On Aya, things could not have been more different. We again did the weekly on 25 which was fine and then took 6/12 in normal ICC 25. Back on Sunday for more bosses we thought. So Sunday night rolls around and we hit Putricide first. And fail. Repeatedly. I manage to screw things up in an attempt to fix my dps, macroing things in the wrong order, standing in puddles, hanging about the slime spawn points etc. I think I pulled something like 4.5k dps and felt so ashamed. I did notice everyone doing the same things and we were 2 people short so I think it was a team effort there. We abandoned that idea and went to Valithra instead. That still took about 8 attempts to complete. Normally we have got this organised with kiting and tanking going on but it was just horrible chaos.

It really did feel like karma, one decent raid with a pug for one crap raid with the guild.

Tomorrow is the 24 hour downtime for my server so no WoW at all. Just normal downtime it seems for me and the servers came up as normal. The rest of the week will be spent gearing Lucidique, raids hopefully Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday on Aya, maybe some pug raids on Naora now her gear is better and trying to get motivated to play my belf hunter.

A few random pics now that I forgot to put in last week:

Chilling With A 10 Man On Aya

Yeah, That's An Exodar Portal Over The Summoning Stone (not me btw)

My Very First Scam Whisper!

Yes, You Can Still Die On Naxx 25 As An ICC 25 Geared Melee