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There’s Some Wedding In My Warcraft!

World of Weddingcraft?

After 4 years, 2 expansions (sort of), 7 raid tiers, killing Deathwing and having the mini druid, Celin and I are getting hitched.

This screenshot pretty much sums up everything about our relationship

We have actually been “engaged” for a long time. Celin is impulsive and a daft romantic so he proposed to me a week after we met, but we never really formalised it and I didn’t get a ring until after mini druid was born. I got fed up of waiting and last year booked our wedding for Halloween this year (we love Halloween!)

Since WoW bought us together, I have been trying to think of ways to incorporate it into the whole thing without confusing the heck out of our families (none of whom even know what WoW is let alone that we met on the game)

So far I have rejected the idea of WoW cake toppers (can’t find a good one) , WoW costumes (just a bad idea, even for Halloween), WoW font wedding invites (means nothing to anyone but us) I do have a massive box of TCG cards that Celin bought on a whim and a bunch of sticky back plastic so that will probably be placemats! I’m also thinking of making tiny hearthstones with stones from the local beaches and putting them as part of the table decorations. Some of the WoW music is great too so we might use it for the ceremony somehow.

I’ll be starting to make stuff soon so I will put some pictures up of my WIPs 😛


A Hopeful Return To Blogging

It’s been 6 months and yes, I disappeared suddenly with no explanation! Nothing was really wrong with me, I had just burned out completely on life. I’ve not quit WoW, gold making or my alts, I felt I was at a point when I didn’t have the spare energy to express myself.

I’ll be taking some time to update my information here and write a few bits before posting to get back into the swing of things.

20 Days Of…. Day 2 – Why I Decided To Start A Blog

Cramming In Strudel has been going for almost a year now, and at that time I was in a different position to now. As I explained in part 1, I’d had the life changing experience of a baby, and ended up being quite unwell afterwards. Mini druid was about 5 months old at the time, and we had no real routine so my days were chaos. Celin and I were still living apart so my WoW time was dictated by how much my parents were able to watch the baby in the evenings. I had managed to come back to raiding about 2 months before so all my time was log on >raid for 2 hours >log off and play Naora on nights off to gear her up. So I was kinda feeling frustrated, as someone who had been able to dip in and out of WoW whenever I wanted to.

I had been to visit Celin’s family and his brother was talking about how he wrote a D&D blog and moderated some forums. I had been reading WoW blogs as something to do when I was up at night with mini druid and thought it would be a good way for me to do something creative.

I know the focus has shifted from mage related things to more druid and alt and random stuff but I still enjoy writing as well as read all the other great blogs out there that continue to inspire me!

20 days of… WoW Blogging Challenge; Day 1 – More About Me

I decided to take up Saga’s challenge for a new 20 days of (since I missed the last one near xmas)

So a little more about me (than is in my About Me page)

I’m a 30 year old woman living in the south of England (where I have always lived for the most part), with my boyfriend who I met via WoW and our daughter, who is a WoW baby 🙂

In Wow, on my realm

I am mostly Naora, my 85 resto druid and before that I was Aya the arcane mage. Most people still call me Aya. My guild is Fallen Soldiers, where I have been for 2 and a half years (it’s been going since the beginning and still got a few of the original people, including the GM) I really love it there most of the time. We aren’t the most progressive guild but we get there eventually. We are also a 25 man guild which I love because it feels so very epic with 24 other people killing dragons with me. I have a bit of a reputuation for being a bit silly and starting stupid jokes but a decent healer. I also think I must be an encyclopedia of wow as I often get asked for info on things (helps when you have time to read up on wow a lot)

I’m addicted to belfs (male ones) because they are a race I would deem “attractive” (in so far as you can call a bunch of pixels attractive) I’ve had a thing for long haired, skinny men for a long time and they fit the bill lol. I have a second account for horde characters, which doesn’t have Cata on it at the moment. If I could be a high elf druid, I would be very happy!

I have a stable of alts, covering every class except warrior. I’m partial to nelfs (since I can’t have belfs), followed by draenei and worgens. I enjoy being self sufficient and not waiting around to find someone to craft something. I haven’t decided who my ‘second main’ will be, because every time I play a character, I want to stick with them! I’m leaning towards lock currently.

My realm is busy ally side, but I don’t have many friends outside the guild. The RL ones quit and the older ones either realm transfered or quit as well.

I like playing the auction house and making some gold on the side selling blues and epics for profit.

Outside Wow

My main role is set as parent currently! Mini druid is now 15 months old, out of the baby stage and firmly into the toddler one. I found parenting incredibly difficult to adjust to. I hadn’t expected to have a baby, let alone one formed from a long distance relationship that was only a few months old. I met Celin when he joined the our guild, as a RL friend of the person who recommended me as an applicant. We were still apart when I was pregnant and I was sick the entire time, culminating in high blood pressure and having the baby 5 and half weeks early. I took a long time to recover and still have some back problems which mean I don’t get out as much as I would like.

Before leaving my job, I was a financial analyst, although I have a fashion degree and retail background. I love clothes and wanted to be a stylist at one point.

I love reading; will read almost anything but very fond of manga, Jackie Collins, graphic novels, Neil Gaiman, Clive Barker and books about Japanese culture (especially clothing and Geisha)

Weekend Catch Up; A List Of 5 Things

AKA I’m sick, tired and short on time today 😛

1 cancelled weekend raid. We went to kill Thunderan instead for a guildie’s quest. 19 people show up and stand on a hill watching a warrior kill him in about 20 seconds. Then to AQ20, where I have never been before! It still felt kind of empty for what was a 20 man raid at 60.

2 dungeons run with Celi (the bf) on Lucidique. He tanked OK and I healed. I found it tough as I’m so used to hots and topping up tanks with the slightest thing. Only a warlock died so it was fine. Then switched to me tanking and Celi ret and managed to do Nexus. At least he admitted I’m the better tank 😛

3 as in 73, which is where Lucidique is now. Her all brown outfit makes me sad though.

4 hours spent watching True Blood season 2. Enjoying it a lot and can’t wait for season 3.

5 minutes spent frantically sorting gametime, as it ran out when I was tanking Nexus.

I’ve managed to get a nasty cold which is more annoying as we are experiencing some nice weather at the moment. Rested a bit on Sunday but mini druid is teething and restless so not much downtime to sort any thing, let alone wow/blog.

Random: Gratuitous Baby Picture

As I’m still working on the 2 posts I half started, here’s a picture of the mini druid, being smiley and cute rather than the screaming devil child she can sometimes be.

I'm probably smiling because I've pooped