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20 days of… WoW Blogging Challenge; Day 1 – More About Me

I decided to take up Saga’s challenge for a new 20 days of (since I missed the last one near xmas)

So a little more about me (than is in my About Me page)

I’m a 30 year old woman living in the south of England (where I have always lived for the most part), with my boyfriend who I met via WoW and our daughter, who is a WoW baby 🙂

In Wow, on my realm

I am mostly Naora, my 85 resto druid and before that I was Aya the arcane mage. Most people still call me Aya. My guild is Fallen Soldiers, where I have been for 2 and a half years (it’s been going since the beginning and still got a few of the original people, including the GM) I really love it there most of the time. We aren’t the most progressive guild but we get there eventually. We are also a 25 man guild which I love because it feels so very epic with 24 other people killing dragons with me. I have a bit of a reputuation for being a bit silly and starting stupid jokes but a decent healer. I also think I must be an encyclopedia of wow as I often get asked for info on things (helps when you have time to read up on wow a lot)

I’m addicted to belfs (male ones) because they are a race I would deem “attractive” (in so far as you can call a bunch of pixels attractive) I’ve had a thing for long haired, skinny men for a long time and they fit the bill lol. I have a second account for horde characters, which doesn’t have Cata on it at the moment. If I could be a high elf druid, I would be very happy!

I have a stable of alts, covering every class except warrior. I’m partial to nelfs (since I can’t have belfs), followed by draenei and worgens. I enjoy being self sufficient and not waiting around to find someone to craft something. I haven’t decided who my ‘second main’ will be, because every time I play a character, I want to stick with them! I’m leaning towards lock currently.

My realm is busy ally side, but I don’t have many friends outside the guild. The RL ones quit and the older ones either realm transfered or quit as well.

I like playing the auction house and making some gold on the side selling blues and epics for profit.

Outside Wow

My main role is set as parent currently! Mini druid is now 15 months old, out of the baby stage and firmly into the toddler one. I found parenting incredibly difficult to adjust to. I hadn’t expected to have a baby, let alone one formed from a long distance relationship that was only a few months old. I met Celin when he joined the our guild, as a RL friend of the person who recommended me as an applicant. We were still apart when I was pregnant and I was sick the entire time, culminating in high blood pressure and having the baby 5 and half weeks early. I took a long time to recover and still have some back problems which mean I don’t get out as much as I would like.

Before leaving my job, I was a financial analyst, although I have a fashion degree and retail background. I love clothes and wanted to be a stylist at one point.

I love reading; will read almost anything but very fond of manga, Jackie Collins, graphic novels, Neil Gaiman, Clive Barker and books about Japanese culture (especially clothing and Geisha)


Auction House Games; Gold By Questing In Cataclysm, Part 1

With over a month until Cata hits, I’ve been thinking about how much gold I will need for all my chars. The alchemy mount in particular looks to be similar to Wrath’s motorcycles (apart from being BOP) and the vendor mats alone are estimated to be about 24,000g. This sounds a lot but the amount of gold you get from quests and the vendor price of  quest rewards has increased.

Here’s my estimation* on the amount of gold per zone you can get on one character;

*Disclaimer: I used Wowhead’s database for each zone, which is definitely incomplete at this stage. All quest rewards could change before Cata goes live. Also my maths might be wrong.

Mount Hyjal (Level 78-82)

  • 156 quests listed currently (assumption made that all are accessible by Alliance and Horde)
  • Gold from all quests 900g 8s
  • 40 quests reward vendorable items (including one combat pet, not included below but can be vendored for 12s 50c if you so desire)
  • Gold from selling all 40 quest items (going on highest vendor price) 460g 5s 94c

Base gold earned 1,360g 13s 94c

Vashj’ir – Kelp’thar Forest subzone (Level 78-82)

  • Approximately 35 quests in this subzone (assumption made that Horde and Alliance have the same payouts and roughly equal number of quests)
  • Gold from all quests 282g 41s
  • 13 quests reward vendorable items (one of which is Mack’s Grog and the other the Abyssal Seahorse mount, not included below)
  • Gold from selling all 11 quest items (going on highest vendor price) 94g 2s 85c

Base gold earned 376g 43s 85c

Vashj’ir – Shimmering Expanse subzone (Level 78-82)

