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There’s Some Wedding In My Warcraft!

World of Weddingcraft?

After 4 years, 2 expansions (sort of), 7 raid tiers, killing Deathwing and having the mini druid, Celin and I are getting hitched.

This screenshot pretty much sums up everything about our relationship

We have actually been “engaged” for a long time. Celin is impulsive and a daft romantic so he proposed to me a week after we met, but we never really formalised it and I didn’t get a ring until after mini druid was born. I got fed up of waiting and last year booked our wedding for Halloween this year (we love Halloween!)

Since WoW bought us together, I have been trying to think of ways to incorporate it into the whole thing without confusing the heck out of our families (none of whom even know what WoW is let alone that we met on the game)

So far I have rejected the idea of WoW cake toppers (can’t find a good one) , WoW costumes (just a bad idea, even for Halloween), WoW font wedding invites (means nothing to anyone but us) I do have a massive box of TCG cards that Celin bought on a whim and a bunch of sticky back plastic so that will probably be placemats! I’m also thinking of making tiny hearthstones with stones from the local beaches and putting them as part of the table decorations. Some of the WoW music is great too so we might use it for the ceremony somehow.

I’ll be starting to make stuff soon so I will put some pictures up of my WIPs 😛