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20 days of…; Day 8 – 10 Things You Don’t Know About Me

I’ve been fairly open about my life, guild, realm and characters on this blog but here are 10 things you might not know about me

1. Studied Japanese for a year, but gave it up as I started playing WoW (sigh)

2. I’m afraid of heights, tall buildings, spiders and footballs. If anyone is kicking a football near me I feel physically sick

3. I have 7 tattoos (down my back, both arms, stomach x2 and right leg)

4. I have published work as a fashion stylist in a music magazine

5. I have never watched The Matrix or Independance Day films

6. I love reading trashy novels by writers such as Jackie Collins and Jilly Cooper

7. My favourite shoe designer/brand is Irregular Choice and I have about 20 pairs (s0me unwearable)

8. My favourite meal is pizza (guilty pleasure is a take away one)

9. I have started making a few wow themed cuddly toys – they are not ready to show the world yet though

10. Finally, I got promoted to an officer in my guild few weeks ago 😀


20 days of…; Day 7 – What’s My Name Again?

Cramming In Strudel is named so for 2 reasons: firstly, I was a mage main when I started this blog and secondly, because of the time constraints I faced and still face as a new(ish – mini druid is 18 months old now!) parent who is also into gaming.

I wanted a name that wasn’t overly class specific and I also didn’t want to go with anything that was related to my role. I was already pretty interested in healing by that point but I didn’t know the first thing about it.

I suppose it’s been months since my druid actually ate a mana strudel, but cramming in cake sounds like this blog is about something else entirely. She does, however, try and consume as much mana food between over eager tank pulls as possible.

20 days of…; Day 6 – My Desk

My desk is usually kind of a mess, everything pushed back and moved around out of the reach of a grabbing child. It is the place of many things including:

Sewing kit and various crafting materials

An old advent calendar (now probably out of date)

My computer and various PC related items

Boxed PC games, cds and dvds

WoW items such as the game boxes (we have 3 copies of wrath), my loot trading cards, old wow calendars

Normally a ton of junk like bottles, paperwork and cups

Lots of bits of paper with old wow related things on, like gems, enchants and crafting materials

Mini druid is forever playing with the handle on my chair making it much lower than it should be.

I can’t take a picture of it because it’s such a mess right now!

20 days of…; Day 5 – Favourite Items In Game

I wrote last year in June about my 10 favourite items in game that I own but I’ll add some more new ones to that list!

Orb Of The Sindorei – My love for belfs is widely known. I use this almost every time it’s off cooldown and can be often found using it in killshots etc

Tyrande’s Favourite Doll – I worked my ass off for this so I have a love/hate relationship with it

Steamy romance novels – always fun to send to guildmates

Ashkandi – I ended up with the original on my mage, she can’t even use it but I like to look at it and giggle. It’s so large >>

20 days of…; Day 4 – Best WoW Memory

I think it’s impossible for me to pick one as I’ve had so many great times in game but these are the ones that stuck out most in my mind;

Running around SW on my mage and pointing out to my dad that the other chars running around “were all real people playing the game” I was so overexcited I think, having mostly played single player games, to see the world filled with other people. It seemed so alive.

Rolling belfs for the first time with 2 people from my old guild and making stupid jokes about wearing all grey items (she was paladin, who I got to level 17 before I deleted)

When Naora was a tiny level 11, a 70 friend from my old guild (who since quit) had taken me through some quests and we were hanging out late at night in Darnassus. He had done some arenas and went afk, but left autorun on. I could see his health dropping and then he was dead. He had run under a bridge and drowned in his full pvp gear.

Horrible old UI, a bad memory!

When the Isle Of Quel’Danas vendors first appeared and it was this new and exciting area. Dozens of people stacking on the vendor so you couldn’t see them. Loved it there.

Quel'Danas vendors - first day

Sitting on TS the evening of the Wrath launch playing my new dk and everyone talking (and moaning about the server queues)

Sitting on TS the night Cata went live. Logged outside SW to find I couldn’t get back in (although that’s probably not a good memory, lol)

Anytime I kill a new boss or make progress with my guild. Been there for years now and I couldn’t imagine raiding with any other group of people.

20 days of…; Day 3 – First Day Playing WoW

Whoops. Bit late updating this due to a bunch of RL issues.

I had been having a rubbish few days before picking up WoW; a failed relationship, a temping job that I didn’t enjoy and my cat had been run over and died. I desperately needed a distraction.

My parents had taken me out into town and I bought both original WoW (£9) and TBC (£14) from 2 different stores. I read the manual before but didn’t look on any websites so I was still fairly clueless. I picked a random server (Dragonblight) and rolled a nelf rogue which I then got to level 5 before being texted by my friend’s girlfriend to say I was on the wrong server. I remember being confused because the closest I had ever come to an MMO or even a RPG was the Everquest spin off on the PS2; Champions Of Norrath, in which I was a dark elf shadownight, and you had things like save points and you couldn’t just wander off and do what you wanted. I think I had a problem adjusting to WoW’s combat system. It was less button mashing than I was used to! I did understand talent trees but didn’t get that you could put points in different trees and not suffer a penalty in some way.

The next day I talked to my workfriends and they advised me to roll a mage (!) and so Aya was started on Aggramar. I can remember going to Stormwind for the first time and being amazed that these were all real people. I also found it hilarious that one of my friends was a 70 gnome rogue, as in RL he was a tall laddish guy.

I logged my rogue in as she still exists! She was in the graveyard of Dolanaar, wearing half cloth gear with the red icon showing (57% durability) and has 2 cooking points. So I obviously understood professions but not how to repair. I think I must have started every fight by throwing things as it was keybound to my 2 space on the action bar. I fel nostalgic so she is logged out in the inn, repaired, with 10 combat pets learnt and a sparkle pony in her bags.

I feel like I have come a very long way since then!

My first ever WoW character - a rogue!