  • Approximately 78 quests in this subzone (assumption made that Horde and Alliance have the same payouts and roughly equal number of quests)
  • Gold from all quests 466g 10s
  • 20 quests reward vendorable items
  • Gold from selling all 20 quest items (going on highest vendor price) 244g 30s 19c

Base gold earned 710g 40s 19c

Vashj’ir – Abyssal Depths subzone (Level 80-83)

  • Only 46 quests on Wowhead currently which is obviously not the entire zone.
  • Gold from all quests 341g 52s
  • 14 quests reward vendorable items
  • Gold from selling all 14 quest items (going on highest vendor price) 184g 63s 21c
  • Base gold earned 526g 15s 21c

Total from questing in Vashj’r: 1,612g 99s 25c (and that’s not all the quests…)

Vendorable junk from both zones:

  • Weapons & Armor – from 50s up to about 4g per item
  • Mob junk items- 20s to 50s per item
  • Unwanted food & drink – 4s to 6s per item


  • Herbs – Cinderbloom (Hyjal), Stormvine, Azshara’s Veil
  • Mining – Obsidium Ore (Cobalt equivalent)
  • Skinning – Savage Leather Scraps, Savage Leather, Blackened Dragonscale, Deepsea Scale (Vashj’ir), Pristine Hide, “Strange Bloated Stomach” (contains volatile motes)


So for one character levelling through the entirety of Hyjal and the majority of Vashj’ir, there’s a potential earning of up to 2,973g 13s 19c. If your character is an enchanter and you choose to disenchant the quest rewards for mats, you’re still looking at 1,990g 83s. This doesn’t include the fact that you are likely to want to use some of the quest rewards as gear upgrades. Once you have completed one zone or the other, you will probably have a new set of gear and any you would keep would be side grades with a slightly more favourable balance of a stat or blue items that are a big improvement. It also depends if you vendor your old gear (if it’s Wrath blues/greens/epics you don’t like)

On my numbers above, I would in theory, make up to 19,829g 61s if I were to level all 7 80s to 85 completing the zones fully (allowing for one enchanter, and not including gear upgrades) Of course you have costs such as repairs, travel (if using flight paths), training costs and profession skilling costs. I would still expect to make a reasonable amount of profit on each character, which could be put towards the 310% flying skill, new mounts, vanity items etc.

In part 2, I will take a look at Uldum, Deepholm and Twilight Highlands.

Vashj’ir Underwater Mount Preview From Cataclysm Beta

A short video I made detailling the new Seahorse mount, which replaces the abyssal ray as the fast underwater method of travel for Vashj’ir.

My Realm Sucks?

Now I don’t mean progress, although we currently rank 161st in the EU (!)

Time For Change?

I do like my realm, I enjoy the fact that the ally side is busy and that my guild is generally great with some decent people, but with the introduction of the LFD tool where you can be thrown in with anyone from your battlegroup, I wonder how the players on my realm are perceived.

Within the realm and EU forums, it appears that many players don’t think much of Aggramar. Despite a high ally population, we don’t make progress quickly (2 guilds 10/12 on hc 25 ICC and one of those is horde) and we have maybe 3-4 hardcore raiding guilds with most not even clearing normal mode 25s. It’s  famous for being slow, “Laggramar”, due to it being one of the original realms. There’s a lot of abandoned characters because of this and it’s at the top of the realm list which makes it first choice before people swap realms to be with friends etc (my first char was actually on Dragonblight before I moved to be with friends, I think she’s still there, sitting at level 5)

The LFD does seem to try and put you with people from your own realm before others in your battlegroup. Twice I have ended up with people from my guild in a random heroic. Several times I have ended up with a player I didn’t know from my realm. This is where it can get bad.

I once ran Occulus hc on Naora with a strange group. Tank and shaman were fine. Mage had stamina gems or no gems at all. Paladin was from my realm, but unguilded. Paladin managed to die a lot and get lost regularly, but I figured it’s Occulus so no problems really. He then started asking how you could link gearscore. Shaman explained it was an addon. He kept asking where it was in the achievement panel. He then went afk 5-10 minutes to talk to a friend about it. It was so awkward in the end that I felt I had to explain how I didn’t know him and how the rest of the realm wasn’t like that.

I’m not sure why I felt I had to defend my own realm. I guess I wouldn’t like it if I got a random and someone thought “Oh God, not another Aggramar noob

I think my battlegroup, Blackout, has a pretty bad rep too. There’s a lot of moaning about how it’s bad for PvPing. One of the realms has a high Polish population and I’ve encountered some who just talked amongst themselves, saying nothing in english (although this could be their limited knowledge of english)

Well it says medium currently, but often says high

In other news, it’s Wednesday, which means reset and yet another shot at the elusive cloak of elusiveness. I had a loooong discussion with my recently returned mage CL, in which he advocated the PvP cloak (no haste, no good, but he’s still a fire mage), I mentioned that RL might rip me a new one if I show up with the WG cloak, which also requires 25 marks. Frankly, if I had the time to either win 8 and bit or lose 25 WGs I probably could have pugged somewhere like TOTC 25 and got a cloak from there instead. Maybe this week is my week. I can’t work out the EPGP on guild site but apparently I am 2nd on casters, under a disco priest.

Our weekly is XT, which means I can finally get my pet out without anyone noticing! I’m thinking RL might have us try hard mode, as we never could do it when it was relevant content.

Lucidique still sits at 50% through her level. I am really bored with Grizzly and it’s “Kill these animals for their non existant body parts quests”

An Attempt To Be Positive; 5 WoW Related Things Cheering Me Up

1. My paladin is only 9 and half levels from 80

2. I spent 1000g on getting paladin BS up to speed (no more mining 390 and shame of only BS 275)

3. It looks like my original class leader for mages is coming back to raiding (the one before the one who defected to horde recently)

4. I remembered to opt in to the cata beta via battlenet \o/

5. Reset means cloak replacing possibilites (also one of the locks ragegquit so more loots for me)

No 3 is potentially very important to me. I still have made no decisions about what class to go for in the next expansion. Do I want the stress and the challenge of healing? The responsibility and leadership of a tank? Or do I just want to blow things up? My old cl was very good at mage and often beat the rest of us shameless on dps despite lower tiers of gear. He might inspire me to become more positive about a role I’m not sure I want to fulfill anymore.

Blogging Shame?

This blog still has no pictures. I know, it’ s awful as I promised myself I’d sort it soon. However, it’s turned into the Blizz version of “Soon” rather than the real world soon.

Part of the reason is my limited time; I get maybe 3 hours a few evenings a week to raid and I’m commited to that rather than sorting out my newly rebuilt PC. The other part is I need to reinstall Photoshop and for this I need my boyfriend’s help. The problem I have with this is explaining why I would want to install this program again. I can’t tell him about this blog.

He has no problem with WoW (being a player) or the time I spend on it, but he would want to follow what I’m writing and for me, it would be awkward. Since we had the baby, we have shared a ridiculous amount of things; time, space and a lot of intense emotions. He has seen things that I would never, ever have wanted to share with anyone. I need a bit of space and perhaps this blog lets me vent without talking it over with him.

Also we have shame. I spoke to someone this weekend who admitted that they wrote a D&D blog. They have no problem talking about the intricate rules, classes, conventions they’ve been to (and things I don’t understand) but when it comes to saying you go beyond that and write about it for the world to see, there’s a feeling it’s a stigma. Like it can be considered that extra bit nerdy O_o

I know my family would never understand. They hate WoW enough and would never get why I would want to spend time writing about it.

Naora’s “Bucket List” For Cataclysm

With the signs of the F&F alpha, I have been thinking more about what I want to achieve before Cata hits. I’ve definately got some decisions and things to do before then.

So far I need to:

  • Choose between druid (Naora) and mage (Aya) for my main
  • Level my paladin to 80 and max her professions
  • Level my hunter to 80 and ditto above
  • Amass over 100k gold
  • Decide if it’s worth spending another £30 on a mount via the RAF rocket, and thus who will it go to

I would like to do the following:

  • Gear my alts to at least 4pc t9
  • Re learn healing on my priest and maybe go disco for lulz
  • Tank something on my dk
  • Get some more titles on my alts e.g. Explorer
  • Finish levelling leatherworking and inscription (both 440)
  • Farm the Baron’s mount
  • Run through Kara with my priest for enchanting recipes
  • Do some PvP on characters and not have mental breakdown through being shanked 5 seconds after ressing
  • Get 200k gold